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“Too Positive”……Really ?!

September 5, 2012

Hi I’m Colleen Kelly. Your Blogger.











Too optimistic?

Too hopeful?

Too idealistic?



“Yes, thank you ! I am optimistic!”



Yes !, I think to be optimistic, idealistic, and hopeful is a blessing!.

I get that it’s all in how you look at things and what your life experiences have brought you and who you have become because of them,  but I have found it usually always pays off to look on the bright side, to be hopeful….. and like my Mom, optimistic.

In my family, My Mom was an optimstic person. I would say my brothers are “cautiously optimistic”.  My Father, on the whole, kind of pessimistic.

I think it’s all in the life you have led.  What your experiences have taught you…… and left you with.

Take those people you see on the news sometimes…They seem to have lost EVERYTHING….A  house, car, and worse sometimes  they’ve lost someone they love…. and at times,  everyone they love………..

in one sweeping moment. 

Yet there they are hoping for the best, being thankful for what and who they had in their lives in the first place.


Stunning .

Hope can be a stunning emotion.


Strength like that can make you speechless and leave you feeling blessed to witness it, and if you’re lucky,  blessed to be a part of it.

My Mom, taking care of her, taught me this lesson.


To Hope…. regardless. 

To stay positive and hopeful no matter what life throws at you.



I feel to turn my back on that to please others, would be ridiculous.  I wouldn’t even entertain the thought.   I never have.   To be honest, there are only a select few people in this world that I do care what think of me where if they were disappointed in me or angry with would hurt me.  So it would not be me, to stop being ME for others.

See, that’s it.  “It would not be me”

So my question to you  in this post is……Would it be you ?

It’s just a select few who can suck the life out of your enthusiasm and you don’t need that.




What To DO In That Case



Respect them because everyone’s opinion matters ….and people are to be respected for who they are.

They could be even family, friends, but at certain times in your life you don’t need that kind of outlook so….  don’t walk, run from those people.   Someone telling you that being positive is a waste of time or trying over and over is a waste of time……walk away.

I have a friend who said the same thing to me.  I was a little surprised to hear him say that because he is so kind and understanding with everyone…… but he’s right.   Some people don’t want to see it your way.. Sometimes they can’t.

In the end you have to be who you are because you can be sure, they will go on being who they feel they need to be.  Others will respect you for being you or they won’t.  Others will love that hopeful side of you and some…won’t…..Possibly even because they themselves wish they had that quality that you have.

Whatever the reason, you have to stay true to who you are.  You have come to be the person you are and come to where you are in your life for a reason.  Your experiences and life so far has made you who you are.  Don’t allow others to convince you that being hopeful, optimistic or positive is a waste of time.

It’s a blessing to have the heart to “see the brighter side.”

Life can be wonderful….But it have it’s tough moments as well…..As everyone knows.  .  When those tough times come and that road seems long, having those in life who can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel or have that strength to help you find yours, and who can maybe even teach you how to be a more hopeful person  when those times come, to be a more positive person and soul can be a great thing.



Try to hold on and carry a positive outlook with you throughout your life.




It’s Not That Tough….But In The End



There will be those in this life who just don’t want you to succeed, have hope or reach your goal.  That’s a sad fact,  but it’s true. 

That’s okay though,  just keep moving forward.  Different lives create different opinions.  That’s a good thing and  even though we can be so vastly different at times from one another  the important thing to remember is we can still learn so much from one another.  These people can even help YOU be a better person and be even MORE positive and optimistic by trying to help them!.

  I am not perfect BY FAR but I hate to see others bogged down by troubles so I always try to help out if I can…..


But still…

The best thing to do I have found in certain circumstances is to, from those particular people,  move on.  I have had to do that to a degree at times.  I have a really difficult time doing that.   I have been really learning HOW to deal with people and life I could say It’s like learning to walk again,  but truly it’s really learning to walk for the first time. But I am picking it up as I go just like everyone else did.

Don’t feel you have to tone down your optimism, hopeful outlook or idealistic outlook for others….

I know there are so many situations in your everyday life that call for you to hold on, hang in there and it can feel tough.  That picture of me (above)…I’m may look a little mad.  I’m not.  I may look like a tough girl.  I’m not, really.

Not All the time…  Some will agree with me….Some won’t…..

Like I said …. that’s okay.


All I’m saying is this…


Protect your optimism…………….. It’s a gift.

