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Ways to take the “work” out of “Working out”.

November 27, 2011

A couple of weeks ago,  I had my IPOD plugged into the computer for ITunes, I was putting new songs on it,  and left it there plugged into the computer to charge.  I left the room and my Brother Tommy came over.  He went in by the computer and I heard a noise..

It went something…. like this….

“PLINK”  (or something to that effect)

Then I heard Tommy… “!$%@&!!?#?!!!”   ( Yes, that’s him, swearing)  which btw,  he doesn’t do a lot of,  and when he does, in front of me, apologizes for it. My other brother Mike and my Dad do the same thing actually.  I have very respectful men in my life.  🙂

So I ran in and there!….  There, immersed…. in WATER…..  Yes, that’s right…….


 MY…. IPOD…….Doing the backstroke.. (really, it wasn’t so funny then.)

While he was apologizing, (profusely),  

My mind was RACING!!!…. The gym!!!! ……my workout!!!!…… my music!!!!….. the gym!!!!….. my music!!!!…..  my workout!!!!…..  What will I do now?!?! ….Oh my God!!!!!

Those phrases kept going through my head!

“Why?” you might ask, It’s just an IPOD.  Because, MY IPOD

IS VITAL to MY workout!.

I Love listening to all those fight songs, mushy love songs (you know the ones that men wince at.)  

There… was my good friend,  swimming in a glass of water . Yes,  it ACTUALLY made it into a glass of water.)  (got a chill… to horrible to think about) 

Does This really have anything to do with health, fitness or your “personal development” you may ask…    Well,  yes !!  it does!… .. in a HUUUUUUUGE way ! ….It’s what this post is about!…..

  *Finding things that can make the difference between a workout that’s WORK and…… a  workout that can be FUN!!! *


My first post was about FINDING your passion/ motivation.  This post is about KEEPING you motivated !  Now that I got you hopefully thinking in the first post about what your motivation/passion is..    Hopefully you have an idea of what it is or maybe you even know!. 

Let’s see if we can find some things to keep it alive and well….

 If you have trouble getting excited working out there are a lot of things you can do to make working out for you, an enjoyable experience , even fun!. 

Yes!  Fun !

As you read above, some things you can use can be VERY helpful, and motivating for you.  My IPOD (may it rest in Peace) helped me with losing about half the weight I lost ..

  Anyway, try these motivators!…They are great if you are just getting started or have been working out for a while.  I have tried All of these but reading a book, and can with all confidence recommend each one and thought they might work for you as well to help keep your motivation healthy!.

—You can listen to music.

 Itunes…… is great! .  They have songs for as low a .69 cents available!.   Most songs are .99 cents to $1.29 though and you can always use what you have in your own CD collection and transfer those songs you already own onto your IPOD , and you don’t need to be  computer expert to do it.  Because I do it!   haha,  It’s easy!.   I love ITunes and it’s pretty simple, (even for a not so.. geeky geek  lol).   You can also get tv shows and…

Podcasts…Hey, did you know there are podcasts for EVERYTHING!, well, there really are So SO MANY choices and some are really interesting , educational and informative. Like ones on finances, cooking or real estate even about…. writing blogs!  🙂  They have podcasts for every and anything!  There are also of course, movies from ITunes as well. 

The Nook, IPAD and The Kindle

Books…. You can also read a book too. If you have a Nook, IPAD or Kindle . You could catch up on the latest best seller!.

Netflix….. Has even more movies and tv shows you can get on your IPOD as well. If you belong to Netflix  and have an IPhone or a IPOD Touch, all you need is the Netflix app.   and be a member of Netflix…  The plan I have is for $7.99 a month…Which is the cheapest plan.    If you use this link  you can become a member if you aren’t already, and get the app. to put on your choice of device,   then you could use your Netflix membership to add new stuff to your IPOD.    Netflix of course sends movies and tv shows to your home, offering and adding something different then ITunes offers . ITunes offers some of the same things but  through mobile hand-held devices like the ones I mentioned,  IPhones, Certain types of IPODS (Ipod touch)  etc.  and also you can use your Blackberry as well.  If you use google which is fantastic for everything, you can find instructional videos and helpful posts on how to download videos and movies etc.   to your Blackberry.   Then you can decide which is the best way for you.


Of course if you don’t care to take  the technical route you can of course try other ways to shake up your workouts….

—Do you have a regular routine? going on certain days at a certain time?  A lot of people do.  I do.   But one idea you could try, and I have done this,  is to change your workout schedule.

