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“New top 5 list!” – Delicious and healthy –pre-packaged foods.

February 18, 2012


I’m always looking for new and healthy Pre – packaged food alternatives to the unhealthy ones  that are out there… Everywhere.  I consider every food that isn’t fresh, pre packaged.  If it comes in a box, in a bag , in a carton or a container,  to me,  that’s pre – packaged and not just the usual stuff we consider pre packaged.   Not just chips, crackers, cookies etc.  If it comes to the supermarket in some kind of covering and has a listing on it…That’s PRE-PACKAGED baby.

Hey,   I’m tough.   (wink)

When it comes to my health plan,   I’m a tough sell.  I expect a lot from my food choices.  To get on MY “healthy foods list” they have to really be healthy, live up to their hype and be worth my daily calories, my money…. and yours.   To make it to my blog list and for me to suggest them to you, they have to be foods I know will help you and not keep you from eating a diet.

 I check out their websites, read about who they are and what their standards are for the products and the company.  I won’t suggest you try it unless I myself have really been using that product and trust it will change your healthy food plan for the better.

If you know me, the one thing about my  diet is……….. I eat healthy.    

 I want to PROVE to you,  you can eat healthy and not have to give up great taste!   I’m on a mission… to get you all eat healthier!   So let’s start here and with breakfast!

***As always if you need to think about your fats, sugars, cholesterol, or salt etc.  for health or medication reasons,  please check the stats before you buy these or any pre packaged  food,  all foods!.  But especially Pre-packaged foods!.***


The taste is light and crunchy, a new fav !


Van’s natural foods- Lite waffles

These are epic !  and you don’t just have to eat them for breakfast of course.   They taste great,  lite on the carbs for a waffle and 65% less fat from regular frozen waffles and 20% fewer calories .. 

Van’s Natural Foods, based in Southern California, they are the market leader in gluten-free and allergy friendly, natural and organic frozen breakfast foods. Driven by a company mission to encourage healthy habits, their broad range of products deliver superior natural nutrition with such great taste that eating is healthy and easy.   

These waffles are 97% fat-free and made with whole grains. They have  different kinds of waffles that you can choose from, for example:  8 whole grain waffles, and their mini waffles…  These have such a great flavor.   I chose this particular product because I always loved the Eggo waffle brand waffles and these remind me of those in look,  but the flavor is even better .  Hey, “leggo your eggo and grab this one! “  (blog humor haha)  They have just a healthy taste!.   Not heavy but light …and filling at the same time.    One other good thing… The fiber is pretty good too!.  24% of what you need daily!.   Their website is    Nice to read their history as a company. It was interesting..

Serving size 2 waffles (This is the great part! –you get 2 for this serving!)

Calories 140    Calories from fat 15      Total fat 2 g       Saturated 0 g      Trans fats 0 g

Cholesterol 0 mg     Sodium 240 mg    Total carbs 30 g     Sugar 3 g   Protein 3 g

A little waffle tip: I do this and it’s fantastic.. Take 2 waffles, spread the ‘Better than Peanut butter’ on both, slices banana on one , spread the slices over the waffle. put the other waffle on top.. enjoy!

Not meat, but these really taste like a chicken pattie!






Quorn Meatless  and soy free Chik’ n Patties

These are funny.  They are 45 % less fat than a regular chicken Pattie,  a good source of protein and made from all natural ingredients as well.  They’re funny because they have a great chicken flavor without being made of chicken… at all.   I love these.   I have turned my Dad onto them as well.  You get 4 in a box.   They are also completely meatless and soy free.   The down side to these for me is they aren’t huge and are 50 calories of fat for each one.    BUT the kind of fat is the good part! so not to worry really.. They have a terrific flavor that can’t be denied and if you are watching your calories you will be fine and you need to eat different foods to keep your metabolism moving and this is a great healthy choice.   

