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How To Choose A Gym You’ll Like

September 8, 2013

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Hi I'm Colleen Kelly your resident blogger. I want to welcome you to my blog.

Hi I’m Colleen Kelly your resident blogger. I want to welcome you to my blog.














When looking for a place to workout most of us have a list of things in mind that we’re looking for and that are important to us.

If I were to take a guess, I would say COST is at the top of most everyone’s list.


It shouldn’t be


 That’s right   Let me explain.


Cost,  for most everyone will always be one of the,  if not………. THE biggest deciding factor, when looking for a  gym . 


My theory is:

If you go in with only cost on your mind you may end up choosing a gym without really looking at  it seriously not really thinking about what you need because of cost and end up with nothing you want and even worse

Never going or not liking … at all,

but……….. it was good for your wallet.  

You don't want to end up like one of these guys, hating the place the picked out.

First Things First 


Before you go to any gym..

Sit down with a pen and paper.. make a list of what is important to you to have in a gym.


Don't forget your list!

Don’t forget your list!


If you have never been to a gym before and really have no idea, I’ve got that covered!.


I’ve Been There

When I started working out and exercising  4 1/2 years ago,  I started with walking because  I had no idea where to start , but that was what I could do right away…

After I lost 40 lbs. doing that I knew I needed more than that for reaching the goal I intended to reach, but I had no idea exactly what I needed, wanted or was looking for.

But now I do.

Like I said,  I started out not knowing anything about  working out or anything.    All I knew was I needed more and wanted more than walking was going to do for me..

Over the past 4 1/2 years,  5,  in October,  I have learned a lot about me, what’s needed and  know exactly what I need and want…… and I’m here to hopefully help out,  if you have no idea yourself.

Everyone will have different needs and wants.

This list covers the important points for everyone.

(Btw, I have marked with little red asterisks (*) the points that were most important to me.  )

  How The Place “Feels” To You     *


You have to feel comfortable in the gym you choose.  Walk around and get  a feeling of  the gym.  The people, the atmosphere.

 “The Feel” of the place.

Is it the kind of place you can walk into and feel good about?  —  Where you can feel relaxed and…. just plain comfortable?.  I know going to a gym for some, is not fun.. but work.. So feeling as comfortable as possible is a BIG DEAL. It’s best you have a place  when you walk into it, you feel comfortable and as at home as possible.  I know being in gym clothes walking around with people who you may feel are in better shape than you can be intimidating..

Believe me  I do….But feeling at home and comfortable as possible is important.  You want ……… WANT to go ….right?


The Equipment    * 


Do you like it? —- Meaning will you really use what they are offering.?  I don’t care if they are offering you a  free gym member ship for life.  If you don’t like/love the equipment they have to offer you  Forget it.  Because, if you don’t like it, if it’s not comfortable for you.. trust me……. you won’t use it.  Then you have a gym membership and nothing to show for it but be depressed about having one and not going.  This is my second time looking for a gym and I know that this was EPIC for me. If this is your first time going to a gym you will find that being comfortable with the equipment is big.

(For me it’s The one thing that mattered most. Not my surroundings, not the classes, lockers etc.. but this.)


Try….. The Equipment *


Every gym I have checked out this time as well as the last time I was looking for another gym allowed me to “try” out the equipment.  Get on an elliptical, walk a treadmill, lift a couple of weights.  I know everyone is different.  For me, like I said,  this is THE MOST important thing.  I have to like that equipment.  

How do I FEEL on that treadmill?  How does the elliptical feel for me?.  

There are so many different brands and makes , you have to get on and try them, pick up the weights and “feel” them…and feel yourself on it to really know if you like it.  

Treadmills for instance…  You have to walk on them and run,  if you can just a bit to feel your stride and arm room,  it’s very important for comfort sake.  You want to WANT use the gym.


Ask If They Have A Nutritionist On Staff  *


For me this is also very important.  You may not get this, but you can, and should even ask if they have a trainer (s) educated in Nutrition.

 If not, you can of course deal with that....But  it’s certainly a plus in my opinion.

 If you are making the choice to go to a gym, most likely you are concerned about your health and fitness.  It would follow you likely know at least a  few things about eating healthy and how the combination of the two, exercise and eating healthy, work together.   I’ve learned a lot , but I am always, always,  happy to talk to others who I know , are much more intelligent than I on this subject.  I feel it’s really important  to have this advice.  I have learned it’s NOT just about running on a treadmill.

