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Fitness….Sometimes you have to take a different road…

January 20, 2012

Okay guys…Here’s the thing.

I tried the Home Fitness Plan “P90X”  today.   


PX90 Home Fitness Plan.

In doing it ….I found out one very important fact that I cannot ignore.  One fact I did ignore….

I Colleen Frances Kelly,

am  a  Gymgirl.

Yes.     They don’t call me that for nothing,  and I forgot that fact.  I wanted and needed as I said in my last post something new in my fitness regimen. 

Well, I thought P90X  was going to be it.  Here’s the link to find out what P90X is if you haven’t heard of it.. ( Is there anyone who hasn’t? )

 If I’m honest,  and I am.  When it came and I opened it, I had this slight feeling of “I’m not sure about this”.  But one thing I have never been and will never be is a quitter or a person who bails out on anything or anyone.  So, with that fact I ignored those feelings and chalked it up to it just being something really different and new.

I have never worked out at home.  When I decided I needed to lose weight to get to what I wanted and needed I did start out walking.  I was so motivated, like nothing else has ever motivated me in my life.  I still feel that way.  At the time, that’s what I could do right away.  Walk.  Like I have said,  I started out slow and worked up to 6 1/2   to  – 7 miles a day.  I lost 40 lbs of 120 just walking .  Never underestimate the power of walking.

One of my favorite views...haha

Then the gym.  Ahhh,  the gym…Home away from home …for me.  I forgot that.  

However I thought about it.  (I have learned so much from a friend of mine.)  They have taught me to be even MORE optimistic (something to say too!,  because I am …Pollyanna)  and see things differently…So like I said, I thought about it and I have learned these facts…

1.  We learn something from everything that happens…

Whether it’s a good thing… or not exactly what you hoped for.


2.  Change, may not always be a good thing… but it’s vital for growth.

I’m not crazy about change..  In my fitness program, you don’t mess with the plan!….  So, for me, trying P90X… is epic! 

Taking care of my Mom for 10 years. I literally lived by a schedule 24/7.   I had too for Mom.  Everything had its time to be done.. Meds etc…  So I, in those years became someone who  likes a plan.   In the past couple months I’ve been learning just really how like this I am…I like structure and guidance, lists……A plan.    

I am trying to be more “spur of the moment” .    I think it’s really important to be that person to some extent in life.  Who can be flexible and adaptable.  Because life, can throw you a curve at any given moment. You need to be able to be someone who can function in that moment and beyond.  I am pretty flexible I think   ..But I think trying to be more “Spur of the moment Colleen,”  is important for me.   

It forces me to stretch and grow. Which is vital to keep moving forward and become who I was meant to be!.    Trying P90X made me stretch and try something new which my friend Megan and Linette and everyone who knows “Gymgirl”  loves her “elliptical cardio”  everyday will be happy about 🙂  Me too!.


3.  I DO NOT want,  even a single day,  without movement, I want and need consistent movement (exercise),  and moving forward,  to my goal.

I was reminded again today ,  that moving forward to my goal because is everything!… my goal is who and what I am.   My Goal is everything , my life, Me. I won’t let anything stop what I have started. Not even me. 

Also, I know I would like to be able to have something I can do at home on days I cannot get to the gym.  But not to have it be my main workout. So P90X may be that for me.

So where does this leave Gymgirl you might ask..  You did ask right?     I thought so…



Timing …..Is everything.

I recently found out , at my gym they are offering a NEW class called “Fit Traxxx” which happens to be  based on the P90X  home fitness plan.  That’s right.  Are you thinking maybe, just maybe THIS could be a sign?.   My trainer friend Pasqual is teaching it……Oh yea, I forgot to mention…. Pasqual used to be a United States Marine.  Pasqual is in shape and exactly what I like in a Trainer.    He’s  tough.    I take his Abs class.. He always kills me.. Gotta love him!   I think…   😉

The only thing about this is I kind of feel like …I failed.  I know I didn’t quit,  but I did tell you I was going to do this program.  But.. I want you to know I don’t quit or give up!…I think  sometimes things shift and change and you have try another way to get to your goal…The important thing is…..You never give up trying to reach your goal.

This will work out!.  (no pun intended).   I am just frustrated.   I’ve been looking a while now for the answer.    But, one good thing I can say about this whole thing is this….

 At least today…I got just that much closer to it!.



A NEW Plan

I have 2 idea’s in mind, Fit Traxxx and another I can’t really mention yet because I have to check into a couple of things and talk to a friend.  But be assured of…………. ONE THING

Colleen,  A.K.A. “Gymgirl” will tell you as soon as she knows what is going on…AND she will have a new workout…. that challenges her. 

That I can promise.

Thanks guys for reading the blog!

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What do you think about my decision?  Ever have a plan or idea that once you started it,  wasn’t really “you”?.  What did you do?   Leave a comment I would really like to hear about your plan and how you handled yours!.   😉 is a great blog for motivation, inspiration and this blogger always seems to know exactly what is going on in my life.. His posts always hit home… How DOES he do that? lol

Check out this blog!.