So if they aren’t chicken what are they ?   Fair question:  They are  mainly rehydrated egg whites and (“myco”  is Greek for Fungi).    Actually, there are over 600,000 varieties of funghi in the world, many are sought after foods like varieties of mushrooms, truffles, and morels.  The mycoprotein comes from Fusarium venenatum, which was originally discovered growing in a field in Buckinghamshire, England. In the late 1960s, initial product development began, and mycoprotein’s potential as an efficient and nutritious protein source was soon recognized. 

You toss them in your toaster oven or conventional oven for about 20 minutes.   You can microwave them but they won’t be crunchy and that is a nice part of it.    Like I said, they have a  crunchy texture on the outside, that is soft on the inside and tastes like any chicken Pattie I ever had but a lot healthier.   

Quorn is available here in the U.S. and is very popular with vegetarians.   I think you will become a fan as well!.   If you check their website you can read more on “mycoprotien” which is used in all the quorn products.. Their website was also interesting.  Reading about healthy products is a treat for anyone who likes or is into healthy foods…You see so much junk out there.

Serving size 1 pattie

Calories  150   Calories from fat  50   Total fat  6 g    Saturated fat   0.5%  Polyunsaturated fat 1.5 g

Monounsaturated fat 4 g    Trans fats 0   Cholesterol 0 g   Sodium 400mg   

Total carbs 7  mg    Sugars   4 g   Protein  9 g


 Colleen…………has a food weakness.




What!?! I don't believe it!


Yes, it’s true guys, I do….

Half way through losing weight and getting into shape I had one food I didn’t want to do without…..Peanut butter!   Funny thing was my Trainer at the time,  and friend Kara, said the same thing…(she had lost weight herself)    I have no idea why though.   It’s still  a staple with me and one I would hate to give up.   I looked around a lot!…  A lot!!!    I found that the most healthy regular reduced fat peanut butter on the internet and in my local supermarket is..


This is creamy but also is available in crunchy!

 Smucker’s Reduced Fat Peanut Butter…  I use the creamy kind because it’s a little fewer calories and fat then the crunchy, even though I DO love crunchy best ..It is the lowest in fat and calorie.   This peanut butter is great tasting and there is no difference  in the  taste from regular calorie peanut butter.   

Serving size    2 TBLS.  

190 calories    110 Fat calories    Total fat 12 g     Sat. fat. 2 g    Chol. 0    Sodium 115 mg    Carbs. 12    Sugars  2g     Protein 8 g

80 calories of fat LESS than the lowest reduced Peanut Butter!

This  peanut butter I  go out of my way for!!   I do because  I have to go to a local gourmet supermarket to get it.  You can get it online if you would like to thuogh. If you can’t find it in your Supermarket.  The website is where you can order it.  This peanut butter is has a great flavor.!  The stats are amazing!  I get the lower sodium at times , which is good but this one with the added salt makes it tastier.  Not that it’s high in salt it isn’t at all,  I’m always trying to be healthier.  They have a chocolate peanut butter that is great too.  The one real difference aside from the great stats, I mean Smuckers had 110 calories of fat in 2 TBLS. —This has 20!! 

The main taste difference is that the consistency is slightly thinner and the taste is less the strong “peanut taste”… but it IS really good!!!.   I have had peanut butter with no calories at all.. and It tasted like that too …This  however, is GREAT peanut butter!.

 ***As always if you need to think about that check the stats before you buy any food, especially Pre packaged foods!.***

Better n’ Peanut butter’s stats are  why I buy it when I can. It cost more. It cost where I live here in Morris County NJ, $6.00  a jar.   That can be an issue,  but it’s worth it for me because I do love peanut butter and want to eat the best one for me,  and hey pal, I gave up everything else,  so…LOL …The difference in calories and fat is what makes it worth it for me.  You can visit their website and read more and see the rest of their great products and order them if you would like to get them through the site.

Stats…..   2 TBLS.

100 Calories    Fat cal. 20 g    Total fat   2 g    Sat. fat 0  Cholesterol 0 g      Sodium 190 mg   Carbs. 13    Protien 4 g



Has a light chocolate/minty flavor and mini choc. chips nice touch!