Try working out on a new day/days

—-If you like going on certain days of the week try changing  what days of the week you go on. Your days vary most likely to at least some degree and throwing a workout in on that day when you aren’t used to it, setting aside time on that day, going to the gym, taking  time to workout at home,  setting aside time out of that day will feel different and fresh, a great change of pace.

—– Going to the gym on the  weekends!  (THIS one is a GOOD one and a personal fav!)

—This one is great for shaking things up! Weekends can be fantastic for the gym!.  There are  fewer people, no waiting (if you do) for machines and if you feel like just working out and not socializing, because sometimes, time is a factor and your time to workout is limited.  You will usually find the gym very quiet on the weekends and it can get you up and moving early due to the fact that  a lot of gyms will close earlier on weekends.. So check your times!

—-You can try working out at a NEW time.

—If you belong to a gym and go workout in the mornings and you are able, try working out or going to the gym in the afternoons here and there.  Or you could try evenings if afternoons are impossible because of work, for example.   I have tried the gym in the  mornings, and it REALLY has a completely different feel because if I can, I like going in the afternoons…  Going in the morning was a TOTALLY different experience.   I met new people  I didn’t usually see when I normally went in the afternoons.   Another great thing is you might get to see classes in progress (if your gym has classes) that you hadn’t had the chance to see in action before. 

—Not into the gym experience

outdoor workouts can be invigorating

For those who don’t go to a gym…If you say run outside, on a regular trail or maybe workout in the park,  just like at a gym, you will meet another group of people there as well!!.  Also, Changing the time you workout can change the feel of your rest of your day completely!.

—-You could try incorporating new workout clothes in your workout

Even something  small, even one new workout Tee shirt from say, Old Navy for $7.oo (Love those tees) can make a difference in how you feel about yourself and your workout because you feel good wearing something fresh and new and if you feel you LOOK better good you  WILL FEEL better, making YOU more energized to workout!.  I know this will sound crazy, but I recently bought a new water bottle. (mine looks like it has been through a war)…

But I used it on my workout at home the next day  and I actually had a nice effect on my workout. It was a small pick me up!.

—–You could try getting a Trainer for a few sessions

  I understand Trainers can be a luxury for a lot of people. I always saw them that way…. But some Trainers rates are not as bad as you think.  They can be great sources of motivation and guidance for you.  I know, money is tight for everyone right now but a trainer can add new things to your workouts,  but I would suggest,  if you can, at least 2 or 3 sessions…You need to give yourself a little time to learn a few new things from the Trainer to make that difference.   It can help …A LOT!   

To have a professional’s opinion on what you are doing RIGHT and what you may be doing WRONG and where you could take your workout  is invaluable in saving time because you might even  be better off doing other exercises than you have in your routine right now or maybe they will suggest you just add a few new ones and THAT will spice things up as well!…  Another thing is, you will have the chance to ask if you are performing your exercises correctly.   A LOT of people don’t. (I always appreciate a Trainer’s advice.)


Doing your exercising INCORRECTLY, can cause possible injuries and keep you out of the gym or from your workout for months!.   So, a little guidance from time to time, can be immeasurably beneficial to you workouts!. 

Again I know, it CAN be expensive, but most gyms DO offer those deals on a pretty regular basis. You could check into that or ask, and if they don’t have a deal at the moment, they probably have  one coming up SOON!.  Gym memberships  can be costly as well.  But gyms are  ALWAYS having deals to get in new members,  ask about that as well!  If not now, then keep your eye out for a membership deal. You may be able to have the Trainer do a couple of sessions with you at home if you prefer. I know a few Trainers that work with clients in their homes as well as at the gym.

Try inviting a friend to workout with you!

It takes on a whole new feel. You can learn things from each other.  You might feel your workouts are boring or possibly feeling stale but you might have some things you can teach your friend that is NEW and helpful and THEY might be able to do that for you as well!.   I have done this on more than one occasion and have had my friends push me and make me work harder just from watching them work hard or getting a pat on the back or kind word that made me push myself past that moment of “I’m tired now”.

Now if you can add a friend AND a new time AND a new day, you’re REALLY shaking things up ! Whether at a gym or at home working out with a friend can bring all kinds of new and great things to your workouts.

Take a class

Those classes I mentioned  can be a great way of adding something to your workouts.  You DON’T have to belong to a gym to take one either! …I have friends who take classes from places that they don’t  belong to but go for single classes …I’ve also done this.. You can pay for that single class when you go.   If you do belong to a gym, like I said, they might have classes,  and some could be FREE,  being a member!   You will meet new people in the class, and you might get that friend to even go with you to a class as well. You can even more new friends by doing this.  I have.   If they don’t belong to the gym and you do,  ask your gym,  they probably will allow you to bring your friend at least once in hopes they may join too.   Maybe your friend will decide to join!.

