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Finding Motivation In The Simple Things…

July 10, 2012


Hi, I’m Colleen I’m your blogger! 🙂

I  think a lot of the time when we are in need of that BIG motivating factor we expect it to come in  BIG things.  Makes sense right?

Sometimes….. it does.

But sometimes……It can come in the small unusual…. and unexpected ways. 

This post is about two of those unexpected ways.




The Power Of A Plain White Gym Towel




I was really down….. and teary…  folding laundry one day a few months ago.   

I had for quite a while been feeling… off.   

Feeling like I was working out and trying really very hard  but not getting any results.   

Know that feeling?

 If you lose 130 lbs.  you get to a point where the body gets used to all those healthy eating habits and the fact that you’re working out everyday and it says

‘Hey, gym girl!, I’m not losing any more weight until I want too!” so sit down!


Or …..something to that effect.

So feeling down ….OK I was more than “teary” I was crying.  I don’t cry often, but certain things can get to me…My Mom…My family,  and my goal. 

My dream.

 I stood there feeling sorry for myself but only for a few minutes  because as I stood there weepy, and folding towel after towel, I realized I had been folding the same towel for what seemed like ………forever …

The PILES were getting  large and becoming….numerous but I had been thinking of my situation and didn’t notice what had been

unfolding in front of me…

(please forgive me I couldn’t resist)   🙂






This was one…….. of 5 stacks…


That’s right …..5 stacks!


So what’s the big deal with a little white towel?……is the deal………

These were towels from my gym. 

Yes,   I accidentally” borrowed them.  . I had been wrapping  my gym clothes in them.  I kept forgetting to take a plastic bag with me.  Did you expect me to  put them in my Nice clean gym bag?!. 

In MY nice gym bag ?!?!       No way bud.


 I stopped crying for a minute to really take a look and , I realized something that floored me!…..

Each one of those towels  stood for

a day, one day.

A day I went and fought.  

 Days when it was even difficult, feeling I was lost and not ever going to reach my goal.

I went anyway.  I went and fought. I went and tried.  I went and did not let the feeling of I was getting no where …stop me.

Each towel represented one of those days.

When that fact “hit” me, I stopped crying at that moment and started to feel better, then I started to smile!.  I was in awe of my own…. tenacity.  I’m tougher than I thought… 


 I looked for more and found myself folding  another pile and another, and another and….

That’s right another!!.

The point is this: 

I stood there feeling bad that nothing was going the way I want,  that it was getting too hard to keep going feeling that way. 

But look what I had ALREADY done.  how many DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS, I had ALREADY pushed through that tough feeling and did fight.   I thought…

I…… can do this.




Inspired By A Named Tim



 At my gym, there is a man .  His name is Tim.  I don’t really know him , only enough to say “Hi” and smile, maybe a “how are you?”  but seeing Tim is another one of the little things that pushes me….. on those tough days when I am at the gym.

Tim is in a wheelchair.  He broke his back in a swimming accident.  My Brother Mike told me a few weeks ago when I told him seeing Tim pushes me to try ever harder..

 Tim comes and works out. 

How?, well, Tim, from his wheel chair uses the machines and pulls weights up and down with his arms from his sitting position.  Depending on where I am in the gym and what my workout is that day,  I can see him ….working out.

When I start to think I will stop and wrap it up, or it’s feeling tough to keep pushing, I sometimes look up or over and see Tim.  Lifting  the weights, pulling with one arm and with the other hand on top of it, pulling down to lift the weight…. and struggling to do it,  sweating, trying so hard with so much intensity and looking usually worn out.

I am in awe. 

I feel lucky and blessed to look up and be in the presence of such strength and

REAL tenacity .

You see, the little things, can keep you going and carry you through on those days when that BIG motivation you’re waiting for, searching for and might be expecting  to come with streamers, a brass band confetti and fanfare…. seems to be MIA. 

Just so you know, your BIG motivating moment may not come with that big brass band but quietly and even sneaky… as mine did… It was just there all of a suddren one day when I didn’t expect it…

 In The Meantime

 The little things…..Those silly towels and just seeing someone ELSE’S strentgh in a tough situation  …Well they can carry pretty powerful inspiration and powerful motivational moments themselves that can reach you in even your toughest  moments

So don’t get worried or scared that BIG motivation hasn’t come yet. 

Because it will.





The Wrap Up

While you are waiting be kind to yourself and try looking around at those you are close to, friends and family members and yes,

even  perfect strangers..Try talking to others about how they make it through those tough days… and when looking around at other’s  try looking closer….

at everything. 

Please don’t pass by the little things thinking they are meaningless or little.   

Like 5 stacks of innocent little white towels.


You can’t pinpoint when that BIG motivation will come.

I didn’t think it EVER would. 

God it can be so great …….to be wrong.  



