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How To Stop Disapointment And Take Your Power Back!.

August 11, 2012

Hi, I’m Colleen Kelly. Your Blogger.










Disappointment….. Lies.



I had a light bulb moment today.






IF….you can get this…..It could be HUGE for you.




Taking Your Power Back

You know when you try and you try to reach a goal or a dream or  accomplish a task and  it seems you just can’t get anywhere or you aren’t where you want or feel you should be… and then you get depressed, sad, feeling low and feel like giving up….. and so many times we do……Just give up.

Odds are you’ve been there and been there more than once right?

Yea me too.

Disappointment, can grab you by the throat.

But guess what.  Because We HAVE been there before ….We NOW KNOW…….. disappointment’s game.

You NOW KNOW how this works.   Disappointment has a pattern.

This is how it seems to work on us….



1.   You’re trying

2.  Things get tough, you get tired.

3.  You proceed with hope, trying harder

4.  You get even more tired and your hope is taking a beating , failing.

5.  Now vulnerable, in comes disappointment.



 But now that you can see it’s pattern YOU……… I repeat YOU………. can have disappointment by the throat….

NOT the other way around. 



Check it out…. 

If you look stand back and look at it and look at it, as a pattern, in black and white as I have it here, you can see it  and you can say

“Wait, I know you.. you’re about to tell me I can’t do it right?  Yea,  don’t bother.”   I can see you now for who you are, how you work, when you creep in…. and this time….. I will stop you from starting.” 

It’s amazing it’s a like a map.



Look at it again……

1.   You’re trying

2.  Things get tough, you get tired.

3.  You proceed with hope, trying harder

4.  You get even more tired and your hope is taking a beating , failin.g

5.  Now vulnerable, in comes disappointment.



If you stand back and look at it this list you can see it, you can feel it.

So that’s what I did. 

I stood back and looked at it, looked at my situation and saw the pattern and the path, the pattern of lies that disappointment takes.  How it has worked in the past.  I thought about past times I have tried so hard and let something go….Son of a gun.   It creeps up on you and jumps you.  Then it seeps into your confidence, your mind and whispers things like


“You can’t”

“Give up ”

Don’t bother trying”

Give up…. it’s okay”.

“You can’t handle it, give up and it will all go away and you will have peace”



And if we are tired,  exhausted mentally , emotionally, physically, we unfortunately …..listen.   We are weak and vulnerable to that whispering voice and in that ‘state’……….. we seal our fate and…..agree with it.

It can be tough, I don’t think it’s easy for anyone.  But IF you give up, you know what will happen.  You’ve been there.  You give up to that voice and so to speak, you put down the torch, lay down your dream and walk away from your goal.

Great.  Now, what is the outcome EVERY SINGLE TIME when we do that?.

Allow me….




Straight up……You know this is true.  So what can we do?  We take back that power right now.  We know the choice, the ONLY choice is to  take hold and hold tight to your dream, goal, hope….Strength.

Let it whisper all it wants, all those things you fear are really true.  “I can’t”  “It’s too hard”  Because  it’s just a phase,  a momentary time.  it passes we just have to hold on.

Letting go, giving up accomplishes nothing at all.

So why do it??? why do we give up guys?????


RELIEF !!! ……..We get …………relief !!!….. Thank Goodness !!!


For a few moments we can catch our breath.  No more fighting , no more stress no more frustration…..We relax……. Until ……

we realize we have given up what we have hoped for, worked for and came SO FAR trying to reach.  You let go and walked away.  You put down that weight.  But now, we have to face the consequences of our action of laying down that torch..of quitting…. and let me tell you.  They can be worse than any stress you were dealing with.  It can be a heavier burden.  But we get so tired, stressed out and just plain human so sometimes…we take the relief….


But one thing about disappointment:      Only WE allow it to BE disappointment.  Only WE allow it to become “real”, to become … our reality.




Bottom Line Fact

“Easier Said That Done Colleen”   I know.   It’s not that easy.  No, of course not.  Sometimes it’s more than you feel you can take.  it  can feel as it  your breath is being taken from you.  Feels bad doesn’t it.

But  Now imagine that feeling…… x 10.

