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Dan Gheesling: Helping Others Reach Their Dreams!.

March 29, 2012

How many of you watch reality tv shows?

I know a lot of people watch them.  That’s obvious by the insane numbers of them popping up everywhere, all the time!!.   I have to admit I have been watching “Celebrity Apprentice” lately. 

I like it!.

 Reality shows,  if they are good,  can really pull you in.  I don’t watch many but there a couple I check in on now and then. 

I have always liked and watched one reality show in particular though.   One that I watch on a pretty regular basis.


Big Brother” Which is on CBS.


In case you don’t know the show “Big Brother” let me give you a quick outline.

On the show,  a group of people are chosen to live together in a large house, then they are then isolated from the outside world.  They are continuously watched by television cameras.  If you choose, you can purchase the ability from the CBS website to watch the houseguests, as “Big Brother” calls them, or the contestants,  live 24/7 as they live in the house through what they call  “Big Brother” live feeds. 

Each season lasts for around three months, with 12-14 contestants entering the house. In order to win the final cash prize, all the contestants have to do is survive weekly evictions and be the last one.. or as in the case with “Big Brother”,  the last two.. standing.  In “Big Brother” they have a big winner and a runner – up.

The runner-up will win $50,000…. and the big winner will win $500,000.

Not bad huh.

This is Dan Gheesling.

This is Dan Gheesling.

 If you follow the reality tv game show “Big Brother”,  most likely you know or recognize  Dan Gheesling.   If not, then let me let you in on a little reality tv show trivia… 


He was the big winner on  “Big Brother” 4 years ago!.

Pictured here with Dan is Memphis Garrett. Memphis was Dan's best friend and ally in the Big Brother house. Memphis won the $50,000 prize that year and Dan and Memphis are still good friends!.


You’ll notice this is Personal Development/Motivational/Health/Fitness blog, but I asked Dan if he would let me write a post about him because I believe in helping others and lending a hand whenever possible to help someone else reach their goals and dreams.   I also think Dan’s new project is unique and something that is one of a kind,  and for those who have the same dream Dan had a few years ago of getting cast on reality tv, Dan’s new project…

will be invaluable.  

What Dan has done is written 2 ebooks and created a very informative new website in hopes of being able to help others with their dream goal of getting on reality tv!.



The Books

Dan’s first book is all about his four-year adventure in trying to get cast on the reality show “Big Brother” and is called “How To Get On Reality Tv –How A Normal Guy Got Cast On Reality Tv”   

Dan’s other book is an actual “How To” Guide that teaches you everything you should know about getting cast on reality tv. 

In  “The Guide”  “How To Get Cast On Reality Tv — The Step – By – Step Guide”  Dan takes you through each step of the casting process giving you all his insider knowledge, tips and the advice that only someone who has gone through it all and knows all the ups and downs of the process can give.   Yes, it took Dan those four years to finally get cast on “Big Brother” so the amount of information he gives is extensive.

For example,  all the little nuances that make ALL the difference in whether someone is accepted by casting,  or not

He covers it ALL in the The Guide .  From how to fill out your application to apply, to hopefully getting that big call giving you the news you’ve been chosen to be cast.



The Website

The website is another great source of information.  It is THE place to go for advice about trying to get cast on reality tv.  He also plans on having interviews in the future with other reality tv contestants people would like to hear from.     The website is continually growing with new and helpful resources all the time!.  

For example, recently he started a series of how to videos for his how to course 

 You can sign up to receive an e-mail each time Dan introduces a new video to the course.    They will be a great companion to the How to guide!.  In the videos Dan will talk about and help you through the different steps in the casting process.  His first in the series is up and running now!. 

Dan is also getting ready to do his first Podcast.  This will be another great way for everyone to learn a lot about the different steps to making their reality tv dreams come true.  He has already had to two live video chats as well!.

In fact This Week, Thursday, March 29th at 9:30 p.m. 

Dan is going to be on Jokers Update Radio Chat  

On April 1st, Dan will be on The Baub Show 

Please check Dan’s Twitter page and Dan’s Facebook page for additional information on these appearances.

You can “Click” on the book below to see the website and get all the information on  Dan’s book, the How To Guide, new videos, articles, dates for future live chats, everything, and that new Podcast coming up!.


