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3 Easy Steps To Staying Motivated, Driven and Fired Up!.

March 24, 2012

Do you have "the fire?"








Inspiration, motivation, desire, devotion, drive…. Fire.

Those are some big words that can carry BIG feelings behind them.  When we are lucky enough to have those in our lives,  life can be great, exciting, fun.

When you feel the lack of them,  life…..

can be lonely, dark ….and even feel meaningless..

Goals can change but you have to stay hungry

When I started going to the gym in the very beginning, it was for me, the first time in a long time getting out and making friends.   One day at the gym, one of my friends and I had a conversation about the gym, working out and eating healthy.  She said to me….

“Colleen, You’re like I used to be”

What she meant  is that I was motivated, inspired, dedicated, driven, everyday 24/7 to the gym, working out and eating right, to my goal of losing weight and getting into great shape.  I was dedicated to my goal and my dream.

Today I have had my days when I’m tired or down though I haven’t become less dedicated or less driven,  it’s just that my goals have changed somewhat,  because I’ve reached that part of my goal that was really the first hurdle to reaching the  “end goal”.   

This is what I think we can miss and why we lose our drive and motivation. 

We reach our goals and then think  we’re done.  It’s over.  Then we feel like my friend: 

“you are what I used to be”

Used to be?     

My friend forgot one very important rule of having and keeping motivation and drive.

The second you reach a goal the secret to never losing that motivated , dedicated, that driven feeling is get right in there….. and strive for your next goal.

Burn this into your memory. THIS, is inside everyone of us.

If you aren’t reaching and striving for something it can be lonely, and you can feel left behind while watching others happy, motivated and working toward something.

To keep motivation and inspiration and that intense drive alive you need to keep using it!. 

My friend forgot that one fact.  She needed to keep stoking the fire of motivation, devotion and drive.  If you let that fire burn out you will feel tired, bored, listless and without purpose in whatever you are doing and in your life.

That can be death to a dream or goal.



Staying FIRED UP

1.   To stay FIRED UP: You have to sit down every once in a while and go over your goal plan.  As your goal becomes clearer and you get closer to it, you may need to adjust the plan you been using to reach it.  Always keep an eye on how you’re feeling and where you are going.   Keep your course fresh and updated.  Life changes so fast and we need to change with it and change up our plan to stay in the game and on point.    Don’t get diverted.   Life likes to throw curve balls at us, and you may even have to toss your plan out the window and start from scratch.   

Do not give up, you just have to adjust.  That’s life.  It loves to throw a wrench in things.  Yea, get used to that.   Try to see it as a chance to show what you’re made of and hit right back with an even bigger and better plan!. 

The choice is optimism or giving up.  What do you want to be known for?.     Now relax,  remain calm,  adjust …. Keep moving forward.


2.   To stay FIRED UP: Never go backwards. You’ve come far in your goal or goals and going backwards for any reason is not going in the right direction.   Forward is progress.  Backwards is just that…  Look back to see how far you have come,  but do not go back,  you’ve been there done that…….Move on.

3.  To stay FIRED UP: Take time to remember why you are working toward your goal.  Everyday take a few minutes to just think about why you are fired up,  motivated, driven.  Reminding yourself of the reasons you have that fire!.    It can feel like you got just got a super charge!.

The wind up

I know it can be tough staying fired up, motivated and that intense drive is a blessing.  One which if you are lucky enough to have, please take the time to share your motivation and enthusiasm  with someone who is wishing they had it.  It can be so lonely and painful to want that fire but can’t seem to find it. 

If you have it never under any circumstances let go of it. 

But please share your optimism with another. You might be the one to make all the difference!

One thing I need to say is this.

If you have it or have had it.  YOU HAVE IT STILL.    It might be unseen at the moment.  But it was there and it will never die.  It was there because you have that kind of heart.  Strong devoted, one that has great strength.  It can run but it can’t hide.  No.   You have it.  Period.  You had it because that’s who YOU ARE. 

Don’t let it fool you.  It’s there.  You need to wake yours up with something that excites you !  You have to look though.  You will find it.  Look back to one time you had something that made you feel motivated that you would have done anything.  When you find it again,  remember it’s like a muscle that needs to be used or it gets weak.   

That’s the key to motivation, to keep stoking that fire.  Keep that fire burning inside you.  Keep calling upon you motivation and drive by using it everyday.

Stay hungry.  Always keep moving forward and never go back.
Like I said, you’ve been there.

I made up this motto a while ago.   I am sure you have heard it somewhere though.

“Never give up, never give in and never say die.”

That was my Mom .

That is Me.

And you too ………..If you want it to be.




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