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What does your workout face look like ?

November 12, 2011

Does YOUR motivation look like this…..    OR….

 like THIS  guy’s!!! …..

Sometimes we “mortals”…. get tired,  beat,  burned out… 

I think though, Mr. Armstrong, would be the first to tell us..

He IS VERY mortal….

and….. VERY human.

One BIG difference between Lance’s workout and a lot of people’s ….is simple..

He is PASSIONATE about it!.  I mean LOOK at THAT face!   THAT IS passion  and motivation at it’s best!… (God, I love that !) I love that attitude and admire it so much.!

I am extremely motivated when I’m at the gym…..  Passion  for why I do it  is what motivates me.  Now I wasn’t always this motivated, no,  no way.   So I know YOU can find yours as well!.  Boy, I do understand that feeling of…… “How do I get motivated”? 

That is what this blog post is about!…

                                           *Finding your Passion and Motivation*

 Passion and motivation can come to you in many forms. But it will be different for everyone .  Try this ….

Ask yourself these questions…

"What motivates me?".

1. What is my passion?

2. What motivates me? 

3. What am I passionate about?

4. What is the thing that motivates me so much I would do anything to have it!   to get it!    to keep it!   to achieve it!    

5. What in my life makes me fill with such passion for it,  I smile from ear to ear just thinking about it? 

Does anything motivate you to do things you didn’t think you could? Things that  you KNEW…. you would never do?


Whatever that one thing is could be that ONE thing that could make you TEAR through that workout!,  Instead of dragging yourself to the gym and dragging yourself to the treadmill… or dragging yourself to the track. 

What can make you smile when you start to sweat instead of making that…. “Ewwww” face….Do you think Lance, makes that “Ewwww face”?!… No way !  lol

Hey, I know, believe me I know.   It can be SO hard,   but that one thing is inside you, and if you really look for it,   think about it,  I believe you WILL find it.  I did.

So, you can find yours too!.

I do think for some of us it  can be as simple as wanting to be a size smaller or fitting into that bathing suit for summer or (for the guys) lift more than the guy next to you at the gym or have that girl you have wanted to notice you, finally notice you.

Hey Btw, some of the girls you see at the gym, are at the gym for the  SAME reason.  They want to be not just healthy and fit,  but possibly that guy to notice them. We aren’t all that different… Well at least at the gym lol.

Remember every person that walks through those gym doors wants to change something about themselves in one way or another or they wouldn’t be there.  

You are never alone in this.   Trust me.


But motivation is going to be different for every one of us  though, even if we have the SAME reason for working out. It will be a personal thing for each of us. 

 Mine for example,   came from the fact I wanted something SO MUCH and knew if I didn’t do this……NOT just diet…. but COMPLETELY change the way I thought about eating……..It was over……..I would never, ever reach what I wanted.   That was all it took for me. 

 I knew right off, immediately… I had to exercise along with eating healthier ….this time….. This time, do it right.

For me that meant going to a gym….For others it could mean working out outside the gym experience and that’s just as great!   It’s whatever gets you moving and motivates you the most!.  Whatever gets you excited to start.  Whether it’s running on a treadmill or running through the park. Whatever you choose to do, whatever you feel good about it doesn’t have to be running.  It can be just walking. I lost 40 lbs just walking!.  I started out slowly and built up to 7 miles a day. 

It could be lifting weights, playing softball on the weekends just make it something you enjoy and that keeps you moving.  Something you feel good about.


My Moment of clarity today—–

Today I went to the gym, I had a moment that I had to write about here.  Because As I said, “you are never alone in this” ..  I sat down at a machine.  I had been working out for a while, and at that moment… struggling a little.

I closed my eyes for a moment feeling the workout.  I was a little tired.  After about 5 seconds I started to feel the sweat slowly running down each side of my forehead over my eyes and down my face.  And a lot of it.  A smile started slowly coming across my face.

  In that moment, sweat running down my face,  feeling it,  it felt so satisfying and it reminded me of who I used to be,  that’s why I smiled. “The girl who would never sweat” ……..Now, is uncomfortable if she’s not.   It felt so amazing feeling it pour down my face.  My passion, my motivation took me from “that girl”… To THIS girl,  and changed my heart and soul in the process. 

After that moment, I was ready to get back out there.

We ALL have moments when we are tired, and maybe,  feel too tired to keep going… But you have inside you,  something stronger than anyone can imagine.  A passion for something that can take that tired moment or feeling or that little voice whispering to you that you can’t do this and change everything!.

 Passion can do that for you.  Move you to try, move you to achieve anything. Move you to reach out for help or advice or to ask “how do you do it?”  When maybe you would never have.

 When I began this…. Getting started for me this time, was a piece of cake. (no pun intended)  I just knew the gym was  WHERE   I.. had to  “start”.  My motivation , my passion took me there.   I knew I HAD to be there.     NOTHING was more important than getting this done…Finally.


