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Part 1: Start the new year motivated to succeed!.

January 2, 2012

This is the first in a 3 part series on “Starting the New Year off right!”.  Over the next 3 weeks I will be posting this series.  I wanted to start off motivating you to start something.  The next post will be giving you the right tools to take on the job with a head start!.  The last post will be my own personal food and exercise idea’s I use everyday that keep me on track.   Also, provide you with my own list of goals I plan to reach in the New Year!.  I’m working on that list now. —
I want to refer you back to my previous posts for additional suggestions and motivational tips on starting an exercise and or diet plan that will along with this series, hopefully help you find the motivation and support you need to get started!.
“A new year, for a new you”.    I have always hated that saying…  Because it’s not that easy,  Is it?.   
No,  It isn’t.  Of course not.
When I was doing some research for this post I noticed one thing.  What the #1 resolution on most everyone’s list was.   Would you like to take a guess at what that resolution is? .    
Yes!.  Losing weight and or getting into shape. 

It was The #1 one resolution  on almost every list I saw.   Not a big surprize though. 

Did you know that 40 to 45 % of American adults make one or more resolutions each year and the top resolutions made are about money, managing it better, reducing your debt or trying to quit smoking.   But just about every list had for the #1 ….. weight loss and exercise
Maybe you’re afraid to make that resolution again to lose weight or get into shape this year because you have in the past and you failed.  Closer to the point, you feel … failed……So why keep putting yourself through that disappointment over and over right? …..
I can tell you why….
Because I tried all my life over and over to lose weight and get into shape.   I could never really see myself doing it.  Oh I pictured it and as I said tried over and over but really seeing myself  losing this weight, living this healthy lifestyle, living as Organic as I can, being a girl, who would if you gave her a sleeping bag,
live at the gym and be happy?!.   Yea right…
I wanted this… I dreamed about it…. I wished for it….I hoped for it…. I prayed for it.  
But if you asked me 3 years ago if I truly thought I would lose 120 pounds and look the way I do now,  I would have to say in all honesty……….No..  Not 120 pounds.  25, 30, 40…. yea, okay…..50? …….maybe.
120…No……..It’s just too big for me to tackle.
Listen up…..“Failure hurts but is not fatal”.   

Even if you have tried a million times ……That million and one try, could be….. your time.   Even if you THINK you never will…YOU never know what is going to come into your life…….And change everything you know to be true.  Everything you would bet you life is never going to change……Can…… It can all change  ………In a moment.  It did for me….. In a  moment.

  “Never doubt something you don’t know is an absolute”.


3 questions –  3 truths  – and  5 tips
Ask yourself…..these questions
 1.   Will my problem go away if I give up trying? 
2.  Can I live the rest of my life happy and content,  OK with the way I feel about myself, or do I know I could be happier about how I feel about myself in my heart and how I feel I look physically if I do something about it.  If I try.   If I try again..
3.  Do I know it will make  my life better….. and I could possibly help others in return?.
Got the answers?
The  truths 
(Make them YOUR  truths)
 These are 3 truths I know because I learned them and live them….. So you can trust them.  I do.  Everyday.
1.  You can accomplish what you put your mind too.
2.  There is no goal unattainable.      (I  lost 120 pounds……….Go ahead,  tell me “I can’t.” )
3.  Never let anyone tell you …..”You can’t”…..  They are wrongAlways.   What they are really saying is….. I can’t”….So neither can you.  Just walk away from them.  That attitude …IS toxic .   Just get away.  