Protect your hopeful attitude……. It’s a gift.

Protect your idealism……………….It’s a gift.

Protect who you are…………………………………It’s your gift.  


To yourself and others.        🙂





So, what did you think ?  I really am curious to know if you have dealt with this lately and how you did deal with it! please leave a comment below, maybe your comment can help another deal weith their tough times..  you never know! :)) 

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Have a wonderful week guys !!!   🙂

7 Comments leave one →
  1. September 7, 2012 7:27 PM

    Hey Colleen,

    It is indeed amazing how much hope people can have – especially, people who lost everything in a moment (and of course, there are plenty of others who are just bathed in the sea of pessimism).

    I agree with you – well, not fully though. I agree that it is great to be optimistic, to have optimism in hand, but I am of the opinion that we must also “taste” some pessimism in our life – too many of any thing is bad, a balance is good.

    Sure, we may not have the perfect balance (That’s where we would have an upper hand, more of optimism than pessimism).

    And of course, pessimism can also help – can making us to do desperate actions to get the results we want (Depends upon the situation too).

    As with dealing with pessimistic friends and relatives, it is better to respect them (and of course, we could explain to them in a way that it doesn’t hurt them, that they are being pessimistic – help them to change, maybe).

    • September 8, 2012 4:22 AM

      I don’t think you disagree with me Jeevan. 🙂

      Take my my Dad, he can be a pessimist. I have always tried to help him with that and help him see the bright side of bad situations. Many times he does.
      But there are some…. Who really don’t want to see the bright side….
      I will ALWAYS try to help those as you suggest to possibly become a less pesimistic person and maybe be happier and life I think would be a little easier if they did. I don’t think we should be unbalanced in life. I totally agree that we should understand the difference between optimisitc and pesimistic.

      What I meant was that there are some people who no matter what will disagree with you on being optimistic and seeing the brighter side or try to tell you “you can’t” “don’t bother” stuff like that. Those people who will just never do anything but weigh your fight down and your heart, those people who are always that way, those people maybe we should just back away from especially in times of our own struggles. They only will feed our feelings of fear, sadness self doubt..etc. Those select few who will never see the positive side and while I will never give up trying to help them,

      BUT… times of trouble, I know to not depend on them to help me find the hope I need.

      Thanks SO MUCH for reasding the post Jeevan!! I appreciate it SO very much And Thank you for your time to comment! I always learn from the comments I get and am glad you took the time to leave it !! Have a terrific week!!

      • September 13, 2012 3:14 PM

        I don’t 😀

        I can understand that (because I myself have been in those situations in which I didn’t realize how much better the situation was, until later).

        For some, it takes time. For others, even if they realize it, they try to deny it.

        Yeah, there are. In some cases, they can help you (by avoiding things that are really impossible to achieve, given our circumstances).

        But, for others they can discourage us from achieving things we could have by spending some effort and time into.

        No problem, Colleen 🙂

      • September 15, 2012 3:35 AM

        Thanks Jeevan ! Hey, have a great weekend! 🙂 I want to tell you I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. Means a lot :))

  2. September 19, 2012 1:03 AM

    “Whatever the reason, you have to stay true to who you are. You have come to be the person you are and come to where you are in your life for a reason. ”

    so those who are jaded should stay true to their jadedness; no?

    life is education

    other peoples “negativity” or criticisms are less likely attacks at the other person than they are that persons way of viewing life….everyone needs a catalyst or two in their lives….it keeps things interesting…

    disagreeing for no other reason than to disagree with another person can be fun 🙂

    personally I kind of feel if someone is brought down by what they perceive to be my negativity I feel bad for them…intentionally or not I think I’m here for that very reason of challenging others to make themselves better..and when they stoop down to the mud flinging level…victory is mine.. **evil grin**

    at the end of the day…..everyone simply needs to find what works for them and run with it…”damn the torpedoes”

    if you’re not a hopefully optimistic person with an ideology to go along with it…does that make you a curse to yourself and others? hmm…..takes both sides of the coin to make the world go round

    my comment probably does a better job of making me a blowhard than teaching others….but in that…people can learn..don’t be like me :)~

    cheers 🙂

  3. October 9, 2012 12:49 PM

    I love that people who has positive attitude to words life. I hate who sped negativity to words all things. positive attitude make you harder, Get success in life. Nice posts.

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