The body is complicated machine.. …Learn as much as you can about nutrition.…. but get the most out of the help they can offer you as well!.   Ask about a nutritionist!. 


Ask About The Staff And Trainers   *


Ask about the staff.  Trainers. etc.. You may not intend to hire one or can afford too, but most places and most trainers I have known at the gyms I have been at, will be happy to talk, answer a question or two,  give you advice on something.  At the very least you want to be able to do that,  ask a question one in a while,  and gyms are always having special rates  for training sessions, for classes.. Trainers and training sessions aren’t always out of your reach. Gyms are always running special rates for all different things to pull in more people and keep the interest of those who already are members..

*Tip*   (The gyms I have gone to, have had pictures on the wall of the trainers listing what their credentials are.  READ THEM.  It gives you an idea about who this gym cares about hiring.  Did they hire someone who has an idea of what they are doing or not.  If you see pics , check them out but still ask about  the trainers..  Because the pics may not be up to date.)

Even that person at the desk who welcomes you,  it’s good to meet them, and see how they treat you, watch them and see how they treat other people who come in.  Why not?  It doesn’t make or my decision but it’s nice walking into a place where you see a smile… and not a scowl.


The Distance From Home And Work


This is another concern for a lot of people for so many reasons.  Gas, money, time etc….  For a lot of people it’s got to be close to their place of work because they either go before or after work and either way before or after, you’re tired, in a rush and you just want it to be as easy as possible…Making this another good point  to take into account that you should remember when checking out the gym.

Classes….. And

(Ask About An Informational Packet)


Most gym will offer you a list of classes you can take , some will be free, but some you may have to pay for.  I’ve never been into classes.   I will take one from time to time and they can be a change of pace and that in your workout is important.  So make sure you ask what classes they offer.  Ask for a schedule, they most likely will have one and will be glad to give you one….. Actually, you will probably get one with an info packet that you will probably be walking out with. In fact, if they don’t right off offer you an information packet, ask if they have one before you leave!.

Hold on to that, you maybe collecting a few and when you find yourself at the end of your search you can sit down, look at them all and compare and come up with the best choice for you!.


The Bottom Line


Whatever you decide to do, please go into your search thinking of what you need and what you want from your gym.  

Cost will for most of us always be a deciding factor if not like I said THE deciding factor.  But don’t walk in the gym with it at the top of the list… but the bottom.

Don’t go in thinking of cost first.   You will never forget that factor … but going in with that at the top of the list you may only think about that  and end up choosing a really cheap place you’ll never go to anyway.  Cost will be a strong factor,  but you should have both..

There will be different things that matter to each person.  Maybe you will care about the lockers, or the showers etc.  This list is my list.  Things will always vary from  person to person.  But I’m willing to bet these things will be on your list too.   🙂



But my hope with this post is you will go in at least go in thinking of what YOU need and YOU want not just cheap.

You are worth finding a place that’s right for ALL of you …...not just your wallet.




So, what do you think of this list ? Have you ever been through this?  Thought of joining a gym ?  What would be at the top of your list?  I really would like to hear it.  I learn so much from everyone else’s answers!

We all can.!   🙂


This is Dan Gheesling.  He is a great Coach, writer, he’s an entrepreneur and realitytv winner as well!. 

This is Dan Gheesling.

This is Dan Gheesling (above)

Dan was a high-school football coach who now coaches people, helping them reach their dreams and goals.  It can be really tough sometimes to find the motivation to get to our goals and he knows that!!.

Dan is a great person to motivate you and help you keep that motivation going!. 

Dan blog Coaching

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Check out the testimonials on Dan’s site from those who Dan has already helped reach their goals!  Hear them tell their stories and  their hear their opinion of who Dan is as a personal Coach!

Hear how Dan helped them reach their goals and maybe he can help you too.  

You can reach him right here:

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Have A Great Week Everyone! 🙂

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  1. Jeevan Jacob John permalink
    September 8, 2013 7:29 PM

    Hey Colleen,

    I think we are the only species who would ever wait in traffic to go a place and exercise on a stationary bicycle 😛 I personally think the governments should start encouraging walking more. It will not only be an exercise, but also help towards fighting climate change. Even the governments don’t do anything, we have to. I mean, we live in this planet right? We have to take care of it 😀

    Anyways, I have wanted to go to gym, but then decided not to. For me, my home is my gym 🙂 The only exercise I do these days is play basketball (I have a hoop in front of my house).

    Anyways, I do appreciate the guide 🙂 Thanks!

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