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Stop Worrying About “Your Odds”…Just Go For It!

June 29, 2012




What are the odds?




I think most or a lot of us worry about …..”our odds”.



What are my odds?

What I mean by that is I think we look at the situation in front of us at the moment and start weighing out our odds. 

“Now what ARE my chances exactly……….. that I reach that goal?” What are my odds?

Can I really get to that goal?…What are the Odds?

Do I even bother to try?……. Odds are I could just end up depressed and defeated. 


We worry too much about “the odds”.

The odds, the odds, the odds… ………. FORGET…….. the odds. 

I want to let you in on something. 

YOU very much make your own odds. 

That’s right.  We do. 

If you look at whatever it is you want to accomplish and it looks too big, too problematic, you know,   too hard…

Right there in seeing your task or goal in that light you’re cutting your chances, your “odds” on accomplishing that task or reaching that goal way down. 

Things can be so hard sometimes you can’t see a way out or a way to get to where you want to be.   Life can be unfair and cold.  But if you give up at that moment, let the fear and doubt win

You…….. and nothing BUT you ….are sealing your fate. You and only you, are determining your odds right there.

Not the problem not the difficulty and not the “other guy”…just you. 

Only you can take yourself out of the running or the race .   Only you can tell you to give up or quit.  Only you can choose that path.  Not matter how hard it can look, how hard it can get,  how dark the future is looking,  You and only you will be the last word on giving up. 

Nothing and no one can make you quit or give up. 

Just you. 

And no one else can decide for you to keep fighting.   

Just you.



Decisions Decisions


So what’s it going to be ?

You see you can sit this one out…. if you want..

But the next time you try may be that one shot that will work.  Or the next person you meet may be or be behind  the  golden opportunity that will get you closer to that dream than any other ever has. 

You can dismiss trying again  as just another failure waiting to happen, just another “let down” another disappointment….

Or you can keep swinging regardless of how you feel and go on that next job interview or send out another resume or even start another diet….

yes ..another.

 and another and another and another…

You get the idea…..

Something Else To Ponder


Another thing….The second your dream or goal becomes truly your focus your chances and odds become so much greater.  Focus is one of the biggest keys to reaching your goal or dream.

Focus…….is everything…


You have to keep your eye on your goal because you never ever know which time will be YOUR TIME, your chance your moment.

How would you feel if that happened?  Can you tell me with absolute assurance that your next try WILL fail?

Then How can you sit down and give up? 

It’s too Hard ?

I ………don’t……. care. 

 Get up.  Now. 

Don’t you dare…… quit trying. 

You owe it to yourself and the next person who, like you will come along and need maybe …….YOUR help.  It isn’t always just about you…. or me for that matter..

Come on.. I know , I know I know I know.  I have been there heck I’m still there. everyday I get up and try.  Do I always want to ? or feel like pushing one more time or trying….ONE MORE TIME. 

Sometimes….No.  But the secret about that low moment…is



But If I quit trying I don’t deserve to win.  and I deserve to win.

So do you

You probably would tell me that pigs in pink tutu’s will fly before things go your way…..

Yes, pigs in pink Tutu’s….You were saying? 😉

 Now, say it with me………

I won’t quit no matter how hard it gets.  I owe it to myself to keep trying regardless of the difficulty. Regarless of a bad day or moment of passing fear or doubt.   Because my moment can happen at anytime. Regardless of the height of that mountain I will climb it.   

I will go around it,

even dig a hole and crawl under it, but I will not give up trying to reach what I know is right for me.

Because I have something the world cannot see or take from me…

I know in my heart …I can.  I know in my heart  I will. 

It’s waiting for me.  I won’t keep it waiting. 

I won’t.







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Have a Wonderful week!    🙂

8 Comments leave one →
  1. June 30, 2012 5:07 PM

    What a great message Colleen. It all comes back around to how much you believe in yourself.

    Some things people have done throughout the years, they never thought they would accomplish. They were going to give it their all and hope for the best. But because they wanted it really really bad and they went for it and never gave up, they accomplished it. They even surprised themselves so never go into any type of challenge thinking you’ll never achieve your goal because trust me. You won’t.

    You go girl, keep spreading those positive thoughts and sharing your journey. We can all learn from you.

    Have a great weekend.


    • July 5, 2012 1:33 AM

      Hey Adrienne!,

      Great to see you!. Thank you for being so kind 🙂 You always manage to make me feel even better about blogging!. I try really hard to pass on that motivation.

      You’re right! If you don’t think you can do it.. Most likely …you won’t. Even if you’re not sure… fake that feeling of confidence!!. Fake it! that’s right. Talk yourself up to yourself!. It’s all true you may just not feel so at the moment…

      Whatever it takes to reach your goal. I think we have amazing possibilities inside of each of us but life and fear chip away at them. So we have to fight back

      and never give in!.

      Thanks so much for coming to the blog Adrienne! I appreciate you taking you time so much!. I know it’s most likely a very hectic schedule you have.
      Thank you !!
      Have a great week! ;))

  2. June 30, 2012 9:46 PM

    Fear of the unknown has and always be a cause for people to halt, think and freeze. I do it and I know I don’t want to either. It’s fear.

    I’m going through it at the moment in looking at buying a marketing business with a good friend. Oh, there’s lots of mind whispers going on but at the end of the day, unless I go for it, I’m never going to know the potential and the opportunity is always going to be lost instead of exploring the potential and evaluating.

    Thanks heaps for the reminder, Colleen.

    • July 5, 2012 1:19 AM

      Hi Martin,

      I hear those whispers in my head too!. I hate that don’t you? Man, I’ll tell you, it’s tough at times to not be afraid. Fear, it’s a nagging awful thing.

      We have to beat it though. When those fears sand whispers start yell them down!. “No! you won’t get me! I know better!”

      I have my moments of being afraid to go forward with things I’m working on as well. I have been pushing forward but taking my time. I get so ticked at myself!. Why! Go do what you know you need to do!. No time for that fear. Life is not waiting but constantly moving, we have to tell that nagging doubt that we are not accepting that lie. We can do it!
      As you can hear, I am always telling fear to take a hike! lol

      Good luck with your plans Martin ! Don’t let go of your dream!

      Gee thank you so much for your kinds words. and for coming to the blog! If I helped you in any way at all It has made my day more than you know!. Hope to see you here again ! 😉
      Have a great week ! 🙂

      • January 24, 2013 12:48 AM

        Hi there,
        I’m unfortunately subject to a Penguin slap – is there any possibility of you please change the comment name in the comment above to ‘Martin Cooney’?
        It would be very appreciated if you could.

      • January 28, 2013 7:47 PM

        Your name appears as that Sir. Have a great day 🙂

  3. October 10, 2012 11:19 AM

    Wow. What a great massage you post. Thanks for posting…..

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