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Part 3: My “Lifesavers” or personal healthy food tips –and my goals for the new year!.

January 14, 2012
This is part 3 of my 3 part series about starting the new year off right!.  You might like to look at part 1 and 2 so you can get all the information and food products I listed that will help you eat healthier and start your New year off the best possible way…… A healthier and happier  you!. While you’re at it, take a look at other past posts to find even more suggestions on motivation, exercise and tips to be healthier,  in the upcoming year!.    🙂
With part 1 of the series I wanted to get you motivated to start that new healthy eating program and possibly an exercise program as well. 

In part 2 of the series I wanted to give you a head – start  on your diet with food products that were researched and ready for you to use today!.    My own list.   So you could start it off with healthy additions to that new diet and not just feel like you had to give up a lot of your favorite foods without being able to add new ones to replace some of them.  

This is wear a lot of diets fail.  We feel we gave up too much feel deprived and quit.  I hoped on my list were a couple of good idea’s for you to feel not so deprived.


Part 3 goes like this 

I want to give you a couple of MY OWN Lifesavers that are HUGE too me and help me immensely every single day!.   One’s I use to stay on track and eat healthy and keep the weight off.  They are the biggest  tips that in the past 3 years have helped me the most in this journey to get and stay healthy.

I also am going to give you my goals for the new year.  Now I have never done that before.  Put MY goals  out there for everyone to see.  In essence, put ME…  out there.   I’ve always been pretty meek and quiet.  (unless you get my Irish up, which actually takes a lot!)     5 years ago life as I knew it changed.  Losing Mom.  Then 3 years later…My whole life changed again.     Really,  it started… Since then, I have become more vocal and outgoing  in many ways. 

I have a feeling in doing this, putting myself out there,  my goals,  like another blogger I know and have learned  a lot from,  I think it will keep me more accountable to know that you are listening and waiting to hear if I am keeping  and working toward achieving my goals!.    Like my friend, I don’t want to let you down either………or myself 


The little idea’s that are HUGE to me  


My Vegee Mix

Okay this is my absolute favorite thing I have come up with that helps me SO MUCH !.   You can of course substitute and replace any of the vegetables I choose with your own choices .   I go to the Supermarket, hand-pick each vegetable I use very carefully.  I just love picking out fresh fruits and vegetables.  I love going through the fruit and vegetable aisle and just looking at all the choices and deciding what I want this week. I know that fruits and vegetables can be expensive and I am as you are,  very aware of what I spend.  I try very hard to balance healthy eating with the numbers I see on my receipt each week from my local Supermarket.    To eat healthy you have to sometimes adjust and make a few sacrifices, but to me, they are always worth it. 

Here is what is in my vegee mix.

White Mushrooms, carrots, red onion, broccoli, half an apple, dried cranberries, peppers (red, green, yellow, orange) depends on the prices that week as to what peppers I will be using. I try to incorporate at least two different colors.  What your food looks like also can make a big difference in your enjoyment of it ….And it just looks nice!.

Sometimes I will put in a low fat cheese stick or throw in a few chopped walnuts or a different vegee.  It depends on what I feel like.  I like to try to switch it up.  It makes about 15 cups. I usually make this every 2 days. I like to eat a lot of vegetables.  I did eat vegetarian for a year, last year.

 I use it in making  salads and egg white omelets a lot !!.    If I have a piece of chicken I dice that up and grab a couple of cups of the vegee mix, some baby spinach or lettuce, and I have a ready-made salad right there in 2 seconds!!.  Not bad huh!  I eat more vegetables than meat really. Red meat I don’t even really eat except for maybe once in a while. 

Great to snack on, ready at any time day or night.  The vegge mix is great to grab  when you feel like snacking and don’t want to snack on things that you know… you’ll be sorry for afterwards… And how many times have you thought to have a salad and just don’t feel like cutting ALL …THOSE VEGETABLES!.    

With this, it’s already done and ready anytime!.   It’s amazing how easy it is to eat right when you have the right things at your reach ! …Spending the time chopping all those vegetables can be a pain.  In the end though,  you will be the winner for taking that time !.You have no idea how many times and ways THIS has come in handy and made things so much easier to eat healthy!   Try it . 


My Fruit Platter

Fruit like vegetables are a fantastic low-calorie food to have around all the time. …The only thing is you have to watch the sugar/carb content of your fruits.  As in bananas …Boy do I LOVE those.  Very healthy, high in potassium which is something most of us don’t get anywhere near the amount we are supposed to have daily,  which is a suggested 4.7 grams.  Actually most fruits and vegetables have a lot of potassium in them. 

