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5 Reasons That Can Keep You From Losing Weight… And How To Change That!.

March 4, 2014








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Whether you are trying to lose weight, or just stick to a healthy way of life,  (eating and exercise)  there are so many situations each day to derail you and can cause you to get off track,  it can make you dizzy just trying to get out of their way!.


Sometimes it can feel like you are dodging things right and left.




In  October 2008′  I started living healthy .

Since then I have lived a healthy lifestyle, ( ie. eating healthy and exercising).

For everyone  the path  to living a healthy life can vary and be different.

But there are universal pot holes I think we ALL will have to dodge at one time or another.


1.  Family And Friends


Ok.  Here it is.  Friends are great.  Family , great.  Do you hear the “but” coming ?,    Yea,  it’s a HUGE HUGE HUGE one.   Friends and family are great but they can be one of the biggest factors in living a healthy lifestyle that can  hold you back and cause you to make choices that you will regret.

Flat out….. friends and family can be one of your biggest support system…

and your biggest hindrance.


The solution:


So … to handle it..

With food for example:

The first move is to explain to them there are certain foods you choose not to eat anymore or  that you choose to have only at certain times  where you feel  comfortable having those particular foods and right now, you don’t feel comfortable and you would rather not put yourself in , for instance,  in a red flag situation.  Where you end up in a position where you don’t feel comfortable or strong enough to say



baked goods



Now, they may not hear you,

 which is a big problem.

This happens ALL THE TIME.



Even if your friends are into a healthy lifestyle, they may not be as strict as you are.   You may even have decided to not eat these foods at all, to just cut them out completely, but they have chosen to keep them.  That’s  fine.

But this is about you and what you need to stay on a healthy path.  So, the solution:

If they don’t listen after you have asked for their help and you have explained it to them ,  have that talk to them again,  after that  if they still don’t hear you……….WALK.

That’s right.  WALK.

Look, you like them you love them but I’m telling you straight out.  


The buck stops with you.


If you choose to not speak up , you will most likely at one time or another  hear:

“Oh come on just try it, have ONE bite”   and the question is.. will you ?


So ask yourself this:

What is more important, being nice and giving in and letting them do that to you, or you or having respect for yourself, your goal and do what you need to do.

Now I’m not saying DE- friend  them or not talk to your family!  LOL


I AM  however saying you may need to back out of certain situations that will leave you feeling vulnerable.

Look, I know it can tough,  but remember this.  You tried to explain it and THEY didn’t care to HEAR what you need.    So YOU need to back away.  You can still like them and love them, spend time with them YES!!!!

They are your friends and family.  But you might have to just make sure you won’t be in a situation where you are really uncomfortable.  You may have to see them in certain venues where you know you will be OK.



2. Bringing  RED FLAG Foods Into The House —


Okay, buckle up, this is a BIG ONE folks …When I first started,  I was already cutting back on a few things but then decided , you know what ?


“Okay”, (smirking)

“Lets....Really…Do ….This.”  

Then I stopped all of it  in my life .

That was it.



The Solution:


The solution is very simple.

Play hard or go home.  If you feel you can do it.

 Fine.   But you can be playing with fire.

I may have chosen the tougher route,  I just wanted to really get where I was going and NOW.  Not tomorrow anymore,  not next  month,  or next year… not anymore.  NOW.

If you really want to rid  yourself of that life , I’m telling you here and now, the best way of really being and living the words is….


Doing it.


Make it easier on yourself for once.  I bet you’ve struggled right ?

Why do that anymore…………  Why ?

There are So MANY great foods out there to REPLACE those that are high in fat, carbs, etc.. and calories.   I have found  so many that in my opinion, as a person who loved to cook and bake, are just as delious as those you are choosing to put aside.



3.  Not Seeing Results Of Working Hard…… Fast Enough.


This can be a killer.  You work really hard, eat right workout, day in and day out and sometimes you don’t SEE the results fast enough from your body or the scale or maybe even BOTH!.

Oh Man, do I feel ya.    I have been there so many times I can’t count.

You try so hard.   You do all the right things.  You think you’re doing everything right, and ….

Nothing.  Nothing is happening.  Not losing weight.

I know. I know. I know.





This is where you  can either give up or keep trying.  

