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Bring That Fighting Spirit With You, Into The New Year!

December 30, 2012

New year blog pic

Hi I'm Colleen Kelly Your resident blogger and all around cool chick :)

Hi I’m Colleen Kelly Your resident blogger and all around cool chick 🙂













I don’t really have a specific idea for this New Years post!.

Yea really!.  I’m winging it baby!.  Typing….. as it comes..


So here goes!


It’s the end of another year and ……the beginning of a new one!







Are YOU ready ?  I am.  I think.

I’m not making resolutions this year, but I am focusing on a plan I have.  I’m going to attack it .  I thought to myself, maybe some people out there are not so “gung-ho”, for the lack of a better phrase, about the new year.   So I want to talk to you, who maybe are feeling a little apprehensive… about making those resolutions….

To tell the truth, I don’t care for them every year either!.  Sometimes you don’t have that huge plan!  LOL  You might have one a week, a month, maybe two…

but just not ON  New years!… Guess what……That’s OK!.

But…… to those who maybe feeling….. kind of “blah” about the new Year and maybe don’t feel like making huge, dynamic resolutions because… maybe you don’t always follow through and it leaves you feeling… like you failed…


Just don’t give up your Spirit of  “Good intentions.”





Intentions are a great thing!.    If you have the heart to try, it’s everything!!.  Because having the heart to try something even though it may not succeed this time,  is what finally leads you to that inevitable success..

That’s right!.

If….. you keep trying, I believe success will be… inevitable.



There is nothing the promise of a fresh, new year to fill you with hope. and courage to make things happen!.

There is nothing the promise of a fresh, new year to fill you with hope. and courage to make things happen!.


That is a big statement.  But I believe it.    I have been hurt and down at times in my life.  We all have.  Sometimes you think you are the only one that is….. and positive people,  well, you just want to punch them lol.

I am always hopeful no matter how bad things seem.  Sometimes I get frustrated over that!.  What’s wrong with me?.  lol




It SEEMS like it WILL NEVER Happen!

Why am I not completely just giving up ?!?! LOL


Colleen still tries.  She still hopes. She still pushes.  I have had people tell me not too.  “Give up.  It won’t work.”  Sometimes people can be understandably wrong.  Things can look impossible.  That’s when I smile.  Because I know me better than they do.  But now, some do know, Colleen just doesn’t give up.

You know why?  I know.  Because of words, phrases, like those I highlighted.  “Looks”, “seems like”  They are telling me…You don’t really know for sure either.  So why shouldn’t I try?


The point of all of this is YOU have to keep that spirit of hopeYour spirit of “try again” You can’t let that go as hard as it might be. 


What I’m saying is you have to Keep your fighting spirit.



New Year’s Wrap Up


It’s the new year.  It’s full of things promising and hopeful.  Take that first step into the New year with hope and faith  in you and what you can accomplish if you try. 

What will you lose by not hoping,  not trying?   possibly, everything…. 

 IF you try….you might meet new people, maybe go new places, maybe meet that person who can change you life. (wink!)  The only thing that is true for sure is if you choose to go into the new year without hope, you might not reach those amazing new people….. or that place ….you were meant to reach, be that person you were meant to be.    Trying can be so hard sometimes,  even a die-hard optimist can be daunted by trouble.  Anybody can become weary and wounded.  You can feel like “Sitting this one out” 



You can do it. Whatever has you down,  it hasn’t killed you.  You’re breathing.  Keep moving,  approach the new year with that “try again spirit” and that  “Let’s Go” attitude!!!. 

If you go into the next year with ANYTHING……. take this ….with you…

“I will never give up, I will keep Trying.”


 You can do it.

 I have faith in all of us!.

In you 🙂





Thanks for coming to my blog.  Please leave a comment below and tell me what you thought and if you are making resolutions or have any plans!…

By The Way….

I have appreciated every comment you have left over this past year!.   Especially, every supportive comment.  To everyone who took their time to read this blog,  I am so grateful and honored to have said anything that might have made a difference in your day. 

You are ALL EPIC!. 

 I want to take a moment to thank one very supportive voice. 




Adrienne Smith.  She has never failed to visit my blog she has always been one of the most supportive voices, she’s been so supportive to this blog… and the blogger! 🙂  She is a talented blogger herself, who has a built a wonderful community of readers that grows everyday!   She and her blog have taught me so much.  Adrienne is so warm and friendly and always makes you feel right at home on her blog! .  Please take a moment to check it out!   You will be happy you did!     

Thank you Adrienne!.    🙂



Hey, I would love for you to check out another blog as well! is a great site .  Dan’s site and Blog is motivational and inspiring!. 





Dan Gheesling is a highschool football coach, an Author and he’s also known as a two time winner of  the “CBS”  reality tv show “Big Brother”.  He not only loves helping those who are interested in getting on reality tv as he did,  but he loves coaching people and motivating them in their other goals and dreams as well!    If it’s for a team you have , or your for your  business, or if you are just interested in it for yourself,  you won’t ever find a better coach …..than Dan Gheesling. 🙂     Click here to find out all about Dan’s personal coaching! 


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Have a great week guys!

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