If you are a hard-core athlete or even just workout more than most, you will need even more potassium than that.   This is one reason I do like to eat a lot fruits and vegetables… Everyday!. 

I get fruit at the salad bar of my local Supermarket.    After looking into it, the salad bar was about the same cost as buying them all making it at home.  I  fit it in by juggling a couple of other things around on my store list. 

My fruit platter looks like this

Pineapple, cantaloupe, honey-dew melon, (sometimes) blueberries, strawberries, (a fav), grapes, papaya, mango.    I slice or cut into cubes most of those fruits, not grapes of course..   Then I have a sectional container and put the fruit in that to keep the fruits juices from mixing with each other so not to affect the taste of each fruit . (pineapple has done that) I learned from that. ..   It’s very easy to grab any time day or night.  Great for a light breakfast as well.  



Finally doing it

This was the hard part of this series and this post for me.  I had to sit down and really think about what I wanted to accomplish in this year.  Not that I didn’t have things I wanted to do, but I was kind of putting it off.    Putting it off because of a huge decision I have to make and it’s really something I have been trying to picture.   I can see myself after the fact where I want to be.  it’s doing what I need to do to get there that has been giving me trouble.

Something I saw and heard today though helped me a lot.  It was  a video by another a blogger …Her name is Adrienne Smith.   I recently met her on Twitter and she has been so nice, helpful and supportive of me and this blog.  I have met a few very nice supportive people lately!.  She really puts herself out there making it a point to help others.      She has a very informative and interesting blog that you can find at    

She had decided to do a video on her blog.   I watched it.    She talked about a business concern  but I connected with her message on a personal level.     It reminded me that just because I can’t visualize myself in the place I need to be, perfectly clearly right now,  it doesn’t mean I am not going to be there someday soon!.   I was thinking maybe it was difficult for me to visualize myself where I want to be because in my heart I knew I can’t do it or wouldn’t do what I need to, to get there.  It has been really weighing heavy on me.

But then while watching her video I realized I may be having trouble  because it’s unknown territory for me.  As when I lost 120 lbs.  I couldn’t see that either.   It was too huge a change and I had never been there before.. Happy, and in good shape.   I am now but I have things I need to get to to really feel at peace.    I forgot how difficult it was hard to picture myself thin.   Because you can’t SEE yourself  IN  that place now,  don’t worry.   You will.. Just keep moving forward to that place. You will get there.  We will.  Such a great message and lesson to learn!

Thank you Adrienne.   🙂

My goals



I have become very interested in blogs.  naturally.  What does that have to do with fitness?   Well,  someone I have come to greatly respect and admire has taken on a new fitness plan.  I,  being the fitness enthusiast I am which is just a fancy of saying I’m a fitness freak in spandex, (not really, not sure anyone but for the notable exception of maybe Hedi Klum,  looks good in spandex.) 🙂    was feeling like I needed a HUGE change. Well I hope I have found it ! 

Through my friend…. I have decided to take on P90X!.  Yes!  the 90 day fitness plan that has become very popular and I have come to find out there P90X2 and 3!…Also one called “Insanity” that makes me want to know about that too!. 

 (As I write this blog, it has arrived.)  

However I will be testing it out and checking out the video’s, making my schedule for it and by 1/16/12 I should be starting…..

I’m a little nervous though, because I am known as “Gymgirl”.   You know,  live there, eat there, and have been overheard saying “Do I have to go home now?” as my brother Mike  DRAGS… me out.. lol 

This is  an “in – home” fitness plan,  so that’s why I’m a little twitchy about it.. I think that  I will be switching off  between days I hit the gym and days that are slated for P90X . 

I am so excited though because it means I will be insured a workout everyday of the week!  Body work AND my much-loved cardio !.  I can’t wait!   I’m so pumped  and so more than ready to make this change in my life !

If you are interested, I will be posting on and also on  as well as here of course when I start,  and will post my progress as it goes. Oh by the way, you can actually SEE me on my Facebook page now! you have to scroll down but I’m there.  Promise !….That’s IF you’re interested in seeing this blogger’s face lol

Your support of this blog, has been humbling..Thank You all!.

This Blog..

Okay.  I started this blog with a bit of trepidation.   I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about blogging.  The nuts and bolts, the writing process, the putting together a blog, and that I could actually come up with as Gary Vaynerchuck, entrepreneur, businessman, blogging wine expert said in the book “Crush it”  which I keep on my computer desk and refer to often

“Make sure you can come up with at least fifty awesome blog topics to ensure stickiness”

I hoped the list I made was “Sticky” enough  and then took a leap of faith..  in me..   I have been trying really hard each post to do my best for the readers who take the time out of their day to actually come here.   A gesture that I do not take lightly .  I am always honored.  

