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3 simple steps to stop emotional eating.

December 13, 2011

Here is a statistic for ya….


                                                   “75 percent of over eating is caused by emotions.”

We need to STOP and ask ourselves WHY we want to eat at that moment.


I think that is an amazing statistic don’t you ?  I mean Wow. 

I was never one to eat when I’m sad or angry, scared etc.  I was always the one watching those who do going “How can you EAT at a time like this?!”  Though I am not perfect.  I HAVE though, eaten when I am bored.  You do see it in movies all the time though don’t we ?


We ALL know this scene

I mean there she is…A girl, crying, sobbing just been dumped by her boyfriend and what ?! uh oh, there she goes, she’s walking to the freezer, she opens it up and grabs the ice cream, goes to the cabinet and reaches for hot fudge sauce, and what would it be without M&M’s right?, uh oh, here comes..Well yea of course the whip cream. I mean come on what is anything without ..whip cream?!.. Then she goes to the living room couch and sits down next to the biggest box of Kleenex in the world.  There she is folks, sitting on her couch sobbing into the ice cream she is about to polish off… and in about 10 minutes…..

really regret doing it.


Did it really solve her problem, or CREATE another one ?



  Why DO we do that? …Does it REALLY make us feel better? ….And I  mean longer than it takes us to eat it… 

When did we get emotional about food,  and when did it become …..Our best buddy ?

So, why do we  keep doing it over and over ? I mean, it doesn’t really solve the problem.  The problem is still there and….. NOW….. you feel………FAT ?!    Gimme a break right?!


Food for thought


“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” —Albert Einstein


Well Einstein was pretty smart,  so I decided to take his word for it and try something different. My way wasn’t working…………………..    so I thought…..

            What if  I tried a different approach this time ? and tried new ways of handling emotional eating .


               3 simple steps that always work for me.

 When  I am tired, bored or about to reach for something I would be better off thinking about first,  I do this and it has never ever failed to work for me.  I’m not an emotional eater but like I said,  I have eaten from boredom before.   When I reach for something I’m feeling not so great about…I already know it’s not a good idea really. You can talk yourself into a lot of stuff when you’re tired, bored or upset.. I do this now….

 Stop .  

Take a breath

Now before you eat whatever you are zoning in on.. Ask yourself these 3 questions .

   You are So worth that and the 30 seconds it  will take you to think about the answers…

1.  Am I REALLY hungry?

Sometimes we will eat because we are bored.  Not REALLY hungry,  just bored.  I think probably most everyone has done this at one time or another.  Like I said, I know I have in the past. It fills time and gives us something to fill our boredom with.  But how smart is that really ?  But If when I  stop and ask myself  “Am I really hungry for that?”

   If I’m asking myself this question, the answer is usually  no. 


2..  Is it really worth how I know I will feel,  IF,  I eat this?

When I ask myself this,  the answer is always…. no.

 I hate, repeat… Hate that feeling when I have eaten something and then feel bad about it. My guess is so do you.  I inevetibly  always feel WORSE than it was EVER was going to taste GOOD.    I have learned is this:  If I am asking myself this question in the first place,   then most likely,   it’s not the right choice for me.


3. Is this going to help me get to where I NEED to be in my heart and soul?

You have to ask yourself  if  it’s going to hurt or really help you get where you want to go with your diet. Closer to your goal… or further away?   If you are asking yourself this question, the answer is most likely.. no as well. 

I know it can be hard to stop,  walk away and  go pick up the healthier choice.   Even.. Not eat anything at all. 

 But here it is guys….. Where you decide if you are serious about what you want.

                 ****It’s a continual  effort.  You have to decide you are strong and worth it.**** 

You will always be worth the effort!.

There are so many great alternatives to that gallon of ice cream or whatever your weakness is that’s  tempting you or  if you just look.   Do they ALL taste as good as that  Haagan Daz?   Of course not,  but you have to put in a little time and effort to finding the ones that do!   They ARE out there !    I have found Amazing, fantastic alternatives that I am telling you are BETTER than some of the things that I used to want and used to be MY weakness !  They are  waiting in your local grocery stores and all you have to do is put in some time and effort to find them.  Eating because of our emotions is a bad habit we can learn to break if we try.  We need to become better aware of who we are and who we become in these  situations that trigger our emotions to react and solve the issue with food.  We CAN do that!.

