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The Question They Always Ask Me….

January 12, 2013

A blog title







Hi, I'm Colleen Kelly, your blogger! Welcome!

Hi, I’m Colleen Kelly, your blogger! Welcome!










I paid a bill on the phone today.   I talked to a very nice girl name Shannon.  In asking me if I was interested in their latest new offer.  You know, something having to do with eating out and earning cash back dollars doing so. 

Anyway, I thanked her but told her I don’t eat out much.  I said I had lost some weight, that I’m always try to eat healthy and I’m always trying to save money, so I don’t eat out too much.  She got really excited and I could just hear this HUGE smile in her voice,   (makes sense ? lol )  




she said:

“Oh please tell me, how did you do it?!,  I mean,  if you don’t mind telling me that is.” 

I said “No, of course not,  I just really got moving and worked out everyday.”  

“Oh Okay, she said,  eating healthy, working out,  right?” 

Right there, I heard less of that *excitement* in her voice,

As I did, I smiled to myself and said   “Yea,  I’m sorry.” 



I have heard that so many times that now I know when it’s coming .  I DO understand though.   I used to be that girl. 🙂

Used to be” God,  I love saying that.  I’m blessed to be able to say that.

I know everyone is always looking for that magic pill answer to losing weight.  But I’m sorry.  The truth is,  and I know you have heard this.

There isn’t one. 

It has always been and will always be


Calories in and calories out.

Working out and eating right.



But once you really accept that truth and do start , the feeling you get that comes with it is an amazing feeling and gift!.


This is that feeling you can have!.

This is that feeling you can have!.


The Magic Pill Dream


Let me explain something about the magic pill wish.  If there was one I would have taken it.  Who wouldn’t!!

.  But what I found by going through it step by step , what I got then and what I get from working out now, eating right and taking care of myself,

I wouldn’t trade for anything.   Neither would you.  Maybe some day that pill will be invented.  But until then, the truth is working out, eating right and sticking to the plan is the best way to do it long-term.  I know,  Not what you want to hear.  It was not what I wanted to hear either.  I always tried diet after diet and never really worked out, heck I hated sweating.  I hated it!.

“Ewww, sweat, yea,  I gotta stop now”  Hear it before ?  That was me!.

But I just would love for you to “get” this fact now instead of 15 diet and two years down the road.  It took a long time for me.  I did take 10 years off from thinking about me taking care of my Mom.  But after Mom and after some time, I started feeling I needed to reach for something.  I was starting from scratch. 

I was starting Me from, scratch.

Another story, for another post. Hey, maybe a book.  I’ve been thinking about it.   Like I said… another day….




The Bottom Line in All This


Look, If I can do this so can you. Remember me ?  Miss “Ewww, sweat, yea,  I gotta stop now”  Well, now I’m Miss “Sweat ? Oh God that feels like heaven….SIGH.”  Hey, no kidding either. 🙂

Get into “attack mode” and go for it!.  What would make you do anything?  What would you do anything for?

Use it!  Breathe it!  Live it!.

That magic pill, for now is still in the“idea” phase….

There is NO reason you have to be…  get into life and the fight for it. For your life, your future and your now.

Your worth the fight. So fight for it.  For You!.  If and when that pill comes out, fine, until then, it will take hard work, willpower and heart….   You can do that!!!.


The rest of my phone call?

Shannon did go on to say how wonderful and amazing it was I lost 130 lbs. she was sweet, VERY kind


Thank you Shannon………….” from the Delaware office.”







Thanks for coming to the blog guys I really appreciate it!  So much.  Your support means the world to me.  Please leave a comment and tell me what you think and feel about this post and subject, I would Love to know!. 


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This is Dan Gheesling




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Have a great day guys!

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  1. January 21, 2013 5:51 PM

    Love this – and I totally am the “Eww I don’t want to sweat” person! I actually just put my elliptical on the breezeway where it is always around 40 degrees because I figured it would help me not sweat when I work out 🙂 Thanks for the article and the motivation!

    • January 23, 2013 3:32 AM

      OMG thanks for coming by Julie! I am laughing at that elliptical! LOL Hey, this is hard!. My Mom always tried to get me to walk around the block with her. I would once in a while but then I would start to sweat and hey, then you messing with the hair and make up LOL No way! LOL Motivation is so tough. You can do it. No two ways about it!. You have it in you to do whatever you want. I have total faith in you . You look beautiful to me already!. You can handle this. Remember: I’m here, if I can help, just facebook me, tweet me, if I can ever help out! 🙂 Thanks so much for coming by! Made my day 🙂

  2. May 31, 2013 3:43 AM

    I blog frequently and I really appreciate your
    information. This article has truly peaked my interest.
    I will take a note of your site and keep checking for new information about once per week.
    I subscribed to your Feed too.

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