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The BIGGEST lie about being overweight!.

March 17, 2012

I was overweight

So I really dislike to hear this statement…   When I was overweight it drove me nuts. 

I’m in shape now and it still…

 drives me nuts.


 Oh my Gosh!Really!?  Do people really think that!?   .   I guess some do because in my life I have certainly heard it enough. 

So you think that’s all it takes, hand someone a diet plan, point them to the nearest treadmill and just say… “go”.  

Oh boy.

Also,  that word used to describe overweight people.  I don’t think when people use that term “Fat”  it’s being said too often by those who aren’t overweight,  with the kindest of intentions.   Certainly not if they are making this statement or one like it.


Got my Boxing  stance, Okay,   point me at em”

That ridiculous statement…….Okay, stop saying it…

NOW….. Please.

Do you really think that overweight people in this world desire to be ridiculed, left behind or

are lazy and weak?  of course not.

Wow.  Let me, let you,  in on one of the BIGGEST secrets to losing weight.  

I’m not talking 5, 1o, or even 20 lbs.

I’m talking about an amount that will take a few things to pull off. among them time, patience,  work, and….

                                    Having Intense – Motivation/Fire/Passion/Drive

A desire , a fire so deep inside you that nothing can put it out. You can barely control it yourself.    Something you feel so strong that it makes you do things that you never thought you could do because what you want is so important and vital to your actual breathing in everyday that without it,  ……. you couldn’t  if you didn’t reach for this dream.  Without it, you would not even be you. 

It’s at your very core.      It IS your very core.

It’s not something thin or overweight we all are born and carry with us every day of our lives unfortunately.  If I could bottle it and sell it. God knows I would.  I would be happier than you know and I would be Fortune 500’s top money earner every year from now on.

I waited my whole life for that fire.  Getting it I know was the blessing of a lifetime.   It is a gift,  beyond anything I ever expected.


Wanting to reach out

When I started this blog I wanted to motivate everyone out there,  most of all those who can’t see to FIND that fire inside themselves or find that desire to even look.  Those who have been looking forever and have tried over and over and over. 

It can torment you.  The lack of drive to diet or exercise. It can make you miserable.   You’re overweight and unhappy and God knows you want that steam, that fire, that extreme drive.  You watch other people with it and wonder “why not me?”  “When”.    You have never wanted anything more. 

 But It doesn’t just appear because you want it so much.  There wouldn’t be an overweight person on the face of this earth if it did. Trust me. You know it’s true.   No one wants to be overweight, considered “fat” or “heavy” and one my favorite terms I have heard….


Hey, guys, that’s a garbage bag…. Not a human being.    It doesn’t come because you wish it would, or because your or being teased in school or even because you are so unhappy as an adult

you can’t breathe.

 Only a person who never has gone through it can really make that statement,  truly believing it.



Winding this one up, do Coll a favor

The next time you hear that statement and I bet you will,  nicely, for me,  please suggest maybe that particular someone try motivating a heart instead of passing on a hurtful thought and ridiculous statement that’s SO false and detrimental perpetuating an idea and frame of mind that is so un-true……that it makes me dizzy..  

Remind them that it’s easy to speak a harmful word that can do nothing but hurt and breakdown someone’s spirit.

 Try lifting that spirit

Most likely that spirit could use a word of encouragement.  Couldn’t we all?



That fire and extreme motivation is KEY .  I would love to give that to you.  But it’s already there .  I can spark you to look inside yourself to find it,  but you have to name that fire on your own.  I can’t tell you what it is but I can tell you what it can do for you…

Change your life forever.

We ALL have that one thing inside that drives us to do anything.  It’s identifying it that can sometimes takes time. That’s frustrating.  I really do understand .   I went through that frustration for a long time.  The good news is its there. 

We all have passion.  We all have desire. That fire, is something that is at our core.  Makes us who we are.  you have it.  I promise.   You have to find what would make you do anything to reach your goal.  Take what you are most passionate about most in this world and find a way to use it as your drive.  your fire. Get fired up!