So look forward to that BIG motivational moment knowing it will be yours soon!   If you don’t have it today.  Chin up,  it’s comingKeep watch.  Be ready to grab onto it with BOTH hands and make it yours!.   Surround yourself with motivating, positive and happy people.

Always EXPECT the best to be coming into your life.  Life will never be easy and happy everyday but invite happiness into your life and be open to it .  I know that sounds silly. 

 Who isn’t open to being happy right ?

But some of us aren’t.  We don’t see it and can’t believe it’s coming to us. So we get tired, bitter or even sometimes….


That’s when the” little things” find a way to show themselves and can change your vision of how things really are.

How they are can be…. not as over as you think but just maybe taking another path to you.. maybe a little longer path,

 but it’s coming..So keep your eye out for your moment in time…..Nothing can take it.. It’s yours. 

It always was..

Thanks for coming to the blog this week.  I appreciate it so much!  You taking your time to be here is so amazing and I am grateful for it!.

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Speaking of that….What do you think of this week’s post? I would like to know and hear your thought on what little things motivate you to keep going!

 So, please share them by leaving a comment!!


Have a wonderful week ahead! 🙂

4 Comments leave one →
  1. July 10, 2012 3:33 PM

    Hey Colleen,

    You never know where you can get your motivation from.

    I have been in a bad shape, especially with blogging motivation. I was struggling a bit, with blogging and writing (the fact that I am not getting any results just discourages me from blogging).

    Then, I took a break. A short vacation for 2 weeks (it wasn’t something I planned, just came up).

    Now, I am back (and I am in a terrible condition : example: I rewrote this comment many time – every time I was in the middle of the comment, I just got discouraged and removed the entire comment).

    I am trying to make it thorough. I have to (after all, I spend so much time with blogging, I just can’t give up now).

    I have to try harder.

    And I am going to.

    This is the first post I chose to read after the vacation. And I am glad I did that.

    Thank you for the post (and the inspiration) Colleen.

    I will fight harder.

    Jeevan Jacob John

    • July 14, 2012 8:09 PM


      I want to hug you.

      I have felt that way too. Like just gathering enough enthusiasm to comment and be positive or cheerful is asking for way too much today.
      My motivation has been injured. That’s how it feels.

      Familiar? 🙂

      I’m sorry. Life can be so crappy at times, huh. I have been doing a lot on motivation lately because I think it’s so elusive and precocious. It think it’s a living breathing thing, motivation. It goes up… and down. You can be on a motivated high and then with your chin on the floor wondering how to stand up straight lol Not a laughing matter. I know.

      I have been feeling like my motvation took a “hit” in the stomach lately.
      I think that’s why it’s been my constant topic of late. If you hold on to your “fight” Jevaan I think you will be fine. I honestly and truly believe it’s a living thing that needs to have it’s highs and lows…

      to grow.

      I think perhaps yours is in a real process of coming out stronger than before. Whatever low your are dealing with , (me too) I think we both will come out stronger and more motivated because we will outlast anything life throws at us!.
      I get angry. There is no way on this earth anyone or anything will or can take my motivation.! Get angry! Tell it to take a hike!.
      I do that. I get very much like a prize fighter. lol

      You were so kind to come by thank you. It means so much you took the time especially when it wasn’t easy!!. Thank You Jevaan!. Don’t give up! until that BIG motivation comes back , like me, try to see it in those little things. Sometimes they lead you straight to the BIG ones!.:)
      Have a great Weekend Jevaan :))

  2. July 16, 2012 4:08 PM

    What an awesome post Colleen and I for one enjoyed you sharing this with us.

    I love that you can get your motivation for that one aha moment from folding those towels. Yes, so you are at a stand still with losing but you’re committed to going and continuing your journey and you will come through this a stronger person. Just what you’ve achieve up till now is inspiring. I’m sure they will tell you to switch things up a bit and you’ll be starting once again with that uphill accomplishments.

    I think that’s great that Tim continues to workout. Just because he’s in a wheelchair doesn’t mean he can’t continue to help keep his body strong. We can’t let things like that get us down because we are alive and if he’s coming to the gym then he’s pretty well. He’s actually blessed that he’s able to do that and I so admire people like that. Like you, he alone would inspire me to keep moving forward.

    Thanks again and I love how you motivate me. 🙂

    You enjoy your week young lady!


    • July 29, 2012 9:40 PM

      Gee thanks so much Adrienne!

      I always love to know when someone enjoys a post! It can make your day!. I’ve wanted to write this post for a while. I wanted to remind everyone that we can get so into looking at the BIG picture that the little things that can be so important sometimes can be over looked . I smile everytime I see one of those towels now. I am looking into asking my trainer friend Megan to help me out a little. looking forward to that! Gotta back on track and FINALLY feel done with this chapter of my journey.

      Not that we are EVER done lol

      Thanks so much for taking the time as you always do and read the blog! Thanks so much Adrienne! Have a SUPER Week! ;))

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