  The  tips
#1. Set an EASY goal to reach at first.
 A number of pounds you want to lose but a low easy number to attain at first.  Try 5 lbs.   If you lose more great!   But pick a goal you KNOW you will reach.
Starting off with a small easily attainable goal will build your confidence and we all need that when starting a new diet.   Then when you reach that goal make another simple goal you feel confident about reaching.     When  you feel that confidence that only comes from reaching a goal you will feel better about yourself and  having a healthy confidence level in your plan is important!.  Because believing that you can and will get to your goal,  is half the battle.  When you have some success under your belt you will feel more confident. 
#2. Keep track of your meals, calories and exercises.
Charting from day-to-day what you’re eating along with the calories you are taking in, also exercises , what ones and how much you are doing can be invaluable to you.  There is a great website that I use from time to time and my brother Mike uses as well. (he has lost 145 pounds) It’s called  this website is very helpful.   I am suggesting this website because  Michael uses it EVERYDAY and has great success with it. 
I like to make my own charts and keep my own logs. Whatever works for you..Just do it.  It really makes a difference to look and SEE and keep track of what you have done that day, that week, that month.   If you lose weight, you can see why.    If you gain, you can see it as well and if it was your calories or lack of activities that week, you can see where, how and why and make appropriate changes to have a more positive outcome in the upcoming weeks.
#3.   Focusing on the entire picture. 
You have to pay attention to your entire health plan. Not just  diet, or exercise or the scale.  ALL of it
Like your weight.   That scale. (Grrrr)   Those numbers you see on the scale can be so mesmerizing to us all. they are to me at times.   The scale can be a scary thing.   I have been known to weigh myself everyday.    At times I have done this I have wanted to track something very closely, usually any water weight gain from day-to-day to get a handle on how it is affecting me and my weight at the moment.    But in my opinion,  it can be a detriment to your confidence level and progress if you see no change from day-to-day and forget,  it can take time.   Or if you DO see changes from water weight gain and worry it is fat.   If you lose weight from one day to the next it will most likely be water.     I would suggest weighing in once a week instead..
 #4.  Have fun with it.
 You have to have fun or at least enjoy exercising to an extent anyway.   If you are going to lose weight and do it the best most efficient, way that will produce results that will last,  you will have to move,  Exercise.  I know a lot of us hate that word but it is a fact of life that doing something to get and keep your heart rate up is a necessary part of the plan that can and will bring long-lasting results.  So pick something fun . Whatever it is. 
 Having fun with it is something I never saw happening either. But I did, I do , and it makes all the difference in the world each day. A bad week, weight gain or not reaching a physical goal you might have had,  can look different when you are having a good time doing what you are doing.  Choosing activities that you have fun doing and foods you can enjoy, are key to long-range success. One thing I love about the diet part is shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables. I know..
But I love picking out fruits and vegetables.  I am so picky when it comes to the food I buy.  I get into the nutritional information on packages and research what it all means and I have learned quite a bit.  Have fun with it. 
 #5 is one of the Biggest and best pieces of advice you will ever get to help you get in shape and or lose weight…..

It will take time!. Please do yourself a favor. Give that to yourself!!.

#5.  Give   yourself   time.
 If you listen to anything I am saying…… please listen to this ……
This is the biggest point I have to make.  This to me is one of biggest mistakes when starting a diet or exercise program.  EVERYONE seems to make it.  As I said in one of my previous posts  “What does your workout face look like”   ..
The biggest favor you could do for yourself is give yourself time to see results.  You have to give yourself time.   This is one the biggest mistakes we make in dieting and exercising…It’s one of the major keys to your success.  You need to have patience.  I know it’s difficult.   I have been there and have quit diets because I didn’t see results fast enough.  Don’t do that. 
It takes Time…… Time……. Time.

This will be the year you make AND Keep that resolution!

The wind up
 A Postive attitude, Positive thoughts, positive affirmation, positive people, positive feedback, and positive role models  = positive results.
If you decide to make that New Year’s resolution this year…. Make it with confidence that you WILL succeed this time!!.  Sometimes you have to be the best cheerleader you have!.   Decide this is your year and go forward with conviction.  Losing weight is a resolution that can be reached……Ask yourself those 3 questions and really feel what’s in your heart when you answer them…Those 3 truths I gave you are true.  I use them everyday and don’t allow anyone to tell me different….. Don’t you .
The 5 tips or points I gave you to help you with losing those pounds I have used and work for me and I am confident they can work for you as well!. 
I wanted in part 1 of this series to get you motivated and thinking about your possibilities for the New Year.
I am taking time this year and really thinking about my next move.  I have plans, idea’s and possibilities.   
So do you!.
So….. what are you going  do about it?…
 Make sure you see the next post in this series of starting off the New Year right.  Giving you a running start when you decide to begin…It will be my some of my favorite food products that I use everyday to stay on track and continue to eat healthy everyday.
Thank you for coming to the blog.  I would love to know what resolutions you have decided to make this year!  Please leave a comment below and let me know!
As always please check out It’s my favorite blog and blogger, because he is down to earth, smart and always willing to help others.  The blog is helpful in motivation and Inspiration!.  Sneek peek into the 3rd post in this  series!!… Dan has given me fitness a new goal!!    Check back in 2 weeks to see what it is !.     🙂    I’m pumped !
Thanks Dan. 🙂
8 Comments leave one →
  1. January 2, 2012 4:08 PM

