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7 Things You’ll Need Give Up To Be Happy.

April 7, 2012



So what would you give up to be happy?

There are 7 things I know in my heart that to truly be happy,  you have to leave behind.  Give up.  I realize saying it and doing it are two different things.  I think it’s an ongoing process we continue to work at each day.  

To be happy you have to let go of the following:


1.  Saying “I can’t”.

2.  Quitting before you know the outcome of your actions.

3.  Saying “I won’t”.

4.  Accepting “OK” as good enough.

5.  Putting things off.

6.  Fear.

7. Impatience

More possibilities, chances and life.


What you gain when you give up the 7


Saying I can’t –   Yea, that one, has to go……Now. 

 Saying I can’t is one of the biggest wastes of time there is.  By the time you  think …”I can’t”, then say “I can’t”,  the fact is ….you could have tried. 

But it’s true right?  Stop saying “I can’t” and gain  confidence, strength, you reclaim some of your greatness by giving up those two words.

Saying I Won’t –   I won’t is about the same as “I can’t” but I think it can be worse. 

 “I won’t” means you aren’t even thinking of trying.  You’re giving up before you even look at what you need to do,  to accomplish what you want and need to accomplish!.    Why? 

“Won’t”,  is worse.  Give up “I won’t” and you will be opening your life up to so many new possibilities , you won’t,  be able to keep up with them all.   You will be amazed.

Quitting Before You Know The Outcome Of Your Actions –   You have been trying and trying.  You see no results.  You’ve decided to give up.   Classic.   I’ve done it myself.  Started a diet, it doesn’t work fast enough and  “Oh, forget it”.   If you hang in there though, and give your goals and plans time, to grow and flourish, give yourself time to see a change, time for  change to take place, you can get what you have worked so hard for. 

If you don’t you will end up with nothing.  Period.  Every time. 

  Guys, we get just so much time on this planet,  and giving ONE MOMENT away is a waste of your time.   The time you were gifted with.  If you aren’t going to put in the time you are wasting it.  OVER and OVER and OVER.  You’re smarter than that and deserve better.  Give it to yourself.  The gift of Time.



Accepting “OK” As Good Enough –   This infuriates me to no end.  Drives me nuts.  That’s right sometimes we accept “OK” as good enough.  What are we doing ?!?! 

If you feel yourself doing this,   STOP NOW!.   

You were not born to do reach for  “OK” or “satisfactory”.  You were not born to reach for the clouds.   The “stars” are out there if you reach and work for them, you can have what you want, but you will be called to work for it, strive for it, sacrifice for it. 

Nothing worth having is easy.  If you start demanding from yourself  your best you will start to see things change.   Remember, other people, if they think “OK” is good enough for you, that you don’t mind or care,  that will be all you get from others as well.  A lot of the time if you don’t demand better for yourself, you won’t just get it from others either.  Demand 200% from yourself and others will start to respond.



Putting Things Off –   For some, this is one of the easiest things to do.  You tell yourself  “I’ll do it later.”  “I’ll get to it.”  “I’ll start tomorrow.”

  Maybe… but maybe and it’s a good chance, you won’t. (there’s that word again).  It’s only human to be nervous, scared and apprehensive about new things, big plans, important goals.  I get that way too.   But I have learned that putting things off,  only drags things out, make it worse and can make it easy to forget it all together.  Just do it.   That phrase has made Nike millions of dollars  because it’s short and to the point and most of all…

It’s true. 

If you stop putting things off you will be surprised how fast things will start to get done and start coming together for you.    Life is not to be put off but lived.  If you make a mistake, so be it.   It’s the real and authentic you.  Learn from it and move forward but no matter what, you will have moved forward and that, is the only direction your life should be going.  Ever. Period.



Fear –   Fear can be a good thing at times, it can prevent you from doing things that are stupid and in some cases, dangerous.  Fear is a larger enemy than it is a friend though.    It can KEEP you from making some of the best decisions you will ever make.  Fear can paralyze and stun us into feeling helpless and weak and talk us into believing that we actually are. 

This is the furthest thing from the truth by the way.   Giving up your fear can and will change your life and how you feel about yourself.  It can be the most difficult thing,  giving up fear.  I think we use it a a safety net at times.  “If I’m afraid, I better step back and think on this move again.”    You must go forward with confidence in this life.  Fear is not a friend.  Give it up.   You will gain a lot more in return.