Reaching Out To Help Others

Dan also has a blog.   It’s a Personal Development and Motivational Blog.   I wanted to take this time to mention that as well.  Because it was Dan’s blog at that inspired me to start this blog!.  His blog is informative, fun, motivational, inspiring and he has a wonderful community of people who come to the blog and it’s growing all the time. 

It is my favorite blog!.

I really wanted to help in some tiny way and share Dan’s new project with all of you because I know everyone has a dream, hopefully, many dreams in their life.  I realized while writing this post that not only could I hopefully help Dan in some small way but I could also help in reminding everyone that having the chance to reach out and help another person is one of the greatest gifts you can receive. 

One thing I’ve learned keeping in touch with Dan, following Dan’s Twitter page and Dan’s Facebook page over the past four years is that quite a few people have the same dream Dan had.   People are always asking him for his advice on how to get on reality tv.  With his new project,  he has come up with some great ways to pass on that experience.

Another thing about Dan is he always does his best to answer everyone who sends him a message.   The best place to reach Dan and ask questions of him is Dan’s Facebook page or at his new website because at those places he will be able to answer your questions more in-depth.



Following a good example

If you have a dream and it’s one that you know in your heart of hearts is one you have to reach for.  You should.  You have too.   Dan knew that and he never gave up.  It took a lot of trying to get there but he finally reached that dream and now is helping others do the same.

 There are some people in life you can learn a lot from.  They live their lives in a way that teach others by their example.  They want help others, they reach out, they treat others as they would like to be treated themselves.

No one is perfect.  Certainly not me🙂  I just think doing your best to reach out to others, to help lift a spirit, or reach a dream, to possibly help guide a heart in the right direction, or maybe, help climb that mountain… a gift.

 I do my best to live this idea everyday.  I have truly learned a lot from Dan over these past four years.  He is the type of person who reaches out when he can to help others.    

 We should always do our best to help those who have dreams that they are trying to reach and attain. 

That’s what it’s all about.  Helping others.

Reaching a dream.  It can be like climbing a mountain.  You take your step then turn to reach out your hand to the person behind you, to help them and make sure they reach their next step.  

I think that’s what Dan is doing.  Reaching out that hand and helping others reach that next step to attaining their goal and dream.

What we all should do.  Whenever we are lucky enough, to have the chance.  🙂


Thanks SO MUCH to Dan Gheesling for letting me….. help him.




Thanks for coming to the blog this week!  As always I appreciate it so very much because I feel your time is very important.  For you to take a moment here is so appreciated by me!.  Thank you!.


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Please leave a comment below and tell me if you know Dan.  Do you follow his blog?  Maybe Dan’s new website?  Have you ever thought of trying out for reality tv ?  I would love hear about it!

If you like this post please share it with your friends!.   I SO appreciate your support!  The sharing buttons are below 🙂

Thank you all and have a great week guys!    🙂

2 Comments leave one →
  1. March 29, 2012 9:40 PM

    That was a great post and I’m sure Dan really appreciates that. He’s been one busy guy creating his product and I’m so happy for him.

    Reality TV is huge right now so since he’s been there and taken home the big money, he’s the perfect person to learn from. I’ve read both of the books and was very impressed with everything he went through and all the great tips he’s shared that will help others be able to do the same.

    Great job Colleen so if anyone is interested, you can definitely learn from Dan.


    • March 30, 2012 6:42 PM

      Gee thanks Adrienne!,
      I’m just glad you liked it!. Dan thought it looked great. THAT was a BIG “Whew”! lol Most of all I just wanted it to show his new projects in the best possible light I could shine on them. I didn’t want it to be a commercial for him. I thought that would look and sound cheesy. So I tried to give links for everything but NOT bombard people with them.
      Little secret: I just wanted to impress Dan Shhhh! lol
      I was inspired to blog because of him and have followed him since the beginning.
      He tweeted a question to everyone yesterday: “Why do you personally follow me” I told him I follow him because I like and respect him and that I honestly don’t see him as “Big Brother Star Dan!!!!”… but just But I don’t think that will bother him, I don’t think HE sees himself that way either So..lolol..
      I’m so happy you like it!. Means a lot that someone really GOOD at writing and blogging thought it was good enough to help out!. Made my Day Thanks Adrienne 🙂 Your a pal;) Thank you so much for your support.
      This one was special 🙂 Thanks!

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