What you can’t do is lose your faith in your goal.  your dream.     In You.      Tough times come…. but a lot, most of the time, they can pass and sometimes even quicker than you ever thought.  We have to remember we have been here. 

THIS is our strength.

THIS is the secret to holding on through those tough times.  Those horrible moments of stress, pressure and fear.  We know what will be.  Nothing will change if we walk away.  Only we will.  It will change us to give up.   It will hurt us more than holding on and finding ways to deal with the situation we’re in.



My recent posts have been all about motivation and ways to deal with exactly this.

Your blogger is human as well and I deal with all this stuff too.  I think, we are here only to help one another.   Hopefully be there to assist one another if we can in reaching our dreams and goals.  My blessing in this blog is that I MIGHT do that once in a while.

Giving up is not an option to me.  It accomplishes nothing.

Not much of a bottom line message.  Because… it’s…… just….. that….. simple.

Time goes by so fast.  Putting things off and waiting, allowing disappointment to make you back off is ……unacceptable.  This is your time and your life.  Take hold of it and fight for it relentlessly.

Because guys, you’ll only get one.


Disappointment is a BIG liar.  it say’s you can’t.  It says I can’t.


I know life can be so hard. and to say “just hang on” is not always easy.  But if we can step back and see disappointment and how it works on us..   We can finally break that pattern and hold on through it this time.



Look it straight in the eye and tell it………..

“You can’t have this dream.  Not this time.  I’m going to hold on through whatever you throw at me.   This…. is mine….. This…… is over. 

You’re done.



and  I’m……….just beginning.”





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10 Comments leave one →
  1. August 11, 2012 11:06 PM

    Great job Colleen! I’ve been there myself so many times!

    • August 12, 2012 4:08 AM

      Hey Glenn!

      Wow how cool to see you here! Thank you for checking out my blog! You taking the time to read it means more than you know to me. I’m honored!

  2. August 12, 2012 2:26 PM

    I’m rebuilding a 19 year old Acura…It is near completion; A/C is the last fix…I have become so frustrated at times that the best and only action is to walk away…I’m a type A person with far to much tenacity for one man, therefore to walk away is just about as tough as continuing…But guess what? When I return, two Pepsi’s later, I see the error and work then moves forward…Your advice is sound and useful…I stand in the center of acceptance and walk the path God has given…Dave Saailer Burbee

    • August 16, 2012 6:54 PM


      You just said one of this most telling things I have ever heard anyone say!!!.

      “I’m a type A person with far to much tenacity for one man, therefore to walk away is just about as tough as continuing.” Saailer, I think right there you have the answer to any frustrations that come you way. No matter what the problem you have the tenacity and drive to stand stronger and out last it. I want to thank you for your comment because in giving it you also helped me. You also described me and I will re use this for myself over and over. “Walking away would be harder than overcoming the frustration” So Saailer, thank you and I wish you luck with your project! it sounds like quite an undertaking! But I know you can do it. When you finish come back with a picture! I would love to see it and congratulate your accomplishment!! cool! Have a great week Saailer!

  3. August 14, 2012 2:33 PM

    Nothing we really want in life is easy Colleen but I think the ones who move through all of this no matter how hard it gets or disappointed we are that the first 100 times didn’t work will be the ones that persevere. I think everything in life is kind of hard, the things we want the most ya know. It just depends on how bad you really want it.

    As always, great lesson here Colleen, thanks for sharing.


    • August 16, 2012 7:03 PM

      Gee thanks Adrienne!

      I agree Adrienne!. It depends on how much you want it. I just hate that somtimes for some, things seem to big to overcome and they can’t see any hope. That’s why I do this blog. I hate to see others give up on things when I know…..there is ALWAYS hope.

      Thanks for coming by Adrienne. That is always a smile for me and you are truly a kind heart! Have a super week and hey, don’t forget to watch our guy Daniel! I have the feeds. it’s very interesting! and fun to SEE his mind He’s so smart!!

  4. October 9, 2012 12:56 PM

    For me I had so many time Disappointed in my life. But with this i learn so many things. Nothing is Impossible in this world.. With Positive attitude you can face anything. Nice article…

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