You can!. 



We need to take time and ask ourselves what we are feeling and thinking when we reach for the things that we know will set up back. Try asking yourself those 3 questions next time you feel you are about to do something you aren’t sure of or know is going to make you feel worse in the long run than better. You are worth the few seconds it takes to ask and answer those questions and replacing those old “friends” with a few NEW ones and a few new way of handling things that are really going to help you achieve your goals  and not keep you from reaching them.  Give yourself the chance you deserve.  When you finally reach your goal whatever it may be, any work,  effort sacrifice or changes you have put into it, will be more than worth it!


**** An upcoming post is all about the products I use everyday to eat right and stay on point and they are all great tasting and healthy alternatives!!****




Are you an emotional eater ? I would love to know how you deal with it and if you have ever tried these tips I gave here and if they worked for you.  Tell me by leaving a comment below!.    😉

 Thank you for coming to my blog!     🙂


Take a look at this blog.  It’s a  Motivational/Personal Development blog as well!

The blogger is a caring, smart, guy who gives really sound advice and will be only to answer your questions if he can.  Take a look,  it’s definitely worth your time!.  Thanks !




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  1. December 13, 2011 5:38 PM

    COLL, you’re absolutely right, Great Blog! Guys eat just for FUN too!…..Can you imagine a Sunday Football game for us guys without a ton of beer and hot wings? 🙂 (In reality though I seldom drink alcohol, even though I like to joke a lot about it. I don’t think I ever drink more than one glass of wine during a party. Never drink during the week at all. I do try to stick with healthy calorie eating. I’m too vain not too. lol) But, during my touring days with my Broadway plays, you eat all kinds of junk. On the road in different cities there’s a great deal of temptation to eat fast food. In order to keep my weight perfect during those days, I got some help from my doctor before I left on tour. (Actors CANNOT afford to gain weight. For one thing, you can’t make a new wardrobe of costumes on the road) So, to those having too much trouble during the holiday season keeping temptation from getting too strong…..Go see you doctor! There are several things he can give you, that are safe to help you through it. My doctor prescribed Phentermine, or Adipex. Both can give you INCREDIBLE resistance to food temptation and to overeating. Under his supervision they are very safe to take too! I hope I have helped those readers of your great blog who are having a difficult time with it. Keep up the healthy good work COLL, I know you’re helping lots of people! MERRY CHRISTMAS! 🙂

    • December 14, 2011 3:55 AM

      Thanks Frank,
      I appreciate your support of the blog!. I do hope I am helping someone out there with what I have learned by my life changing so drastically. I have been through quite a transformation in all of this. I can only imagine how difficult it is for actors. The world can be very critical of us. Fast food is something I completely gave up. I decided to go all or nothing So I cut out everything like that. There are great alternatives to just about any food out there! I can imagine though the temptation of traveling. That must be have been difficult for you. I know there is a BIG temptation in taking a medication that will curb you appetite but I want to say to be careful of that. Doctors are ALL not responsible. I’m sure yours is though. I just feel the need to say “be careful”. Thank you again for reading my Blog Frank! It is a great compliment to me that someone who reads Dan’s blog which I feel is popular and smart also take the time to look at mine!. Thanks ! Hey, Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. Prentiss permalink
    December 20, 2011 10:55 PM

    Great update! I’m definitely an emotional eater! Lately I’ve been trying to count to 100 slowly, and by the time I get there…I usually have decided that I don’t want what I just about to eat!
    Happy Holidays!

    • December 21, 2011 6:52 AM

      Hey Prentiss !

      Great to hear from you on the blog!. I was just going to your blog when I checked in on mine ! I’m headed there after this!. I’m so happy you like the post!. That’s by the way is a terrific idea! I really like it. If you are wondering if you should eat it… most likely it’s something you will be sorry for if you do. Having the wisdom to know you should wait and being strong enough to wait while counting too 100 is really an amazing thing!. You might not think so but it really is. You’re smart. If you have the will power for that I have no doubt you could have success with exercising !. I know you were thinking of it. any kind of cardio with burn fat as long as your heart gets pumping you’ll be in business ! If you ever have ideas on how hte blog could be a better one…Please let me know ! Happy holidays to you too CM girl 😉 Thanks again for reading and commenting! I appreciate it !


  1. Who’s addicted to Baked Goods?

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