Stonyfield Farms Chocolate chip minty  Organic Frozen Yogurt

This Frozen yogurt is has great taste and if you don’t like this flavor they have others of course…Chocolate, coffee, vanilla… The taste is light not heavy.. It is after all frozen yogurt,  but is creamy like ice cream.  Wayside Farms in Vermont is one of the Farms that supply milk to make this yogurt and the milk is fantastic.  It’s the milk I now have in my home and buy each week.  It does cost more but it lasts for a month in that it stays fresh.  The local supermarket or your local ‘7 Eleven’  kind goes bad in 3 days ……If,  you’re lucky.  In the end you’ll actually spend less and save more. 

The yogurt is worth paying a little extra as much as the milk.  This company also gives 10 %  of their profits to helping the planet.  Another reason for liking them!.     I really enjoyed reading about them and learned a lot about their Organic products..  Nice site!. Lots of information good information on Organic foods , pesticides, why buy Organic foods… Liked that!  Very informative site!.

The stats      For one   1/2  cup serving

Calories  140    Fat Calories 25    Saturated fat   1.5 g    Trans fats  0     

Cholesterol  5mg    Sodium 50 mg    Total carbs  25 g    Sugar 21  g    Protien 4 g


***As always if you need to think about that check the stats before you buy any food, especially Pre packaged foods!.***

I hope you will give some of these foods a try.  They really can be great replacements for the ones you might be wanting to replace with healthier choices!. 

As always, thank you so much for coming to the blog and I hope you take a second to check out the new additions I recently added at the top of the blog!.

You can see me ! (the blogger) in the “About Me” page and maybe  “Get inspired” buy a great video or quote on the “Get Inspired” section!  If you check out anything, check out my favorite new addition, check out the “Blog To Watch” and meet the bloggers I have come to follow, admire and respect..

Again, thank you for coming and taking your time to read the blog.  I truly appreciate your time.  To me,  your time is important!.

Please check out  Dan Gheesling is why I am a blogger and is also listed in “Blogs To Watch” .  Take a look at his site!



I would love to know what you think of this list! Or if you have any questions I didn’t answer about any of these foods.  Please leave a comment! Even suggestions for this blog! I respect your opinions and am always happy to listen to you!   Suggest away !

Have a great day and if you liked the post,  share it !   I would appreciate it 🙂

Thanks !

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  1. February 21, 2012 4:44 PM

    The only thing on this list that I know of is the Smucker’s Peanut Butter. I will tell you, I’m a peanut butter addict. I eat it every single day and have for years. I had ulcers the year my Dad died, my immune system was so low since I was severely depressed over his passing that I got ulcers. I couldn’t eat hardly anything but peanut butter was one of the few things I could eat.

    I don’t really go for any healthy peanut butter and I don’t care for the taste of Smucker’s but I may have to try the Better n’ Peanut Butter just for the heck of it. Hope they have it at Whole Foods.

    I’m not a big ice cream eater too only because I just don’t keep things around the house I don’t need to be eating. But I do love it as well as yogurt so I may have to try this one out too. Never heard of it and they don’t carry this at my local store. If I can find it great but if not, I guess I didn’t need it anyway.

    Thanks for these tips Colleen. Will have to give this a try.