These are just a few ideas I thought you might find useful I have tried them and for me they have all helped in some way keep my workouts fresh and new!   I hope they can help you too! 🙂

You can follow me on Facebook too! This blog is one I read everyday. It’s  been a great source of motivation and advice. The blogger, Dan Gheesling has a genuine gift for motivating you and inspiring you to reach your goals!. This blog has inspired me to begin writing and my friend does  an exceptional job with this blog.

Please take the time to check out you’ll be glad you did ! 🙂


I would LOVE to know if you have tried these or any other idea’s  YOU or a friend might use to spice up your workouts!    Leave a comment below I would love to read them!  🙂

Thank’s for coming by and checking out the new post!   🙂

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  1. December 1, 2011 12:34 PM

    Hey COLL, It’s your “Gheesling Gang” buddy here to do my part for YOU (I just finished doing my part for Danny’s blog, and stopped by here) 🙂 The BEST WAY I take the misery out of working out is by PLAYING A SPORT with my friends. I make a habit of a weekly time scheduled for some tennis, swimming, bowling, etc…with my buddies! I forget that I’m ‘working out’ because it’s just a sport I’m doing to have FUN. Time goes by quickly, and I stay in shape without too much thought that it’s hard work. Anyone, guys or gals can join a bowling league. It can be good co-ed fun with mixed double teams (2 girls & 2 guys per team)…..Anyway, see ya back at Dan’s 🙂

    • December 1, 2011 4:22 PM

      Great idea Frank ! One of the most important things to have in exercise is doing something you enjoy!. In my 3 years of doing this I have loved most of it because I wanted to get to my goal so much if you asked me to climb a mountain!. I would have sprinted up that mountain smiling as I did But most people have to have something they enjoy doing. I think it’s really the key. It can just take a little time and effort to find it and a lot of people just don’t have the time or energy. If you already know you like say, Tennis, then you are lucky! As Nike says “Just do it!” Whatever gets you moving, gets your heat rate up will be benneficial to you! of course, I wouldn’t be responsible if I did’nt say to all who read this ,

      **Asking a doctor no matter what your age or physical health is always the best idea for anyone first before starting any exercise program**

      Thank you Frank for stopping by!!. I got so excited seeing a comment ! lol thanks for taking you time to read my blog ! See ya back at Daniel Robert’s 🙂 haha 🙂

  2. December 3, 2011 6:19 AM

    Hey Workout Girl, work this problem out! lol (and since I’m sure Danny never looks here, we can discuss him without him ever knowing) 🙂 Have you noticed that our Gheesling Gang leader doesn’t even acknowledge OUR comments or answer OUR questions anymore? Everyone else’s yes, but yours and mine, NO! It’s been two weeks worth of bogs and you and I are the only ones ignored! The funny thing is I receive lots and lots of private messages from Danny’s blog readers (total strangers to me) that tell me how much they enjoy looking for, and reading my contributions to Dan’s blog. They tell me my posts always make them laugh, always make them think, and that they’re never just ordinary “yes men” type comments…..But from Danny, nothing, not even a reply 😦 AND recently I’ve been noticing it’s the same thing with yours. Do you think our posts aren’t “agreeable” enough or “yes mannish” enough. We dare to sometimes give another opinion that isn’t always “in line” with his? I just don’t know the answer. What do you think? Strangers seem to love & appreciate our input, does Danny? You think he would prefer us to be ordinary sycophants? 🙂 Or maybe IF we ran a multimillion dollar marketing Internet blog? 🙂 Or were commenting from far away Countries? 🙂 Well, keep an eye out, maybe one day, on one blog in the future, he’ll start to appreciate us as much as his readers do 🙂 🙂 🙂 Bye for now, my non-sycophant friend 🙂

  3. December 4, 2011 12:44 AM

    I’m sure it’s nothing Mr Granda. I feel Dan like everyone else is busy trying to live life…His life is not just his blog. Give him a break he is a decent, good man. 🙂 He always answers everyone in time. If not, don’t sweat it. He does his best to make sure everyone is respected. He always has been kind and respectful to me. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about. That Dan doesn’t appreciate everyone’s input ..No. I’m sure that isn’t true at all. I think it’s just he’s busy and will get to it when he can. He is always nice and responds to everyone. 🙂 BTW, Dan did come to the blog!. He tweeted me about my quoting him. 🙂 That was thoughtful of him. Have a good day 🙂

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