I DO want to make the blog better though.   I have plans to change the look, add to the format a little , video as well!.  Things that for me will be a stretch…Not being a computer wiz.   Still,  I am so excited about the changes.  I just hope you will be as well.


 Learning to drive

I have friends that know,  but I don’t think I mentioned it here at the blog.  I have Epilepsy.   I have had it since I was 11.  I have taken medication since then but it has been basically a non problem for a long time.  But having it means that you can’t drive a car.  Something I have always understood and agreed with.  But since it has been more than a year without a seizure, I think it’s way over time I learn. That is the rule for this situation.  One year seizure free and you can get a license.  Which I have been and more.   Independence is a blessing.  Being able to go where you please whenever you want.  Even going out at 3am for a Starbucks skinny mocha with decaf. espresso!    Is Starbucks open at 3am ?     Well it should be !..

(note to self   –write Starbucks about that) —- (forget that, Tweet them, it’s faster!)

Do I have to get up?....But I'm SO SLEEPY!

 Getting up earlier.

Okay I know this is not the biggest goal to put out there, but I think it will change the entire feel of my day. 

My Dad.  He wakes up at 6:30 am everyday.  He has such a full day and gets so much accomplished.   I get up on the early side now, but I am a night owl and I’m not sure if I can change that.   It’s pretty tough..   I’ve tried.  Taking care of my Mom, I was up all night and slept during the day.   Dad took and I were both there during the day… Doing that for 10 years, it’s tough to change completely.  I’m not of course up all night now,  just a night owl.     But I’m going to give it a go AGAIN. 

My fitness plan, has a lot to do with that.  As I said, I want to make a schedule for my fitness plan… I’m good at lists and plans.. I DO like a plan…structure .  Something else from taking care of my Mom.. I was on a schedule 24/7.  So at least some structure is comfortable for me.   I have an idea what the plan will be though .. But if I am going to juggle days at the gym and home I want to get going earlier just in case I can do both on certain days..

I have already started a few idea’s on how to finally achieve getting up earlier. My alarm clock is on the other side of the room.. Hey it works ! I tried it already.  Turns out, you can’t hit the snooze button from there! 

AND I turned it up really loud!   Hey, It got me up today ! Check out Dan Gheesling , the blog writer,  he has great idea’s in place for rising earlier.!  I have borrowed that one from him and a couple others and am implementing them now!. 

Yea, THIS NOT the plan!

My eating plan

Something I have to and want to change …Is this.  I tend to follow the same thing all the time.  I get very focused.  This however in a diet or exercise plan is not the best idea.  In a diet plan the best thing for your success in losing weight or keeping your metabolism moving is…. “Keep your body guessing”  If your body gets used to something in a fitness  or diet context it will stop changing.   Your metabolism will assimilate to your routine and you will very likely stop moving forward and positive change will slow to a crawl or completely stop.   This I won’t have.  “Failure is not an option”.   Moving forward is key and stopping is not something I can do now.  So my changes are,  I plan on taking a look at  the diet program that is coming with the P90X and hopefully it is a good one.. we shall see….Stay tuned!..

That is my plan….Keep moving forward with my life, my hopes, my dreams and my goals.  

You will reach that goal. Keep trying.


The bottom line …..and a little inspiration


“Life”… is moving forward…… But, are you? 

So many times we get comfortable in our lives.  That’s okay.   I don’t want to be uptight and stressed all the time that I’m not doing enough… Neither should you.   There is a difference between that and staying “alert” and “aware” so that you are consistently moving forward, growing, learning and always striving to be the best version of (__________your name here)  that you can possibly be.  I think it’s our duty to find that person and become them.  We owe it to ourselves, our family, our friends and …Our creator.

(who ever that may be for you.) 🙂

  The happier you are with yourself,  the happier you will be in your life.  The happier you will be with other people.   I believe one of the biggest ways to feel good about ourselves is to be confident in who we are and part of that, a big part,  is how we look and feel physically about ourselves.  I know it is… I lived that feeling of wanting to hide and duck behind  anything that would shelter me from people.. Guys  But in doing that I was hiding my heart my soul …. My voice as well.

Don’t ever do that.

You weren’t put here to be quiet,  silent or invisible.   Rather I feel  …”InVINCE able”.

Forward is the only direction to move in this life.  Backwards is just where you have been,  what you have done and things you have already seen! –not interested !  Keep moving forward and trying ….And you will reach your goals eventually.    If you start going backwards the only goals you will see are those you have already achieved.  They are finished,  over,  accomplished !   WTG!,  huge congrats on those!!!