Let it move you to reach, you have to reach, stretch, maybe more than you ever have before.  But I swear,  it’s worth it. You have to be unstoppable. You may not think you can reach that goal, but you have to be trying to actually do it.   I know trying again, to reach a goal that means everything to you   But you can.  Don’t you dare tell me you can’t.  Don’t let anyone else tell you , “you can’t” If there is someone in your life right now telling you that, it’s very likely they are because they themselves tried and couldn’t.  I know that sounds cold but I have dealt with that and the best thing to do is find another place to be.  It’s bull and you don’t need the pessimistic point of view, it won’t help or do you any good whatsoever.

 Ask yourself, what is that drive that’s at your core?  You wouldn’t be you without it.–Think about it.    Whatever it is find a way to bring it into your daily exercise habits, your desire to eat better, healthier. Reaching and attaining that better life,  it can help you do more than losing weight.   Maybe reaching for that job you’ve wished was yours. The one you have been afraid to hope for.  Try for.  Reach for.

 Whatever drives you from your very core…        That’s your passion. 


I can do this all day.   To motivate just   ONE, SINGLE,  HEART,       I will.   

Oh.. go ahead….. try me.


 Thanks for coming to the blog!  I appreciate it so much.  You taking the time to come is not lost on me.  I truly thank you for it. 


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  1. March 18, 2012 5:46 PM

    Okay, I admit that I have never been obese. I was a chunky kid and throughout my life up until I was in my mid 20’s I was about 30 pounds overweight. I love food mainly because my Mom was very strict with us and we HAD to finish our dinner whether we liked it or not. So my brother and I might still be sitting at the dinner table at 10:00 some nights because we just didn’t like what she served.

    That’s why I had the extra weight on me and for no other reason. Once I became an adult, I ate what I wanted because I was tired of eating the stuff my Mom fixed which I just hated. So the weight stayed on me until I was engaged to be married and I dropped all the extra weight.

    I’m also an emotional eater so when I get really upset, and I mean seriously on the verge of depression, I eat. I’ve gained that 30 pounds back twice only because the food I would eat at that time helped me to not think about what I was upset about.

    So I can sympathize to an extent about why some people eat and it’s not the easiest thing to just say okay, I’ll eat better today. A lot of emotional baggage comes with it which a lot of people have never experienced. Until you’ve been there, don’t judge.

    You continue to motivate us Colleen with your no nonsense approach to this since you’ve definitely been through this yourself young lady. Thank you for continuing to inspire us all.


    • March 26, 2012 5:04 AM

      Adrienne ! OMG I appologize!!. I thought I had replied to this!!. Please forigve my bad manners. Yikes!!.

      When I read that last paragraph I was so moved! . You always say something to make me feel so good about blogging. Thank you so much for that!. 🙂


      I actually wrote this post thinking of this reply!. I sometimes hold back from saying certain things because I’m a lot more strict about my fitness plan and the way I eat than a lot of people. So I was more vocal in this post and more “me” because of you!. I don’t want to be too tough on anyone so I pull back at times.

      I have heard this comment so many times. . It can even be just 5 lbs you want to lose and it can be difficult. So saying that to someone who by looking, you KNOW it must be hard for them, drives me batty. lol

      Fire and motivation is such a blessing for anything you’re trying to accomplish in life and sometimes it can call for an amount that most people find hard to sustain and for a long period of time. To be that driven for that long can be difficult. The best fuel for your motivation in this area is seeing results. We just have to learn we need to hang on a while to see them.

      I was never an emotional eater. I can’t eat when upset. lol My problem was exercise. I ate okay, but not the best… obviously. you don’t get 270 without eating crappy. lol

      It’s just when you are THAT overweight it’s SUCH a huge task that what it took for me was something so huge, I wanted IT more than I even SAW the task to reach it . The task to me was nothing compared to what I hoped to recieve in return. Whatever I had to do, whatever it took, I just thought “okay done.” and did it. My goal and dream is bigger than any obstacle that can be thrown at me.

      Thank you Adrienne, again forgive my brain meltdown lol
      Oh hey Dan is looking at my post about him right now!. I hope he thinks it is okay. If so I think we will post it this week! I’m so excited to help in any way!. :))
      Thank you for your support it means the world ! 😉

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