Impatience –   “Patience is a virtue”.   It’s also a blessing.  I was once told I have the “patience of Job.” I felt really good about that.  To me that means I’m smart, willing to wait for good things and work, for even greater things in my life and maybe even….. wise? (Jury is still out) 😉  

Giving up impatience will only bring you peace of mind.  Because when you slow down, and realize that the world and universe,  has its own timing and you can’t force everything to your own time table you gain a few things. 

You will gain the peace of knowing that if something isn’t coming your way in the time YOU WANT it too,  it doesn’t mean it won’t.  It can just mean that it has a time table of its own and this situation is going to call for you to have patience.   

 This is important: The answer is not always “NO” ..but just  “not yet”.  Expecting to get what we want, WHEN we want it is fine,  to a point.   But sometimes we just have to wait for things.  At the time we think it’s unfair, wrong and we want to scream.   If we give up impatience though, and hang in there and keep trying, fighting and showing up everyday to fight another day, try one more time, say one more prayer, If we just give up impatience and not give up when it’s too hard, what we get in return is the gift of persistence,  and that,  is one of the greatest blessings you will ever receive.  One you will need and use through your life.




The Wind Up

Life is not easy and sometimes we make it tougher on ourselves than it has to be.  We do our best but so many times we can be our own worst enemy.   These things I listed are all things that can get in our way and keep us from succeeding in most of the situations that come our way.  Life loves to throw us a curve ball every chance it gets so we need to really do ourselves a big favor and  get out of our own way.

The last thing we need is to make it even tougher on ourselves.  Giving up these few things is a great start to becoming individuals who think smart and ….act even smarter.

I don’t believe in the saying “smart enough to know when to give up”   Because I don’t believe there is a time to ever give up.  But I firmly believe in being smart enough to know

WHAT,  to give up.




Thanks so much for coming to the blog!  I so appreciate it!.  Your time is important here!.  You spending a few minutes looking around and reading this blog… Is an honor for me.  Thank you!.


Do you have a problem with any of these  7 things?  Maybe you think there are even more important ones !.  Let me know what you think I would love to hear your voice!.  Please leave a comment below and use the sharing buttons, I would appreciate it!.

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2 Comments leave one →
  1. April 9, 2012 12:12 PM

    You are dead on with these Colleen and so right. Guess that’s why I’m so happy.

    I had to learn to take I can’t out of my vocabulary some years back. I always tell people that I’m still a work in progress but I’ve done so much better over the years.

    I believe the reason I’m so happy is that I am blessed for every single day of my life. Like you dealing with your Mom’s health, I did the same with my Dad but mine lasted my entire life. So I watched people pass away throughout my entire life and learned early on that life is blessing. I know that happiness comes from within and you have to be responsible for your own life and the things that come and go. I’m just joyful to even have another day on this earth so everything is just not all that important.

    I don’t believe you can be happy when all you do is complain about things. So getting rid of all of the negative thinking and verbiage is definitely a necessity. You hit on all key points here young lady. Now, let’s see what we can’t do to help everyone learn how to be just as happy as we are.

    Thanks Colleen and you have a wonderful week.


    • April 10, 2012 2:06 AM


      You made me smile so big! I know you will laugh or say ‘Oh come on” but your opinion means a lot. I’m so glad you think it’s a good post!.
      You had said you were a Work in Progress I think on your last video or the one before. I smiled being that it’s the name of my blog 🙂
      I think happiness is something that an on going process. I think the key to being on a even keel most of the time is understanding that life is this way, and arm yourself with the right tools to navigate those curves and get rid of the things like fear and the “I can’t” way of thinking that will only weigh you down and keep you from living the life that you were meant too!.
      I know you can understand about Mom because of your Dad. 🙂 That means a lot. 🙂 I’ve had a Grandmother and an Uncle when I was little I also lost, both were so much in my life …but Mom WAS my life.
      I did learn you are given so much time here. Use it well wisely, you have no time for messing around with that stuff!!.
      But I am not Supergirl. It’s an on going process that I work on everyday. Life likes to toss some BIG things in our path. I get mad, determined. Nothing can keep us from our goals.

      Only us.

      Thanks so much for coming Adrienne!. Your support means so much. 🙂 I appreciate you taking your time to read the blog. I’m always honored 😉

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