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Your Top Priorities. Are You One Of Them?.

April 23, 2012



We all have them. 

Family, friends, work, school etc.


Where are you on your list of priorities?

Are you EVEN…. on the list ?

I’m willing to bet you a lot or most of us are either low on our list or…….. not on it whatsoever. 

Me being top on MY list of priorities in all honesty, is new for me. 

For those who don’t know, I took care of my Mom for 10 years.. It was 24/7 and the ONLY priority to me and on my list then was making sure she was healthy and life for her was as happy as it could be. 

Taking care of Mom and then losing her made me realize a few things.  Life moves fast and in one instant you can lose who you are, your life, and everything you know.  

I did.  

Learning to do things for myself is new, but I feel empowered and strong. 

Though at times…..scared…. and about 3 years old.   🙂  

My life, me,  being on pause for that 10 yrs,  after a while,  I began seeing all the possibilities in front of me and it was and IS new and exciting!!.  It’s a new challenge for me,  accepting and learning.. I am a priority.  I always was to my family.  Just not to me. At that time, all that mattered to me was Mom.

So in writing this post I feel it’s not only meant to help you,  but me as well.  I feel it’s a good exercise in getting comfortable and being OK with thinking of me.  

So my big question to you is this:

Where are you on YOUR priority list?  and  are you even on it? .

I’ve got news for you….     You should be.    You need to be….. 

You have to be.  




Here’s why..

I’ve been learning that if you don’t make yourself  #1  on your priority list once in a while and fight for what you want and need,  you most likely won’t ever get close to it.. 

Wow.  Tough?  Maybe selfish? 

 It’s just the truth.

But the truth is sometimes tough and sometimes, you’ll have to beright back!.  Or wave good-bye to what you want and need. 

THAT’S ……….The honest truth.

It isn’t easy.  I know.  Trust me. 

But I want you to really, really hear me now.

Life is so short.  Time goes by so fast.  We always think we have so much time.  We don’t. 


Time is precious. Don't forget your life is as well.


How to be a top priority without being selfish? 



It’s Easy…Sorta..

You never forget others.  Sounds simple.  It is…. and it isn’t.  You know life,  you get going, you’re on a roll, making things happen,  all of a sudden,  someone needs your help…

This is happening in my life right now.  I have been making time for a family member who is having a really tough time right now.   So I’ve been juggling my life and making sure I do all I can to help them. 

That’s  the key.   You have to do this.  You can’t just only think of yourself. 

The trick is never forgetting your life is just as vital.   We have to help others with their dreams and plans without forgetting our own in the process.  You have to always keep your life and plans moving forward while not freezing out the needs of others.   For your own sake it’s important to give, to help, to lend a hand when needed.

Where do I fit in? ...Do I?

A Few Tips


1.  Be aware of how far you’ve come  I look at the road I have traveled so far to get here.  It amazes me. It also reminds me if I hadn’t taken that first step toward the life I wanted and hope for,  I would be in that same place today very overweight and ultimately lost without my Mom.

Looking back at the road you have traveled can be an amazing gift and lesson.   It can be like a mini movie of your life. When you look back to see how far you have come you see all you’ve gone through to be where you are now and you’ll get a lift and some perspective of the importance of your own goals and life..


2.  Looking forward… to your goal.  Seeing yourself IN that moment is important!.   “If you can see it you can be it”.   More truth.   

You have to always picture yourself reaching your goal. Your dream.  The more you do it the more you will see and feel that your dream is truly going to BE a REALITY.


3.  Self-worth not self-“ish”.  Being driven and thinking of yourself is NOT being selfish.  Think about it this way.  Your goal or dream,  If you don’t work for it and fight for it, will someone else get you there without you doing anything?

Most likely not. 

Everyone has the right to fight for something important to them.  It’s not selfish to want to be happy,  healthy,  or reach a goal or realize that dream. 

If others are telling you it is selfish to reach for something important to you, don’t listen to that.  

If they are telling you have become selfish in reaching for your dream, you might want to just check yourself.  Ask yourself if you have done anything to hurt anyone while trying to reach that goal.    Getting to your dream, is your right and important but hurting others on the way to your dream,  will only take from your happiness when you do reach that goal.  When we hurt others we truly only in the end, wind up hurting ourselves. 

Do your best never to let that happen.




Bottom Line

Life,  can be tough.  So many times we put our lives aside for the sake of others.  If you’re lucky you have people in your life you would do this for with joy and happiness.  Getting lost in the needs of others can be a joy and a blessing.

It’s all balance.  The best jugglers have it.  Have you ever watched a juggler?  He keeps all the balls in the air and he never stops moving,  having to be aware of everything around him and hopefully, never dropping a ball.

That’s what we do everyday if you think about it.  We’re all jugglers.  The best ones have a great deal of persistence, strengt,. patience, coordination and balance. 

Life is a balancing act.   Priorities will and can change because our lives are constantly changing.  We just have to remember while keeping loved ones, friends and everyone else on the list happy, to always keep ourselves on that list and be persistent in the idea that our dreams and goals have to be met as well.  If we don’t, that one shot we all have, will pass us by. We all deserve that shot at happiness we’ve been gifted with.

Forget others needs?.   No, absolutely not!.   

Just remember our own too!!.





Thanks for coming to the blog this week!  I appreciate it!. 

Do you have trouble seeing yourself as a priority or putting yourself first?  I’m curious to know how you handle it. Leave a comment and let me know!.  It’s in your comments that we can all help each other with our experiences!.


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Thank you so much and have a Wonderful week guys!    😉

2 Comments leave one →
  1. April 25, 2012 4:15 PM

    I’ve always been top priority Colleen. Over the years I’ve had friends tell me that I was being selfish and only thinking of me. My reply to them was if I’m not happy then how do you expect me to make anyone else happy! And that’s so true.

    I have to come first in my life. When put that way it does sound selfish but you really aren’t any good for anyone else if you don’t take care of you.

    In the case of you taking care of your Mom all those years I can only imagine that you got put on the back burner because you knew there was someone else that needed much more care and attention. And we do that for the ones we love. But if you aren’t healthy and all of a sudden you get sick and wasn’t able to take care of your Mom then you would have been absolutely no good to her either.

    She just have to understand that taking care of you first isn’t being selfish, not in the way most people think. But to me, it’s the only thing that really matters.

    Thanks for pointing this out Colleen. Great post!

    • April 28, 2012 7:18 AM

      Hey Adrienne!

      I’m glad you have that outlook! You’re right. You have to take care of yourself to be able to do it for others. It can be tough at times. I have been putting me first since Mom. It’s different but it’s great too! It takes time to understand, mainly feel, that it’s OK though but I am getting better at it.
      I know you have had a rough time lately. (your friend) I want to thank you for coming by. Do me a favor?.
      Keep putting you first and please take care of you!!!.

      Thanks for coming by Adrienne! As always, I so appreciate it !
      Cya ! 😉

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