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Be More Afraid of Not Ever Trying …Than Failing.

February 9, 2013

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Hi I'm Colleen Kelly your resident blogger!. Welcome :)

Hi I’m Colleen Kelly your resident blogger!. Welcome 🙂


“Are you afraid of failing”?


I saw that question on a tweet from Twitter today.

So I asked myself that.      Yea.  sure.  I am.      But that’s OK.  

As Long As You don’t Let That Stop You from Trying!.



Being Human


Being afraid, is being human. 

Being afraid to lose something you hold dear, is human. 

Being afraid to not reach that goal, is human.

Being human……….. is OK. 

But ……………..

letting fear get the best of you so much,  so that you give up that chance you MIGHT succeed because you are afraid to fail

is not an option you should even consider.

I can promise you right now, if you don not reach for it………. most likely you won’t get it.

Doesn’t that scare the hell out of you ?

It does me.  


And RIGHT THERE   …. is the difference.

If you can be more afraid NOT to reach your goal than in the possible failure in  trying…  You can accomplish anything.


Reaching for the Stars is EASY....Looking back one day and WISHING you did....Is HARD

Reaching for the Stars is EASY….Looking back one day and WISHING you did….Is HARD


How can you do that ?    I mean sometimes it’s scary and you just can’t handle another diet, job interview, maybe another relationship.   But the worst thing I can think of is missing out on possibly the best thing that could happen to you in life….

because of ………..fear.

Boy it sure is a four letter word isn’t it ?  LOL   It has caused more people to fold up their tents and flee with lightening speed for the nearest safe place since the beginning of time..  Sometimes you can get so battle weary you feel you can’t chance failing again for fear you will lose your last thread of hope or strength.   Yep.

But………. and this……….. is HUGE…….  The fact remains that if you give in to that fear and feeling of  “I can’t”  ……..You, won’t… for sure…….     (Again……scares the hell out of me.)



Life Before…… “Life”


When I lost my Mom,  I was done.   There was so much of “Me” m my life, in her that there wasn’t enough of me to make up a whole person anymore.

I was out.



I felt like …….smoke.   

barely there.

Which is EXACTLY where I was.

Which is EXACTLY where I was.


And yet, I was still breathing?   I thought that was so amazing.     How?   I’m empty.   I,   and I know this will sound strange and maybe be hard to understand but I often wondered HOW I was standing.    No….literally

How did I actually stand and walk without falling down ?   There was nothing holding me up inside,.    I was hollow, except for the pain.   I was heartbroken.    My life was done.

The point of this is ……… I was still breathing.

Like I said,  I honestly could not figure that out for the life of me.     I didn’t have the heart … to know I was still breathing ….for a reason.


Hey,  you’re still breathing aren’t you ?   That last failure that you feel was huge and you feel, broke you,  or made you feel like you “can’t”……… well,  you’re still here.

You’re  getting up everyday because you are here to KEEP fighting and KEEP moving and KEEP TRYING.


Now this will blow your mind,   so listen up!!!.     The worse the fear is, and you fight…. and WIN ….the sweeter the feeling of that





Try It My Way


See now THAT makes me want to fight,   just  put up my fist and fight!!!.  “Come on, come on”  and taunt that fear.   Yea I know I’m crazy.   But I do the same to the machines at my gym.   I talk to them.   Yesterday!   I was on the treadmill and when it gets harder or I feel the machine is winning I talk to it.   Yes, I said talk to it.   Tuant it.    For example this was what I said yesterday.


” Come on.  Come on baby.  Not today ,  Not today.  Not any day.   You think you’ve won, I got news for you.   

You’re  O V E R..”


Then I fought and tried harder.  Yes …I won.    🙂      Truth.  I talk to the machines.


So this is what I want you to do. Talk to the  fear.  Tell it, no wait,    “INFORM IT”…    it won’t be stronger than you.  Tell it,  it can’t beat you.  Tell it,  it’s your time and time for IT to move over and get out of your way.

Will that work ?  Maybe.  But you have to try it.  What are you going to lose ? T hat feeling that nothing is working, or you can’t win?.

Maybe you will win.  The point is. you HAVE to keep trying.


Your winning moment is coming.   Don’t sit it out…Don’t miss it.   Don’t give fear your success.

Keep trying.




Thanks for coming to the blog 🙂  I appreciate you being here SO MUCH!  So what do you think ? Are you feeling this way ?  Have you ever ?  let me know.  I really would like to know and sharing stories is where can maybe learn to help each other 😉

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Love to have to stop by and say “Hi”! 😉

This is Dan Gheesling

This is Dan Gheesling




Need even more motivation?  Check out  …Dan is someone I consider a friend and someone I respect and admire more than I can say.  He is a Coach, entrepeneur, a reality tv winner , twice!,   and an author of 3 books and is working on another !  He motivates me more than anyone I know and is now Coaching people in their everyday life, being a motivating supportive voice for them and helping them reach their goals and dreams!  If you would like more help with your goals and dreams he is THE BEST  person I could ever suggest to do that.   Check it out …..I promise Dan is someone who never gives up and won’t let you either! .

Go out and have a fantastic week! 😉


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