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Saying yes …To saying “NO”

February 11, 2012
They’re  EVERYWHERE!. 
Someone I know went to a local  fair a while ago.  They ran into a food stand selling  Get this….
“fried Snickers bars”, “corn dogs” and “fried milky way bars” ….This was at a local fair. 
They tweeted this picture.
fried Snickers? ..really ?
They said  “I’m not sure this is real”.    The first thing I thought was No!” don’t do that !   I tweeted that back to them ….I asked…….They didn’t eat it.  
Thank God. 

The daily fight for control  

Seeing this picture again reminded me how hard it can be for us out there.  Hey, even for yours truly.  I got to flex my “No” muscle today as a matter of fact!.   It felt awesome, and …..Empowering!. 
The world is a constant test of our navigational strengths.  Just walking down the street.   Watch out!… There’s a hot dog vendor! —-make a hard right!  “phew! missed me! ” —–  You think you’re in the clear,  you look up and there at the next corner,  “Oh no!! —–not a …..pretzel guy?!”    So you cross the street but keep walking to your destination and  “ah man, really?!”  Dessert cart!  “Drats! “—-Okay, huddle time with yourself,  the big question here is :  “Do I make the mad dash past the cart pretending NOT to notice the smell of the warm doughnuts  ….Or do I just give in” —–30 seconds left in the 4th and the cart… is s fast approaching,   “what am I going to do?!” 

What would Homer do? Yea, scratch that..

What would YOU do?…..Maybe say  “Oh well, maybe this time…. but NOT tomorrow ….for sure!”

Sound familiar?  –Maybe if we change the surroundings  a little..

Try a Supermarket and that mad dash past the WRONG isles.. You know which ones.. Potato chips, cookies, crackers, ice cream…. It can be tough out there.

Guess what, Temptations will always be out there for those who are trying to eat healthy… Fried Snickers ?  

The world and just everyday life can make it   “almost”   impossible to say “NO”   

Go ahead say it.   Yes you can….give it a try……Say it.

 “NO.”        Felt good huh.   Yea.  

I don’t know about you but saying “no”  for me is not the easiest thing.   But when it comes to food, I have to say, I’ve become pretty good at saying “no”.    How about you?    Guess what…..It’s all practice, practice, practice

Flex that "No" muscle!

Practice flexing your muscles

Did you know our capacity for self-control is surprisingly like a muscle like our  bicep or our triceps muscle, and like a muscle ,  if you use it , that muscle,   will become stronger and you will be creating a regular response to the question.  

Each time you  say “no” it strengthening that muscle, your ability to say “no” and your confidence as well.   This is the key though. 

“The only way to succeed in anything is to do it over and over again with concentrated effort.” 

Saying “no” takes strength but when you do…Your confidence gets a boost and you slowly become stronger than that, which temps you.

Worth repeating….

The only way to succeed in anything is to do it over and over again with concentrated effort.” 

Practice , practice, practice.



The Birthday girl

My friend Megan who is a Nutritionist and Trainer,  Megan, btw does Ironman competitions for fun. (It’s her birthday this week)  She is in great shape.  We,  me and a couple of her friends,  call her “Lance” as in  you probably guessed it….(Lance Armstrong)     Lets just say her bike doesn’t have a bell and basket on it…  Yea, no tassels either…   She….. is serious.  She is currently training for another “Ironman” competition in New York City in August!.  We are all in awe of her dedication to health and fitness.   She’s  the kind of Trainer and friend who inspires you , us,  to be our best.  She inspires me all the time.  So when I get to see her it’s a great time!.

This is Megan and I on her last Birthday!.

She once asked me though if I liked to “deny” myself.   Food choices…  Not eat things like chocolate, cheeseburgers, cookies etc.   Because you can eat all those things as long as you don’t eat the BAG of Oreos or 10 cheeseburgers , and just account for them in your daily calorie intake.   If you are on a strict diet for your health or for losing weight that of course may not be true for you.  You may not be allowed to eat certain things for health reasons or your current diet plan restricts it.     When She asked me I laughed and said   “no!”.    But in a way,  to be honest,   I did!.  I Do! I like it!!.. I feel it when I do it. I feel  stronger ….and it can be a challenge right?   Hey, I happen to love a challenge!……. Saying it… “no”    Like I said… It’s empowering!!.




  Good and bad habits

I thought a lot about this before writing this post.  I went to Starbucks the other day.  I got my favorite coffee.  A skinny peppermint mocha.  When I was asked “Do you want whip cream on that?”   I immediately said “NO”.  Right then I stopped and thought about it.   How did it feel?  Did I think about it first?   because I so much want you all to understand and trust me because I do this everyday.  He had asked and I didn’t think about it at all!.    I automatically said “No”    It was like a reflex action.    I felt it then.   That’s exactly what it has become for me……Habit. 


Look,  it’s a habit to say “yes please,  I’ll have that cake, it’s a habit to go to the freezer and eat that ice cream.  It’s a habit to go to the store and buy those Oreos.