I’ll be suggesting more great blog in the future!

Go out and have a great day!.     Thanks!

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  1. January 20, 2012 7:24 AM

    Well COLL, one thing for SURE you got right on this post : You ARE A POLLYANNA 🙂 You darn well know (as all your blog readers do) that the MAIN reason you even got the P90X (or whatever it’s called) is because our “Gheesling Gang” leader Dan Gheesling said he was going to do it too (which still remains to be seen)….and you and I both went to Catholic school and we’re both honest so don’t start lying now and say it isn’t true 😉 NOW, you realize what I had figured out after watching the infomercial countless times….That it is NOT BETTER than the gym. That’s why I didn’t jump on the bandwagon. You my friend, have to start becoming more like you’re always saying that your father and brothers are, MORE SKEPTICAL AND SLIGHTLY MORE PESSIMISTIC. Stop the ‘Pollyanna Thing’ it’s not always the SMART thing to be. I side with your dad’s way of thinking more times than not. Your dad sounds like a smart guy.

    • January 20, 2012 8:18 AM

      Hi Frank,

      I am an optimist. Thank God. Pollyanna, was a BIG way of saying that. I didn’t go to Catholic school but my Dad did. I went to public school. Of course I will tell the truth. lol Dan was’nt the main reason I ordered P90X. By the way, I have called it PX90 as
      Anyway, I have for over a year been going to the gym, doing my regular routine and not seeing much difference. I know better though. Change in your workout program is essential for success!. I just get very focused and determined. So, I thought when Dan mentioned it “great! something new”!. I trust Dan’s opinion. We have talked back and forth, I have learned quite a lot about him in 3 years and he is a lot like me.
      But, I wanted different and new… I haven’t been getting to the gym everyday since the holidays like I have wanted to and it has been driving me crazy!. So having a challenging wotkout at home, New, different AND I can be assured a workout everyday! That sounded perfect!.
      I think I will use it for those days but a NEW regular workout, will come from another place.
      My brothers and My Dad are more pessimistic and skeptical than I. Yes.
      I am me. My life and expericences are different than theirs. Mine have led me to be this person.
      My Mom had MS for 10 years, was bedbound and could not move much or speak at all.. Everyday she smiled, laughed and fought to be here. To me, to be an Optimist, is a lot more challenging than being a pessimist. My Mom taught me that. I watched my Mom do it everyday. I know the struggle it was. Taking care of her taught me another thing, It’s easy to be a pessimist. Finding optimism in the face of adversity is a gift. Mom taught me to be thankful and a fighter. She taught me to be hopeful..I will never stop looking for the best in others and being me.
      So thank you for the advice Frank, but I am Colleen Frances Kelly, Bernice Kelly’s daughter, that means I’m an optimist, a fighter, and darn proud of it. 🙂 and, yes, come to think of it, Like Dan. Whom I respect and am proud to say I know!. Of that, Mom is glad 🙂 C’ya later 🙂

      • January 21, 2012 11:44 PM

        Oh COLL , you are so funny. How you got me to chuckle outloud 🙂 You’re just like all girls (my own girlfriend included) Whenever a guy talks about “being SMART” and “pure LOGIC” girls always go into an EMOTIONAL diatribe about why THEIR FEELINGS matter more than being wise and shrewd with their money. Informercials make a TON of money off women, who fall in love with Tony Robbins, British sounding guys, exercise male models, etc… Just like a do with my own girlfriend, I was JUST trying to give you smart, logical advice. No emotions, No drama, No feelings….NOW I KNOW WHY you chose Walt Disney’s SNOW WHITE as your twitter picture. You ARE SNOW WHITE (getting ready to let every WICKED WITCH (informercial man) talk you into buying every red apple he’s got) The only thing is, there aren’t any handsome Prince-types that are gonna come buy and kiss you AWAKE in these days 🙂 I tell my own girlfriend the same speech all the time. So, take it as a gesture that someone (a friend) is ‘just trying to care about you’ 🙂

      • January 23, 2012 9:59 PM

        I did take it that way. I did. I do appreciate your opinion. On my blog everyone has the right to say what they think . period. I did talk to my trainer friend Megan today at Pilates class.. So I am currentyl looking for a fitness plan I have a few idea’s !
        Snow White?. Yes! that is exactly why I chose her! I know.. That’s me alright.. But I am smart and aware of the world not being all cotton candy and light. As I said I understand what life can throw at you and it can be hard at times..
        Not sure what that guys name is from P90X, but I’m NOT in love with him.
        Your advice IS logical and smart and you got to your opinion your way in your time through you expericences. I am me because of mine.

        No “diatribes” here Frank, only truth and a proud Daughter. My Respect for my Mom might come out emotinally but she is my heart. It should come out that way. I am proud of her and of what she taught me.
        And a handsome prince coming into my life and changing it?… Or waking me up?… so to speak ….
        Oh Frank , you make ME laugh as well!. You need to be more hopeful!
        You… have no idea. 😉
        Hey, thanks for your opinion and reading the blog ! Means a lot that you come by ;)C’ya!

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