THAT’S what a Goal, a motivating passion can do! make you do things you NEVER saw yourself doing,  be something you NEVER saw yourself being, but maybe in your heart have always known you could be and dreamed of being.  If it gets in your heart…..the battle is already half won because if it’s strong enough, you CAN’T rest until you get to your goal!


I always ate pretty healthy, but NEVER exercised. I went from the girl who wouldn’t sweat to the girl my Friend and Trainer (Kara) had to say to…..

“Colleen how long have you been here?…What?!…go home!!… Now…”  and she would give that “Kara stare” Which meant… “I mean  business”  But she understood,  I think……  I wasn’t going anywhere..

  That still amazes me  it ALL, still amazes me.  It was what motivated me,  that changed my life and I cherish it…. Always.

Though not all of us I know feel like Lance about working out. Some people have to really work at eating healthy and exercising,  and most of all…LOVING it..

 I know a couple of people  who like to say “all fired up”   That’s what YOU have to do ..Get all fired up ! (I’ve started to say it myself actually lol)



You might need to dig deep to find passion for eating healthy and exercising but I really believe you have that something in you that will do it for you.   Maybe something more personal like your Family, or a special someone you want to make proud or have them look at you differently.  Whatever your passion is it can motivate you to new heights and make you reach for the moon.  It can certainly be your motivating factor in eating healthier and maybe losing  weight if that is your goal .    Ask yourself those questions to help find what motivates you!. If you are here reading this blog chances are you already are thinking you want to change things.. If so, you are already on your way!. Take it easy on yourself though, it’s a tough thing finding and keeping passion and or motivation.  Keep looking and it will come to you. 

  Give yourself time to find it.  Just don’t give up.  You might be closer to finding what your passion or motivation is than you think.


Another point to think about: 

 You can be an inspiration to others in your life as well.  Friends and Family will feel your enthusiasm and  motivation.   It  can be infectious!.  You can spread your feeling of motivation and excitement about getting into shape or staying in shape to others.  They will see you and feel your passion and want it for themselves and you can be an example to them of a healthy positive way of doing it !  Knowing you are doing that for others, can be one of the biggest motivators because you feel so great about yourself knowing others are looking to you as a role model as their inspiration.

Having passion for something in your life is important and healthy for you and those around you as well. If you feel good about yourself you treat others in your life better and have better relationships with them.   🙂   


I see passion as something that once you find it..  protect it.


 Someone who I respect,  said this….

“No matter what anyone thinks about your passion, never compromise it for anything.  Passion can be hard to find and it is very easy to lose.  Don’t take it for granted.”   — Dan Gheesling


When you find something you can be passionate about,  it can change your life.  So protect it, respect it and never take it for granted…. 

 Look inside yourself you will find that one thing that COULD get YOU all fired up too!!    

Like Lance!!   .  Yes !   Lance !    (I aim very high)   So …..should YOU …….and if you’re not……..Why?    You deserve it!. 

Aim high! Whatever that goal, you CAN reach it,  but you have to try.

I used Lance Armstrong because of the way he puts his heart into what he does…I respect that .

But you aren’t so different from Lance you know…

He is human too.

He just knows what HIS passion is…..Ask yourself’……..”What’s mine?”.


                   *****Next blog post…….Keeping that  Motivation !*****



Dan Gheesling has a great personal development/motivational blog and I find it very helpful and fun to read!. He has A LOT of great insight.  If you would like to hear more from him go to He’s a great blogger and does his best to help anyone that he can 🙂   He is a genuinely nice guy as well.   😉

You can follow me on Facebook as well!

 I would love to know if you know what motivates you and if it is your passion!  leave a comment below I would love to read them ! 🙂

Thanks for reading the blog !         🙂


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  1. Prentiss permalink
    November 17, 2011 3:21 AM

    Nice update Colleen! Looking forward to reading more of your blog 🙂

    “Some people have to really work at eating healthy and exercising, and most of all…
    LOVING it”
    Hey, look…that’s me 😉 lol

    • November 18, 2011 7:32 PM

      Hey, sometimes I have to push myself too ! I’m human.. Shhh don’t tell Hey I get tired and depressed and the don’t feel I want to do is get on that elliptical (kind of like today) that’s when I ask myself “how much does it mean to you?” I usually get ticked off and workout I know there is something out there you like to do.. walking, running, riding a bike.. Something that gets you moving. Working out doesn’t have to always mean ….WORKING OUT !!!! lol have fun with it.! That is what keep you doing it. pick anything that gets you moving!
      Hey, the post after this week (Sunday night Thanksgiving post) is all about using things that help with having fun while you exercise and give you more motivation !!

      and I am so honored you read the blog ! thank you !!

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