    • February 22, 2012 7:08 AM

      Hey Adrienne ,

      Boy Peanut butter must be a thing with everyone lol Yea I know, some people don’t like the kind you mix. I like it cause it does have a REALL peanut taste. It’s just peantus and salt.. period. The Better n’ Peanut butter is really good. Not as strong a peanut butter taste as Smuckers but hey, for 20 calories of fat compared to 110 gimme a break lol..
      If it tasted bad though forget it. I think my calories are too precious to waste lol…
      Checked that out for you!. Whole Foods DOES carry Better n’ Peanut butter!. You might have to see if the one you go to, carries it . I t could vary from store to store. It does here with Acme Supermarkets. I get mine at a gourmet store called “Kings”. Pricy place, but PB and organic banana chips are all I usally
      The Yogurt, I know I remember you don’t eat a lot of ice cream. Me either. I think if I stopped buying the Peanut butter I wouldn’t even but the darn yougurt lol… I have like a TSP at a time with a tiny bit of Peanut butter lol Oh Adrienne.. It’s so good ! Choxolate and peanut butter.. are you kidding?!– But I know a lot of people like ice cream, so I thought I would throw in a “treat” type of food too.
      Hey congrats on a great post with Ruth ! Smart choice! I liked it a lot 🙂
      Thanks for taking you time to come to the blog I always appreciate the support so much!! 😉 Have a great week! 🙂

  2. February 21, 2012 8:28 PM

    I’mmmmm Back! Yeah, I’ve been in LA at a pre-oscars press junket for film critics for the last few weeks. I’ve been eating all kinds of your so-called SAY NO FOODS. Had to, we were eating at huge hotel restaurant spreads for practically EVERY meal. Thankfully, I also worked out religiously inside the hotel gym & spa every day! So, I didn’t even gain a pound. That PROVES a lot can be said for Colleen’s theory of ‘workouts’. I ate the richest, most fattening foods imaginable every day, prepared by chefs that have NO interest in cutting calories. Yet, if you go to the gym and spa to workout everyday (and probably IF you’re a boy 😉 You won’t gain a pound! The power of workouts is amazing. BTW Colleen, I Like the colorful new look and sharp images of the blog. It EVEN makes the super low cal food look tempting 🙂

    • February 22, 2012 6:37 AM

      Hi Frank,

      Hey nice to see your comment. I hope you had a great time in LA. Nice ! So you ate all those NO NO foods? That’s okay Frank. I think however we manage to eat healthy, whether it’s that we cut it all out or eat in moderation it’s okay. If you can do it more power to you!. I’m glad to hear you worked out. Proud of ya!, I bet it was hard to fit it into your day.. That is immpressive I always have had high regard for those people who work all day and come in AFTER work and then workout.
      No weight gain huh? very cool. You did well. 😉 Thank you for noticing the new look . It took about a week to add all the new pages and I made the header myself. I have to tell the truth though, with the site Picnik it was a breeze!. Hey, those low cal foods….ARE good. That’s a promise!
      Thanks for checking out the blog Frank! and thanks for noticing the changes 🙂 means a lot. I appreciate it! C’ ya 🙂

  3. February 21, 2012 11:12 PM

    I am a peanut butter nut too. Tastes great on celery.
    When you live outside the USA, say, in Shanghai, eating habits change. There is so much fresh food available. But then others are hard to come by, such as coffee. Packaged food from the States costs a fortune.

    Now that I am back, many of the new habits stuck. And I’m liking it. I never purchase low fat because that usually means high sugar content to give it taste.

    I purchase the whole chicken and bake. When the meat is gone the carcass goes in the kettle and soup appears!

    My brother was an over the road trucker. That meant he ate a lot of high fat, high starch, high sugar meals.

    By the way, check out my recipe for Shanghainese Seasoned Oil. I had some on popcorn this afternoon.

    My best to you. Be well.

    • February 22, 2012 6:25 AM

      Hi Morris,

      Yea Peanut butter has been a big one with me. But I promise you both peanut butters I listed are low in sugar. I do know what you mean though. The both of these brands only have 2 grams each! So not to worry Morris!.
      I do understand the cost and unavailabilty problem though.
      I’m glad to hear you eat fresh foods. Always a good choice and so healthy.
      I like your idea about the chicken!. My Mom used to do the same thing.
      I sure will check out your recipe and site. Sounds like a good possibilty!
      Thanks for coming to my blog. I sure appreciate the support and comment!
      Have a great day!. Look for these Peanut butters! I look at it this way… If you like it a lot…lower cal, lower fat, LOW SUGAR… You can have more and still keep your calories down and eat healthy!. 😉

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