    That is quite a list you put together there; a positive goal to set for the next year and on. As long as you got a list together then you’re already on the right track.Hope you had a great new year’s day and I look forward to reading more:))

    • January 3, 2012 12:49 AM

      Thank you Jon,
      I appreciate you taking a look. I started about 2 months ago. I hope to see your name again and hear what you think about part 2 coming up. Losing weight was an incredible feeling. I wanted to be able to share my experiences could possibly help someone else. Are you a writer? Thank you for following my blog.! I have to check yours out !
      Thanks again 🙂 Have a great day Jon!

  2. January 3, 2012 3:56 PM

    I agree with Jon, absolutely fabulous list you’ve given us.

    The funny thing is that I know so many people who also have losing weight as their #1 new year’s resolution. It use to be mine a long time ago too but thankfully, I didn’t have a lot to lose. I’ve kept my weight off for years now and although I really don’t have an exercise routine, I do walk everyday and I thoroughly enjoy that. Exercising, not so much which is why I’ve never stuck with a plan. I’ve also never put that down on my new years resolution because I knew I wouldn’t follow through.

    So for now, I’m still very happy with where I am and will continue doing what I’ve always done. But I’ll be interested in learning what your routine is like so I’ll be back to check that out Colleen.

    Thanks for such a great post Colleen!

    • January 4, 2012 6:59 AM

      Hey Adrienne,

      Losing weight seems to be the favorite New Year’s resolution of all time. I wanted everyone to understand they aren’t alone in their decision to make that resolution or in their fight to succeed in it. That feeling that you aren’t alone is important. Walking is an amazing exercise Adrienne! I lost 40 pounds walking!. That’s how I started. Just walking around my block then built it up over a couple of months to 7 miles a day no matter what the weather!. Keep it up!… Can I ask, when you walk do you walk strictly for enjoyment or do you push yourself a little more each time?
      Keeping your heartrate up is important for your cardio health though, even if you don’t want to lose weight. 🙂 That you enjoy it, is the Key! ..You sound like you have a great metabolism though to have kept weight off without a problem for years! Awesome! I always hated making that resolution too. I knew I wouldn’t stick to it either.
      I am so glad you asked about my routine!. Actually I have made plans this week to change it up! Taking Dan Gheesling’s challenge of and starting P90X! I needed something new and this was perfect timing!. I felt in a rut. I asked some Trainers at my gym, and it is a good but tough plan that would be a “challenge”. The magic word for I love a challenge! So I’m going to give it a go track my progress here, follow Dan’s (keep him honest (haha), and help motivate him if he needs it. Help him keep his goal!. We can all use a pat on the back from time to time and be told we aren’t alone and can do it !.

      I want to thank you for coming Adrienne to see my blog! I certainly hope to see you here often! It’s been such a pleasure to tweet and talk to you! I hope we’ll do more of it!. 🙂 Keep up the good work staying in good shape and have a great week! 😉 C’ya 🙂

      • January 6, 2012 3:02 AM

        Hey Colleen,

        You had asked me if I walk for enjoyment or keep my heart rate up. I actually walk for enjoyment because I walk my dog and my goodness she does pee a lot. I wouldn’t be able to do a brisk walk with her so I do it for my health and for her enjoyment. But my Dad had cancer for over 42 years and the doctor told him what kept him around for so long was watching what he ate and walking every day. So that’s the main reason I do it. His wasn’t a brisk walker either.