It can become your healthy habit…. NOT doing those things as well. 



Think about it

Is it always fun and easy?    No.     Does it take a Superman or epic strength?    Heck   No!.   I just decided to try  to say “no”.  To try a different approach.   Think about how many times have you said  “Yes”  to something and later felt bad you did.   Was THAT easy?    feeling like you failed?   or feeling that guilt?. 

Was this fun? No way. I hate that feeling.

We keep doing the same things over and over that don’t seem to work so well because we are either stumped on what else to do or afraid that even though THIS way isn’t working, doing something different may not work either or  might even make it worse.  

You can change that.   It won’t be easy at first,  but then you find yourself saying it automatically,  like a reflex .  Like I did at Starbucks today.

I want you to believe it.  know it.  Feel it. 

 So here is something I don’t tell a lot of people, but I’m telling you.   I used to eat chocolate cake every night, chocolate covered strawberries every night, chocolate covered macadamia nuts every night.  I made them.    I don’t now.   I  broke that habit.

With a sledgehammer.  

I’m no different from you.   But I practice, practice, practice.


"Happy Birthday Megan!" (wink)

 Today I got to “practice” flexing MY muscles

When I go out to lunch with friends, (a group of us get together for each other’s Birthday’s)  we have called ourselves “The Lunchbunch”  haha..   We get these beautiful looking cupcakes from a local bakery called “The Sweet Spot”  We met for my friend Megan’s birthday party  (today) .  Everyone always chooses their favorite cupcake and whoever is having the birthday of course gets to pick first and when the box was passed down to me and my friend Linette asked me…

“Colleen,  are you having a cupcake ?”

I smiled as always and replied … “No,  no thank you”– But  I will take it home to my Dad!”  

Then  smiled……

Because I know,   I just got a little stronger and gained a little more confidence that I’m finally on the right path, the healthy path and I’m not going back!.   — And that’s



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Have you had a moment where you said “No” to a temptation and you felt stronger for it?  I would love to hear about it!   Here is where you can help others with your experiences.. Tell me!  you can leave a comment below 🙂

4 Comments leave one →
  1. February 15, 2012 1:05 AM

    It definitely gets better with time Colleen.

    I was overweight as a kid and didn’t loose my excess weight until I was in my mid 20’s. Although it was only 30 pounds, that’s still quite an accomplishment.

    I learned over the years that if I want something I can have it. I just have to watch my portion sizes. But if I put my mind to something and I’m dead set to dropping some weight, no one or nothing will tempt me. I’m just very determined in that way.

    I know that temptations are all around us and I’m very proud of you for saying no to things that you know aren’t good for you. Over time though, I promise it will get easier. You’ll know that your health is so much more important than that temptation.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • February 15, 2012 2:27 AM

      Hey Adrienne 🙂
      Actually I’m pretty good at saying “no”
      to food. It hilarious. I hear “Colleen you have to let loose” all the time and I just say “Hey, I let LOOSE for my whole life, I’m happy now” I have to laugh at all those times I hear it from Dad, my Dad was a recording when I was a kid, “Loose weight” LOL
      Even my brother Mike who lost 140 himself, when I was losing my weight and eats what he wants.. Then is mad he did..but he watches during the week. I hear it from that guy too lol…
      Hey 30 lbs is great! your darn right!. I think your attitude is rare, it is so hard for so many. giving up their favorite foods….
      No, I really don’t have trouble with saying No. I get very tough “gymgirl” and say “bring it on” lol I know it’s hard for everyone out there though so I wrote this post. I have been like you.. This time around I was/am fierce! no bull! It’s done, it’s gone, Fat…you’re over baby! New girl in town and her name is Colleen!
      You are like that ? I love that! I love hearing when people have that mentality I think it’s a gift to be so determined and focused. Yea I agree with you that temptation is nothing compared to what we can have in my heart for that goal. That’s how I felt and feel about it.! I just would give everyone that if I could.. so I want to tell them they can and give them as much motivation and help as I can pass on 🙂
      Thanks for taking time to come to the blog Adrienne ! I always appreciate the amazing support! 🙂 Happy V’ Day ! 😉

  2. February 15, 2012 10:01 AM

    Excellent information –

    Unfortunately fear rules people’s lives which makes them say yes to everything..

    Tye to please everyone and you will end up pleasing nobody..


    • February 16, 2012 7:53 PM

      Absolutely Jack!
      I LOVE saying “no” to the cupcake .. I think if I really said Yes they would all pass I think they are proud of me for saying “no” but I think they also think I should eat all that stuff. I have never felt more healthy and happy, not.. They sometimes look at me like I’m But I don’t care. I’m sticking to my plan hell or high water !..They can do it too, I believe in them, but it really can be difficult and like I said habits… can be so hard to drop.
      Thank you so much for the support and the compliment on my post, and coming to the blog Jack it’s much appreciated ! I hope to see you again soon ! Have a wonderful week 😉

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