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“10 Things I’ve Learned” ….. So Far Anyway. :)

March 9, 2013

Blog 10





Hi I'm Colleen Kelly. Your resident blogger!. Welcome to the blog :)

Hi I’m Colleen Kelly. Your resident blogger!. Welcome to the blog 🙂













This post is just a simple one.   10 points.


Or…  10 lessons I’ve learned that I feel 10 of the most important ones to remember and help you, (help me) through all the time!.





1.  No matter what your goal or dream never let anyone else keep you from it.

Why? Simple, one word. Regret.

The one who will live with the fallout and (that word) regret, of not reaching your goal will be you.

So don’t allow others to tell you what you need to do.




2.  Live the life you have always dreamed of.

Whatever it takes wherever you have to go to make it happen ….Simply do it.

Or we’re back to #1 …..and the word REGRET.




 3.  Patience in everything.

Have patience in everything you do.  

 Not easy.      No.    A simple task.     No. 

But it will be a necessary one if you want to succeed in anything or get along with others.

Sometimes life dictates we will have to be vigilant and patient for things.




This one of the BEST quotes about patience I have ever read. A perfect way to "see" being patient. Epic.

This one of the BEST quotes about patience I have ever read. A perfect way to “see” being patient. Epic.

4.  Be driven like your life depends on it.

There is so much in this world that will pop up and try to derail you.  Drive is everything.

Some might say that’s wrong,

but I know you have to be driven to accomplish big things in this life.




5.  Be kind to all you meet.

“Treat others as you would have them treat you.”

Very simple.





6.  Keep moving forward no matter what.

No matter what comes to your life do everything you can to keep moving forward.  There will be times that you may feel to crushed or down to even try.  Then pray.  To whoever or whatever you choose.  But I pray. I ask for the strength to pick up and move forward.  Sometimes we need a helping hand and that’s human and OK. 

Just don’t give up trying to pushing forward




Keep moving forward .

Keep moving forward .

7.  Take LOTS of Mental Pictures along life’s way.

Now this one is one of the most important things I have learned.  Memories.  They can be your comfort, your teachers, your history …..and show you your future.

Mental pictures are snapshots in your mind’s eye.

Take MANY.




8.  Surround yourself with like-minded people.

I have a friend who made this statement in one of his blogs a while back.  He said If others around you are pessimistic and drag you down ..Walk away from them.  If they are family it’s kind of impossible but if you can walk away.

My friend was right.  Try to help them, see if maybe you can help them be more optimistic and positive.  But id they are determined to bring you down talk down about your plans, goals and dreams.. Walk away. 

It’s your health and the health of your goal in question.

You make the decision.




9. If you know it’s right don’t give up

This is self-explanatory lol.





10.  Forgive everything.

Okay this one is a toughie. For me it is at times .  If you intentionally hurt me I don’t automatically turn the other cheek I want to slap yours off. lol That’s the fighter in me.  I like her.  Heck I LOVE HER!!!   That’s the problem. Being a fighter can make it difficult to forgive.  But the only one most of the time who ends up hurting is you.  Those who will intentionally hurt you…remember…did so in the first place.  Don’t give them more of your hurt.  Forgive them their stupidity….. and move on.  (See, sarcastic fighter is in that statement! haha )

 optional …..but choose that the option.




Thank you all for coming to the blog today! I want you to know I always appreciate any time you come by and say “hi” I means a lot !

What di you think about “The Ten” ?? 

Leave a comment below and let me know!   🙂



This is Dan Gheesling

This is Dan Gheesling

This is a friend.  Dan Gheesling.  He is a Coach, Reality tv winner (2 time winner!)  He is an author, speaker , entrepeneur, and a lot more.  He is smart and very motivated in his own life and now is helping others find motivation in their  own lives!.  He has a website to find out more about that and more! You will be glad you checked it out!.   Promise!. 



Or you can Follow Dan on his twitter page or here at At Dan’s Facebook page


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Have a great day guys!.

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