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A busy week, A different blog!.

February 6, 2012

The "Welcome" mat is out for you!





Hi guys.  I know I was late with my post this week.. I always do my best and have so far and posted on Saturdays.  But I have been really busy.  If you have been here in the past week you will have seen the Blog has been “under Construction”  Well. that’s over. Whew !  It almost killed me.. I wanted to add new pages and categories which I have.  I hope you like them!.  I added them as you can see,  across the top..

1. Site Map

Yea I made this too! - I've been busy!

2. About Me

3. Welcome Message

4.  Blogs To Watch

5. Get Inspired

6. Resources

Each new addition was wonderful fun to create and develop.   In “About Me”  I added a picture of myself so you can finally see me.   🙂

I hope you  check out each new addition and let me know what you think ! I left a comment section on every page because I really do appreciate your voice.   

A New and improved "A Work In Progress!"





What been going on this week

I tried changing the blog look , had another theme but didn’t like that.  I still MIGHT change that.  I have a possible source ( a blogger I know from  Twitter…. Alex Mangini.   He is really talented and cool.   I have to look into it further though…..I have to make sure I can handle the computer end of it.    (Please check out Alex’s website!   It’s so cool and he just re-opened it and it’s fantastic!.

So I will be putting out a new post this week.  I’ll get back on track. 

So how was my week?    (could have sworn I heard you ask )    (wink)

My fitness plan.. has been a disaster.   First I had P90X, I tried it, but I have to admit maybe I should have given it more of a chance. I took a look and decided it wasn’t for me,  being the gym girl that I am.   I heard at my gym they were starting a class called “Fit Traxx” that is based ON P90X! 

So I thought Great ! ..

Yea, hold up on that enthusiasm… They already started it before I had the chance to decide it was right for me and that idea , right in the dumpster.    Then I looked into my friend Megan’s group training she does.  She is an amazing Trainer and friend who I have wanted to have as a Trainer for a long time.  She may not know that but I have.  It has been a money issue for me and now when I could possibly do it.. She… isn’t….. So that idea,  went into the dumpster next to the about “Fit Traxxx” 

I’m starting to think P90X is going to be the new idea for me.  That and the fact that I can’t return it now and I need something new !  I was disappointed because there were certain things I couldn’t do with P90X.  I don’t have a bar attached to my ceiling and having one installed, my Father might question that idea.. and my sanity..   but I will have to just do what I can and possibly get a couple of things to make it easier.  A new mat to workout on and possibly push up bars. If I’m going to do it I’m doing it right.. I never could do chin ups anyway..(wink) but I was a fat kid trying so… I’ll have to try that out at the gym !

I have learned a few new things this week on blogging and computers which I am very proud of.  If you look at the new pages (please do) you will see a logo of the blog! a strawberry!.  If you click on that it will take you to the home page from wherever on the blog you are.  I figured out how to do that and was so happy!    Hey, I created the new logo too!  I did it all at a fantastic site you will find in my new “Resources” page it’s called

So my week was busy and up and down.  But I will keep pushing forward. I’m stubborn. 

But only …..The good kind.





Please leave a comment and let me know how your week went while I was “Under Construction”  I would love to know what you think of the new pages as well!

Please check me out on  – as well!

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You can always find me at Twitter too! You can hit the “follow” button at the top of this blog and see me there!   Leave me a Tweet!

Please check out the “Blogs to Watch”  you will find listed there as a favorite!  Dan Gheesling has a great blog, smart, funny and he is a great guy.  He has a new E-book coming out as well!   It will be free.   Go here to sign up for it ! –


Thank you for coming your support is everything…. As always !   🙂

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  1. February 7, 2012 2:22 AM

    Okay, first of all, Alex is a veritable genius. He’s phenomenal. Second of all – you need to switch off of to That will give you much, much more flexibility and control of your blog. I’m not a techie or an expert, and I definitely defer to Alex – but it made a huge difference for me. Good luck Colleen – looks great!

    • February 10, 2012 3:51 AM

      It’s funny I read Alex’s blog. He sounds older than me.. no kidding..He’s so smart and mature, a grown up lol ..I’m I am going to get in touch with him on his blog over the weekend and explain that I need that Dashboard guidence and HOPE we can figure something out. I love his stuff. The new blog is looking Epic! love the Oreos! lol
      I will ask him about what you suggested too! Gee thank you for suggesting it too me. I do appreciate the adice so much!. IF, you have time, (I know you’re busy 🙂 ) check out the one page “Blogs To Watch” It’s my favorite new thing and hope to be adding even more bloggers soon! Thank you Ruth 😉 You, Rock ! Thank you for coming and taking your time it means alot to me! 😉

  2. February 7, 2012 7:01 PM

    Hey Colleen,

    I have to agree with Ruth about Alex. The kid is a genius and his ideas about blog design are out of this world. Oh My Gosh! Yeah, he rocks I admit so let him help you with a new theme and like Ruth said, scratch the free platform and let’s get you set up right.

    Thank you for finally putting a picture of you up girl. Now put that on your avatar and people will be able to bound with you much better. You’re a cutie pie! And tell Dad not to have a heart attack with the bar attached to the ceiling. He’s seen how far along you’ve come so he should encourage you to go for it.

    Thank you for the mention in your Blogs to Watch section, I’m honored. I bet Ruth didn’t see that or she would have definitely said something. I’m flattered for sure.

    You’ve been busy and it’s a wonderful feeling isn’t it! So congratulations on what you’ve accomplished so far. Can’t wait to see what else you’ll have in store for us. Keep up the great work!

    • February 10, 2012 3:44 AM

      I think you are right Adrienne. I have tweeted Alex back and forth.. Just little stuff. Mainly about his blog. It looks so great!. But I think over the weekend I am going to contact him. On his blog and lay it out for him..LOL I started here to see if I would really like it but I LOVE it so much now I could do it all the time!. My problem is I rely on the “Dashboard” in other words..I couldn’t put together a blog on my own if you paid me..I’m learning but…
      I THINK alex’s stuff had a WordPress like dashboard to guide you. If so, I would be in heaven. I love his stuff!. I looked at ALL the themes here at WordPress and was not happy. Adrienne, if I see another theme I might go I think I looked at 165. But then figured out how to put pages on so I was thrilled. See, I need help took me that long to figure that But want the blog to be the best I can make it!.
      Thank you for bing such an amazing supportive person. We only know each other through all the social media’s but I really feel your support and want you to know you have mine! 🙂
      That avatar..haha I did put it up there and for some reason I looked like Bugs bunny. In a small version I have buck teeth ? I don’t so that’s why I didn’t keep it there…lol I am on FB too. But BIG. lol
      Yea, Dad would LOVE that.. I don’t think I’ll ask now Saturday is his B’Day so I’ll give him a break before I start drilling holes in the ceiling lol
      I know Ruth would have said something –she’s like you..Really sweet and supportive. That page is special too me. You all have taught me so much I want to say thanks to those I admire and respect. Hope to add more soon.
      I will contiue to do my best Thank you! and Alex will hear from me this weekend! Hope he can help 😉 cross your fingers ! 😉 Thank you for takling you time to come by Adrienne I know you are a busy girl! Thank you 😉 I appreciate it so much!

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