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5 Ways To Find And Keep Your Motivation Strong!.

April 9, 2013

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Hi I'm Colleen Kelly. Your resident blogger. Welcome!.

Hi I’m Colleen Kelly. Your resident blogger. Welcome!.






















Even the most motivated people can falter.    (Raising hand)

Yes, I Colleen Kelly…… have my days.

I don’t talk about it often at all because hey..


I’m Gymgirl. 


Yea a nick name my friends gave me along the way of losing that 130 lbs.  Because  I worked out basically 3 to 4 hours a day .  spent the day at the gym and loved it beyond words.


I still do.


Me messing around at my second home. (The gym)

Me messing around at my second home. (The gym)


I actually have my days of feeling “eh” but it’s when I’m not getting where I want to go as fast as I would like or life throws you a curve or just something annoying to add a little fun to the  day.


(That, was sarcasm btw.)


Yesterday for example.  I was feeling down about something,  and because of that,  it was a hard day to workout…

I wanted to cry not go to the gym.

But something great happened on the way to my gym!.

I noticed across the street from the gym they are building apartments.   and I realized while turning into the gym parking lot that


OMG,  they would have a gym right across the street like 200 yards away !!!!

OMG I would LOOOOOOOVE that!.    I sat there wishing I had that!!!.


In that instant I realized it wasn’t that I didn’t feel like going to the gym or losing motivation, I was just upset and occupied about other things going on.

I was concerned I was losing motivation.

I felt crappy.

Depressed and not much like going to the gym.  It really upset me.



I was reminded of this important point:

There is so much going on in our everyday lives that staying motivated and ready to jump on a treadmill or crank out 50 push ups is not always easy  and it’s okay.



But it’s not okay to let life keep you from reaching your goal.

How do we do that?


the tough part.



These are the most important things In my life I use.  I KNOW how important this is and I wanted you to honestly have a list that will work for you.



A list you can count on to work …..IF you really put it into action.


There is no such word as impossible.  Just "I'm possible."  KNOW it!

There is no such word as impossible. Just “I’m possible.” KNOW it!

1.     Surround yourself with positive and supportive people.


This one is vital.  This one you HAVE to do.  The voices that you surround yourself with each day are so important.  Have you ever spent time with a friend who talked down about everything and then walked away wondering why YOU felt depressed, sad or exhausted?  I have.  Don’t do that to yourself.  If it’s family, then try to remember they are that way and think about the positive things others have said to you while with them.  Friends are important but not if they bring you down.

  If they aren’t supportive, walk away.  Sorry.  Truth is truth.  A friend will always at least try to see your side.

You have to decide to surround yourself with positive Uplifting not pessimistic people who can’t or won’t… even see the positive side.




2.    Remember how far you’ve come.


Remembering where you started from and how far you’ve come can keep you going when times get tough.  It’s so worth remembering you’ve worked hard, been persistent, patient, strong.  Why because of a misstep or moment let all of the good go when there is so much that you have accomplished.  When you wake up in the morning, think about that right off he bat.  Whatever comes to you thought the day, you already have a head start on it.



3.  Set small , daily, weekly, or monthly goals to reach.


Break your goal down.  Making any size goal is fantastic.  But if you feel a little shaky on reaching it, or if it seems a little too much, make a smaller one like for everyday, every week, every month.  Choose the time frame that makes you comfortable and you feel confident with.   If you’re having trouble and a hard time feeling you won’t can’t reach your goal, make a small goal you know you can reach.  It may be small but the feeling of completing a goal regardless of the size or difficulty will help you feel you can accomplish a task you set out to fulfill.   Then as you go if you feel good about it,  begin to make longer term goals to reach.  It IS good to stretch yourself, challenge yourself and keep growing, but you can start and begin slow if needed.



4.    Help others….. with their motivation.


Anytime you spend time helping someone else you will always in some way benefit from it.  It may not be right away, but you always will gain from helping someone else.  When you choose to help someone find motivation or aid them in their struggle you can learn so much about yourself.  You also can strengthen your own motivation.  Being supportive to others you can be a cheerleader for yourself and not even realize you’ve become stronger yourself.



5.   Remember “why” …’re motivated in the first place.


This one is probably the biggest boost for me personally.  I keep my heart and mind always clear about why I am motivated.  It means so much to me it, regardless of what’s going on around me.  It is ALWAYS in my heart.  No matter what goes wrong, it’s there.  Keep your eyes on why you started.  Keep your eyes and mind on how much it means to you.

That’s all for this post guys.  Thanks for coming by it means a lot and I always appreciate you time here!. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think .  I love to hear your thoughts on my posts and would appreciate your opinion and feedback thank you! 🙂



Please check out this website of a friend. 

This is Dan Gheesling

This is Dan Gheesling

Dan Gheesling website is a great place for motivation and inspiration.  He is an amazing coach, motivator, writer, entrepreneur, and reality tv personality who is a 2 time winner of the CBS tv show Big Brother .  Dan’s site is fun, informative, helpful, smart and has such a great community of people who follow him .  Check out his site and his personal coaching ! If you need motivation and inspiration , just a helping hand in reaching your dream or goal, Dan can help you get motivated and stay motivated !



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Go out and have a great week guys!


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