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Trying something New for Thanksgiving!… Are you up for it?

November 21, 2011

"Do you know a GOOD place I can hide"?

In the last blog post I promised that this post would be about helping you keep your motivation. I appologize. I am pushing back just one week because Thanksgiving is here and so is the begining of what I sometimes like to call….

“The holiday feeding frenzy!!.”     Were the holidays always about… food !?  I don’t know about you, but for a long time, to me it has seemed that way.

Anyway, holiday eating has always been a mine field for dieters, for those trying to get in shape, stay there or… just trying to eat healthy. 

  And this year Thanksgiving in on my BIRTHDAY!.  Talk about a dieters mine field !   That’s okay though. I have a plan!.     Read on …

The Holiday eating frenzy can "blow up" all your hard work!.

 Learning from the Best.

After my Mom got sick,  I took over cooking  Thanksgiving dinner for my Family.  I didn’t know at first if I could,  I mean, 18 side dishes can throw a girl..(not really) 🙂   

But wanting to live up to my Mom’s Thanksgiving dinners, and cooking it the first time without her, I was nervous ….But watching her cooking and baking all my life and sharing in the fun for years with her,  helping her,  I had THE best role model and teacher possible .. She… WAS after all….Betty Crocker.

So Cooking Thanksgiving dinner is something I enjoy very much. I have wonderful memories of Mom and I having A LOT  of fun together in the kitchen.

Today, even though I do still enjoy cooking that meal,  the day, the parade and my Dad,  Brothers, and I all  being together,  It has all completely changed for me,  in terms of how I approach it for myself. 

The Plan.

A couple weeks before it all happens I make a menu for the entire meal. One by one I go through each dish writing down each ingredient needed to make them  so I can make sure when I go shopping for the meal,  I won’t forget anything…  

While I was making my list for the meal, I had another idea. 

I've got it!

   Why not have a menu for myself as well!. 

I thought this would accomplish at least 3 things.

1. I will have some fun figuring out what I would like. maybe come up with a couple new healthy recipes!.

2.Writing a menu out for myself , planning foods I like that are healthy will make me feel more comfortable, while cooking ALL those holiday foods I love too. (I’m human)     🙂

3. My menu will help me stay on point with my calories and I will feel good about that!

Getting through the holidays without gaining weight is a challenge but one we can meet and win !

 It will look like this. to give you an idea to follow for yourself if you decide to try it too.

Breakfast — eggs/egg whites, toast, fresh fruit, coffee

Lunch — Small appetizer (low-fat crackers and low-fat cheese ) or a veggie plate with humus or fat-free salad dressing, or  maybe trail mix, whole wheat pretzels and low-fat Peanut butter.. all good alternatives..

Dinner — Turkey, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnip, cranberry sauce, veggies..

Dessert — Possibly a ramekin filled with one serving of pumpkin pie mix,  baked when the pumpkin pie will be.   No fat whip cream (which btw, is better tasting than regular!) maybe even with fresh strawberries!.

 Bottom Line.

The important point of this post was not to be “THE HEAVY” and tell you shouldn’t eat gravy, or stuffing or pie …Only to show you another way if you choose to beat the New Year’s resolution rush and start now  get a head start and giving yourself a little bit of a challenge in the process!.  

  I wanted to Give you a choice to start now on making those healthier choices that will,  if you stick by them long enough,  will make you feel good about yourself and your life.

I know though sometimes holiday food choices can be difficult.  You may not feel The holiday is the time for you to try eating healthier.  Most people I think will wait until the holidays are over.  In part because they feel success is more possible.   That’s great too!   I feel you should enjoy your holiday however you choose to eat the meal that day. 

One last Important thing to remember.

The holiday is not about what you are eating but the people you choose to celebrate this holiday with.  The moments you will remember forever. All those mental pictures we take.  Please take many!    Break out the camera and take a few more!.   Take a look around during the day wherever you are,  know you are blessed to be here and enjoying the holiday with whoever your with.   If you aren’t lucky enough to be where and with who you want to be with at the moment, then remember that we can’t always see what’s in store for us and maybe sooner than you think, you will find yourself where you need want to be.  So Enjoy today. 

I think taking care of yourself all starts with a heart and soul and mind that is happy… AND  healthy.   So I will be blogging on those parts of our life in upcoming posts as well!  The “whole person” is important here at “A Work In Progress”.

  Whatever you do,  whatever you choose,  this Thanksgiving  don’t stress over it!.   Enjoy it all!!   Take it all in and enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday meal in the way you feel is right for you!   

I will be doing the same !

I might go for a run!, Hey it is my birthday !

 A Friend, Dan Gheesling has a blog  at   It’s a great source of motivation and inspiration and wisdom on how we can be  at our best everyday.  I never miss it. You have my word,  it’s worth your time!. 

Thanks for reading!   Hey, let me know if you intend to try this idea or if you have some ideas of your own for Thanksgiving and doing something healthier !    leave a comment on whatever you plans are!    I would love to read them!…

Happy Thanksgiving guys! 🙂

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  1. November 24, 2011 8:00 PM

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO COLL! Here’s wishing you the happiest of birthdays and a great Thanksgiving from one of the original ‘Gheesling Gang’ (your created group name 🙂 Look forward to reading your future blogs, and as always, our blog contributions to Danny’s site. (I’m sure you read Danny’s tweet this week, when he said how ‘lucky he was to have such smart comment contributors to his site’) see ya, Frank

    • November 27, 2011 8:41 AM

      HI Frank !

      I have been calling you Mr. Granda. I called you Frank today. Hope that is okay. 🙂 I see everything Daniel I love tweetdeck ! lol Thank you for the Birthday wishes ! I did have a nice birthday though it was kind of odd I kind of forgot it since it was I was a nice day and I sure hope you have the same..A great holiday. I of course followed my plan and was very healthy. It can hard. but it pays off and if you can get past the one day (holiday) it’s a breeze !. Now I need to get back to the gym ! it’s been 3 days and I am starting to twitch..haha Hey
      Dan won tonight ! I am so happy for him and the team ! I saw the game online and he looked so happy it made my night ! To borrow a line from our fearless leader….Thanks again for contributing to the blog!…. haha See you back at Dan’s! 🙂

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