Now….Go make more!!!!….. and keep moving forward.

Life never stops.  If we do. We will miss our chance.  We only get one.  No one has ever said “Gee, I had too much time here. “.  Whatever that fire is inside you that has you wanting more out of your life… Stoke that fire, keep it burning.  Do what needs to be done.  Go for it now.    Tomorrow is not yours….. or mine ….Not yet…    So get on it!  …………Now!.

It's in OUR hands.


Someone who read the blog asked me what my workout is now.  I thought to myself I have never posted that!.  So here it is.. That Trainer friend is going to wince (Megan)… I know .. She loves to tell me I workout to hard.  She IS the expert.. Stubborn girl does it anyway.. However, I do try to take it easy.  I do..I try..

My workout.

Elliptical —     95 minutes to 2 hours –depending on time

Treadmill —  30 minutes (Walking or running depends on where my head is..I have to be in a “running place” to run. usually walking–I like to walk uphill, feels like I’m fighting harder.)

Weights and machines — 30 minutes

Lately my workouts have been about  3 to 4 times a week. Not what I like.. I like to go everyday if possible.

I do have days I like to run on my treadmill. I only run then. Usually for about 2 hours . I run on and off during that day..I like that.

Thats about it. 

Sorry I haven’t posted it before !.  –Thanks to Ruth for asking ! 🙂


Thanks for coming!

DO you have a plan to reach your goal or goals?  Is there ONE thing can you do to get justthatcloser to them today?… Leave a comment and let me know !  I would love to hear your plans!

As always, check out my blog suggestions in the post and check out the websites I mentioned!.  ..Another change for the blog but I feel a really good one! 🙂 I like the idea sharing other bloggers websites with you!. 🙂

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  1. January 16, 2012 9:50 PM

    Wow Colleen, what a jam packed post. You shared what you eat and by the way, your veggies and fruit sound yummy. I just don’t go to the market to buy fresh food.

    Thank you so much for the mention, I appreciate that and I’m glad what I shared helped. See, you admitted right here that you couldn’t picture yourself 120 pounds thinner but you took one step at at time and made it to that end result. The way I like to look at this is just put one foot in front of the other and move forward. The rest will fall into place.

    You have everything mapped out so I’ll be excited to hear how you like the workout. I totally forgot to ask Dan if he had started but will be sure to do that too. I’m sure you guys can keep each other accountable for doing the workout, he’s a pro at that.

    Thank you for sharing all of your plans with us and you know I believe in you girl. Anyone who can she that much weight can do any darn thing they put their minds too. Don’t let anything stop you from moving in the direction you want to go. Nothing… You have friends and family who I’m sure are very supportive of you. So I can’t wait to hear how everything is going with you and I especially can’t wait to see the photos of your progress. Oh yeah, photos to come. 🙂

    • January 18, 2012 10:49 PM

      Hey Adrienne,

      Do yuo think it was too much? lol I get going sometimes lol The vegee thing is really a lifesaver. When you get it all ready it’s there for salads, eggs, to just ealt alone and can save you from eating stuff you would rather not eat. I count calories everyday but those vegees I don’t count. Each one in the mix is high in potassium and low calorie. The only choices in it I do keep an eye on how much I eat are the dried cranberries and the apple and the occasional cheese stick. Btw, I use the blueberry flavored cranberries. infused with blueberry juice. So much better tasting!.
      Are you kidding?, I was happy to mention you Adrienne!. Gee, I really did get alot from your video. I watch you, and a few other bloggers to see how it’s done 🙂 Dan is actually the reason I started blogging. I liked his so much I thought I would try. Yea Dan is very much a list, plan and structure guy like me in ways, so I get that. I haven’t seen his password to the P90X site yet so we can follow his progress So I’m But I won’t ask. I don’t want to pick on him too He’s too nice 🙂 I am starting P90x Tomorrow. I have had a few things here at home with my Dad going on, just helping him out with a few things. Tomorrow IS D DAY! or “P” day! (sorry, couldn’t resist).
      I want to thank you for your support. I do have 2 brothers and a Dad who are blessings.. But another woman’s voice is another kind of blessing. You know.. Guys….They don’t “get” much lol. My friends I haven’t seen lately so your advice about my that one goal, and support has been so great. I will keep going!. I will tell you about that one goal, but not here. Soon. For that my date to finally move on it is Januaray 31st. It helped me to date it!. I have a dealine. Another Dan idea lol date your goals! 🙂

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