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Goals, Making Them And Reaching Them.

May 3, 2013

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Hi I'm Colleen Kelly your blogger.  Welcome to my Blog!.

Hi I’m Colleen Kelly your blogger. Welcome to my Blog!.















We need to have goals.”

“We need to have purpose.  Goals can give us that.  We need to have goals we are passionate about, goals that continue to drive us forward …..always forward.”





Goals can be the reason we get up in the morning.  They can be the reason we breathe.  They can save us, move us and shape who we become.  Goals can lead us to our destiny.

I think sharing idea’s with each other , is a great way of helping one another reach those goals and dreams.   If any of these idea’s help you then my day…. has been made! 🙂


Here goes!:



1.  Prioritize — 


Making your goals a priority is necessary.   You have to put yourself first at times.  If you want your goals to succeed you can’t always put off until tomorrow…

Yourself, or your future.

Family and friends are important, and there will be times you may decide they have to come first.  I understand. Of course.  I put my Mom first for 10 years and took care of her 24/7 and nothing else, nothing else.. mattered.

She, was my life.

I would do that again  and never regret it.  It was the best decision I have ever made.  I’m proud of it. 

She passed away (hate that term)  I’m now learning to put myself first now (I’m trying)…and find ….my life.

From my Mom, I learned SO MANY things.  One of them is, time is precious.  Do NOT forget your life matters and push your goals and dreams aside.  Making yourself and your goals a priority is something you will have to do at times.  I know because I did the opposite for a long time, and now I’m making me… a priority and it’s not a matter of “catching up” where I left off but realizing I’m the same person I was when I “paused” my life.. and going from there. I saw my Mom fight so hard to be healthy and be here for her family I understand how important it is to never give up. 


Now I am driven and protective of my dreams and goals and giving them a lot of attention.  I know how important it is to fight for you too.



2.  Making Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Goals — 


The idea of making goals is not just to make EASY ones.  But sometimes those long-range goals, while making your way to them, can throw you a few curves and the road to that long-range goal may not be a straight and easy one.  So making small goals along the way that will boost your confidence while you’re on your way to the main goal,  can help you and keep yougoal oriented.”   “In the zone.”

That is a big help.  Staying in that frame of mind means everything. 

For example: 3 things you want to accomplish today.   When you accomplish them, check them off the list and at the end of the day you can look at that list and feel good about it.   Yes, it’s a small thing, but confidence building even though you may not think so!.

I’ve read about keeping many multiple lists, or having  “life plan workbooks”.

I’m not sure that is the biggest help in the world. It depends on who you are. You can get bogged down with a lot of lists… keeping one or two will keep you on track and help out much better I think.  It does me.  That is all up to you. Choose the best way, by all means that helps you,  that’s the important thing!.




3. Never Go A Day Without Doing Something To Get You Closer To Your Goal. –


Some days you might be busy doing things for others, family, friends, work.   Whatever it may be, it might keep you from taking the next step to your goal.  OK.  Then do one thing!.  One thing.  Anything positive that can help in some way  get you closer to your goal.  It may not be the step you wanted to take that day… but it’s STILL.. a move closer!   Just do something that moves you in the right direction…Forward, to your goal.



4.  Tell Someone About Your Goal — 


Telling another person about your goal can help you keep it real and keep you accountable to that goal.

Very simple guys…

Would you want them asking “Hey buddy, what happened to that plan you had to climb mount Everest?!.” … Then you feel like a dope, and failure. Right?.  Get it ? 😉  Sneaky huh..  😉  Keeping yourself accountable by family, friends, even Co workers, can make all the difference in the world.




5.   Write Your Goal Down —


This is Great way of keeping the goal “in your face“,  but the key is… to write it down and keep it in plain sight everyday!!.  Like on the refrigerator or your bedroom or even your bathroom mirror!. Even both!.   Write down exactly what your goal is.

Example: “I will climb mount Everest”

When you do that, write a date when you’ve written it. To remind yourself when you made that goal in order to keep you aware of time.   You can put a time of when you would like to reach that goal as well.  It can, keep you even more accountable.

Remember:   Keeping that slip of paper in front of you makes and KEEPS your goal REAL.




6.  Try The “Coach Approach” — 

Asking a coach for help is another way of getting a little help in reaching your goals. It’s kind of a new thing, and one I think is really smart!!.

It’s another opinion and positive voice in your life that can help you see things in a different way , gain another perspective!

You meet with your Coach discuss your goals and your plans to reach them and they can , from a new fresh new perspective and point of view, help you reach your goals with maybe a better way of getting there that perhaps, you yourself hadn’t seen or thought of!!.  I know of a couple of people who have gone this route and they were so glad they did!.    They all reached their goals….. and I think personally….. it’s a great idea!!.


Dan blog Coaching


( At the bottom of the page I have a link to a great Coach for exactly this. )



7. Have Patience —


I know this is a tough one.  I have trouble with it times myself when it comes to waiting to get to a place I’m heading.  But as long as you are taking a step closer to get to that goal everyday, you ARE on your way.  When you get there is up to you.  The world of course can and WILL toss in a few road blocks, but just keep moving towards that goal.  You’ll get there.    You will.




Kick In The Butt Wrap Up


Nothing will stop you.  Be a force that nothing can mess with.  Feel that goal in your blood and never allow anyone or anything to derail you.

Never set yourself up for regret. Never allow anyone else to either.  It’s really simple. That goal is your breath and blood. Live it, breathe it. it’s your destiny.

Now go get it.






Thanks for coming to the blog!!  I appreciate you taking your time!  I know everyone is busy,  so it’s much appreciated !  Hey, leave a comment below to let me know what you thought! Good or bad I respect all opinions!



Here is that link to a great Coach that can help you get things into perspective, motivate you and KEEP you motivated, and help you reach those goals!


This is Coach Dan Gheesling.

This is Dan Gheesling

This is Dan Gheesling

Dan Gheesling is a not only a coach, he is a writer, an entrepreneur, motivator,  and a reality tv winner!.  He is one of the most inspiring people I know.  He now coaches people individually to reach their goals.  Whether your goals are big or small, personal , team related or your interested in one for your business,  Dan Gheesling can handle it.  

If you have any questions about it, there are testimonials on his site from those who have had Dan help them reach their goals, and they let you know how well Dan’s coaching worked for them as you listen to each testimonial.  You can check out Dan’s entire site.  You can even contact him about anything you may like to know.  He will answer any questions you may have. 🙂





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Have a great week!.   🙂

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