        I have a horrible metabolism actually. Back when I was in my mid 20’s I was engaged to be married. I was always overweight as a kid, only by about 30 pounds and thank goodness I was evenly proportioned. I decided I wanted to lose the weight before I got married so I just cut back on what I ate and made healthier choices. I did drop the 30 pounds even though we called the wedding off. I’ve kept it off pretty much ever since but I watch what I eat. I’m not a stickler for being real strick but I don’t overindulge a lot. I don’t buy anything that I shouldn’t be eating or I will. That’s how I’m able to keep the weight off.

        Ah, you are going for it like Dan huh! I’m anxious to hear how he does and I have no doubt since his wife will be participating too that he’ll keep it up. Plus he has you to answer to. I can’t wait to hear how you guys do.

        My pleasure Colleen and I do enjoy learning about health. I have a feeling I’m going to learn quite a bit from you so you’ll definitely see me back. So catch up with you again soon and probably on Twitter first. 🙂

      • January 6, 2012 8:16 AM

        Great to hear back from you Adrienne 🙂

        I think it’s great you do walk on a regular basis. Your Dad sounds like he was a very strong man. I am so sorry your Dad had to go through any kind of health problem. I do understand having a parent who is sick. Mom had Multiple sclerosis. She was bedbound for 10 of those 15 years and I took care of her for those 10 in our home. I told you. She was my buddy 🙂

        I was a chubby kid too. I just never exercised, ate alot of the wrong stuff as a kid and continued a into adulthood because I was used to it and NEVER had the will power or drive to loose it. It’s so hard. Onme of the things I hate is hearing “fat people can loose it if they want” Not true. If that drive and desire to do it.. Is not something you can just conjure up. Or no one would be fat. When it gets on a scale of 120 lbs. I think I just felt, it’s just who I am. It was too huge a fight.
        You are so smart! Not buying things you know you will eat!. One of the best pieces of advice ever given to anyone wanting to lose weight or stay in shape!. Is that !. I do that too. I got very strict. I gave up all things I knew would not get me to my goal. I haven’t had pie, cake, cookies, crackers, candy, all that stuff since Oct. 2008′! If it isn’t going to get me to my goal.. then why? If you aren’t helping me then goodbye ! lol. You sound very sensible and grounded in your eating and exercise plan though. I think you are on the right track!.
        Dan, I’m not too sure about him.. Our last tweet he was Counting down the days “Only 87 more days to go” So I think I’m a little concerned about I will certainly keep tweeting and asking him how it’s going..He’s going to hate I have been told many times I should be a Trainer (What a kick for me, you have no idea what that feels like) . I’m actually thinking about it.. So Dan has no idea. I’m going to make sure he doesn’t quit. lol poor he has no idea who he is dealing with ! lol
        Thank you Adrienne ! Tweet ya later ! 🙂 Have a terrific weekend !! 🙂

  3. January 4, 2012 10:26 PM

    Hey COLL, I’ve been skiing in Sun Valley for the holidays. Had a lot of exercise and fun. It was also cold as HEck 🙂 Hope you had a great holiday too. Really enjoyed your resolution blog. I also enjoyed Ruth Zive’s Anti-Resolution blog, which you led me to in your tweet. (I left her a nice comment, and gave YOU the credit for leading me to her blog) 🙂 I’ve got to remember to go and leave a nice comment on Danny’s blog, but I just haven’t had the time to contemplate any serious new goals for the new year yet. I like to get them down solid, before I make a commitment 🙂 Well, see ya soon!

    • January 6, 2012 8:27 AM

      Hi Frank !

      Nice to hear from you. I hope you had a great vacation. Thanks for reading the blog this week. I am posting my goals for the New Year in the last post of this series. I too like to think about them. I have some serious goals to get on this year. Ruth Zive has a great site. Thank you for letting her know it was me, I appreciate that! 🙂 You should read Adrienne Smith as well She was here too. Check her site out ! Blogging has opened up a new world for me. I’m meeting wonderful people along the way !… Hey, Sking sounds cool. Nice ! Have a great Weekend ! C’ ya 🙂

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