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It’s Christmas, Stressed Yet? 2 Simple Steps To Change That!.

December 19, 2012

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Hi I'm Colleen Kelly your resident blogger.  Welcome!..

Hi I’m Colleen Kelly your resident blogger. Welcome!..









Are you STRESSED ?

blog  stress





Running around trying to find the right gift for your Mom, Dad , your 5 brothers and 4 Sisters,  your 7  kids ,  your spouse,  3 dogs ,  2 cats ….


AND Uncle Harry AND cousin Frank from Omaha who you’re picking up at the airport and are coming ….any day!?


Is the "mad rush" making you ...Mad?!

Is the “mad rush” making you …Mad?!

Are You Ready For Christmas?


Am I the only one who isn’t ready?

Holy cow,  I still have to decorate,  (the tree ..etc. — meaning…EVERYTHING)  make the Christmas menu for Christmas day!.  Then I have to buy everything to make those meals,  decide what cookies to make…. AND make them!!!

Oh yea, I also have to……….. BUY gifts!

That’s right!  I have to do EVERYTHING YET!!!.  I’ve gotten started,  sort of …    Hey, I’m trying,  but I just haven’t been “in sync” with the calendar so far this holiday season.   I  figured it out though…

We had a hurricane here a month ago… It was called Sandy.    It caused so much terrible damage and disrupted so many lives.   My family and I are extremely lucky, we were all safe.

It did though cause damage around our home and A LOT of stressful moments for everyone here, that we will not soon forget ….

For so many it just was a terrible time…..For so many … still is …..and will be for a long time…..

(as you can see below)



After the hurricane happened it felt like I had lost about 2 weeks of time.   So,  since then,  I have been “off”.     My “holiday timing” that is…

So, I was thinking…….

I bet I’m not the only one who is running around and feeling a little behind this Christmas season  And not just because of the hurricane…… I mean everywhere! ……I think more than a few people feel like this every time the holiday season comes around     It’s called “The Holiday Rush”

I think we get SO “wrapped up in the holiday rush  Pun intended 😉  )   That it gets us running around trying to accomplish so much that it can make it easy to forget one very important fact.

That it’s not the rush”…. that Christmas is all about.


That rush can get a hold of us though.   I’ve  found myself  feeling that rush and hating the holiday because I’m stressed and feel like I’m running out of time and I  won’t get it all done.

Okay.”      That’s right.           “O—-kay.”

I am ALL FOR…… getting the job done!!!.    But I think The Christmas spirit, that holiday feeling,  is not meant to be one of stress, worrying and feeling like you’ve failed because you have the time to make that third cream cheese cookie!    What I mean is… I’m going to do all I can and try NOT worry about what I don’t get done.   Because like I said, I don’t want to miss what’s important. 


So here’s my plan and I thought maybe it could help you out as well.



The Plan


1.  Make a list —–  I’m making a list so I can see everything I want to accomplish and having it in front of me is much better than in my head.  When you are rushed and hurried you can forget things you need to remember!.

(rushed and hurried, weren’t they 2 of Santa’s reindeer?) 🙂


2.   Making  a calendar—–   After the list I’m making a calendar to see where I can put the items on my “To Do List” ,  what days I have open and free, what takes high priority,  and what I can slip in on other busy days to make sure it all gets done.


3.   Then, Attack it!!!.




Wrapping This One Up  

(Yes, Pun intended …again)



I know it sounds easy,  but it’s not.  It’s not easy at all.  We have so much going on, taking that breath to actually do what I’m doing, is not that easy.  We just don’t take that time, we’re afraid to stop.  Time is ticking away so we just keep going!.  But TAKE THAT MINUTE and try this…What’s the worst that can happen ?  You take a breath, or hey,  it works?!

This post was to all of you out there who are furiously shopping, cooking, baking, wrapping and going caaaaaarazy!!!!.


Breathe…..Then just make your lists, check them twice (Yes I said that)  then go out….. and get it done.

Remember though as you’re running around  that it IS Christmas  and it’s meant to be a holiday of peace,  and for counting our blessings and being thankful for everything we have.

So smile, laugh and….. don’t forget to…….. breathe. 

If that one cookie doesn’t get made…… If you EVEN forget to pick up Uncle Harry and cousin Frank at the airport!!!.    Try to relax and laugh through it.  It is Christmas and instead of getting upset, realize NOW you have a terrific story to share with your family… AND Uncle Harry …and Cousin Frank!.

And look at ALL YOU DID  accomplish!!!…..Remember you’ve had a busy year and have managed to do SO MUCH throughout that year!.

Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy your holiday season!!!.


It’s a time for reflecting and counting your blessings…… not your short comings.



It’s Christmas time!!!

Merry Christmas and Have a Happy Healthy upcoming New Year from ….”A Work In Progress”!!!

and your resident blogger…..



                                                                                                                                                                                             Colleen Claus!   😉

I Wish you ALL a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year!

I Wish you ALL a Merry Christmas and a

Happy Healthy New Year!



Thanks for coming to my Blog!  I want to thank everyone who took the time to stop by leave comments and their opinions throught this year and in turn, have helped me become a  better blogger !   The most important thing is you never know when your comment or story could have helped another person!.

Please leave a comment about this post, let me know what you think about it.  As always, I would appreciate your feedback! 😉

Let me know what you think and if YOU have any idea’s on making things easier in the holiday season!  Here is where you can help me… AND others! 



I would like to ask you to check out the following site. 






Dan Gheesling is a high school football coach, writer and reality television winner.  (He down plays that all the time) He happens to have a terrific website that offers motivational blogs, motivational books and personal coaching,  and as he is an expert on getting on and winning a Reality tv show, he loves to help others who have that same dream , so he has books on that subject as well as podcasts and other helpful ways he teaches others to do what he did as well!. 

If there is anyone….. who can motivate others to reach their goals, it’s Dan.  Please check out his site!


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Have a great week guys!…

2 Comments leave one →
  1. December 29, 2012 2:08 AM

    I think it would be pretty safe to say Colleen that after Sandy unexpectedly blew through that that hurricane could definitely put a damper on some plans. I’ve lived through many of them myself but never lost anything but electricity because of it.

    People don’t realize what chaos can take place when mother nature does her deed. The best laid plans can definitely go out the window.

    Since I was no where in Sandy’s path, things ran pretty smoothly for me. Actually, we didn’t open presents on Christmas because we are waiting until my nephew arrives home. He’s working out of the country but I still was able to do all my shopping before Christmas. I don’t stress over that since everyone in the family shares their list of what they want with us. Ah, and the convenience of shopping online. Love it!

    Hope you made it through the holidays okay and are looking forward to an awesome 2013. Here is wishing you a Very Happy New Year Colleen.


    • December 30, 2012 9:01 PM

      Hey Adrienne,

      Yea we made it through Christmas okay here. I miss shopping for a girl! lol 3 guys. But this year I did shope for my Brother’s girlfriend, that was fun. I never get mine done early. But I DO like that list idea!! I’m always puzzled on what to get these guys here..Men….LOL 🙂
      That hurricane was pretty bad. So many in NJ and NY will feel it for a very long time to come. But I think NJ and NY will come through. It will just take ALOT.. for too many.

      New Year is coming up… tomorrow to be exact!. Have a Happy Healthy and safe one! I know we will talk soon, here… or somewhere!! lol But have a great New Year’s Eve!
      Kiss somebody for me Adrienne!! LOL

      Thanks for taking the time Adrienne! I appreciate more than you know! 😉

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