We are all of us human and built to take just so much  disappointment.  It can be so easy to give up.  You get tired, hurt and why keep eating lettuce and giving up your favorite foods if it isn’t going to work right ? 


  I have been there many, many times.

But I am telling you one thing, one truth.


IF you stop trying ……… will fail.


If you keep trying you will find the right formula and………………... you will succeed.



The Solution:


I play a game called Minecraft.  Dieting, living a healthy lifestyle,  is a lot like that game.  In the game of Minecraft, you need to try different combinations of things  in order to create different tools that will help you move forward in the game.   Just like that,  this is what you need to do here  to find the right path for you and who you are.  You need to find the right combinations of foods,  and exercises to see the results you want.  You can do it, but you need to keep trying despite the setbacks.  You don’t have time to lay it down, start again in 6 months time because it failed .  The fact is you didn’t fail.  what failed is, was your plan. 






4.   Not Exercising. 


In looking for my right combination of things, THIS was the one that was always missing.

 You need to exercise. 

 This is the one thing I never “got” .



The Solution:


When I started 5 years ago,  trying one more time to lose weight and reach that goal I had always had, to lose weight….This time…I tried something different, a NEW combination.


I started walking, just walking..around the block where I live.  I built it up little each day and by about the 3rd month I was walking 7 miles a day.

Finally, I “got it”…      I’m telling you right now.  You need to exercise.


No complicated solution here.  You just need to do it.


I realize some of you may not be able to do that as easy as others, for health reasons, for instance.  Okay.

We can work around that.  If you can walk, then walk, I lost 40 lbs simply walking.  If you have limited mobility,  or health issues, and so many people do, there are exercises you can do  and this is just one great article for giving you a few  ideas.

Google is a fantastic way of finding other ideas as well!!.


As always, please speak to your Doctor before you start any exercise regimen.  He can also help you in finding the best ideas for you!. 



5.  Not Having Positive People To Support You.


This is probably THE MOST VITAL part of losing weight.     You can have all the motivation in the world but,  support from POSITIVE friends and family is KEY.

Everyone in your life who is supportive and helpful, cheering you on, being there to hear you out when you have a bad day of dieting, when you get tired or tired of going to the gym etc.  Whatever .  They are gems and to be thanked and always made sure they know they are appreciated!.



That being said.

Having the opposite can be disaterous to your plan.  


The Solution:


Like I said at the beginning.  Having people who do support you is everything.

If you don’t…. Try looking in another direction…

Try your local gym!.

Trust me, there are TONS of people there you will totally understand and support you.  I know.  It’s one of the best parts of belonging to gym.   You will also meet new people, make new friends and find all kinds of support from those going through it, dealing with the SAME problems you are.. You can also find a great support from the people who work at the gym. 

There are gyms all over,  I’m sure one near you.  MORE than one really.

Trust me, I found support, friends  ….. a new life,  in a gym.


Checkout my last post! Choosing a gym right for you! :

I actually was reminded of this writing this post.  

Please read this post.   I promise it can help you decide which gym is best and right for you!


You may not want to go to a gym and that’s fine!.  But start looking around you for people who are trying to do what you are doing.  School, work, other family members.  Sometimes you need to dig a little deeper or widen your search for support, but don’t lose heart.  It’s there.  Just don’t give up.

You will find it.

There are so many people out there trying to accomplish the same goal you are.  You are not alone. 


 ( I thank God for my family and friends.  They are the best!!!.) ❤


The Bottom Line


That bottom line is simple.

Do you want to accomplish your goal ?  Then you will need to have a few things in your arsenal for the fight .  Get rid of those that are not going to help you get to your goal.

How important is this goal you have and how much do you want it.


 When you make that decision, really make that decision,  the rest is ALOT easier.

You just need to make that decision.

Really make it.



 You can do it !    🙂




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Have a fantastic week!




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Dan is a great person to motivate you and help you keep that motivation going!. 


Sometimes we need fresh new ideas and ways to reach our goals and we may not have that motivating person in our life that can do that.


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2 Comments leave one →
  1. March 10, 2014 3:11 PM

    Great tips, Colleen 🙂

    I am not trying to lose weight (I am actually trying to gain them….but, I can’t say I am trying to. I just eat, and I do a little bit of exercising every day – so living a ‘normal’ life).

    There are times in which I tried to eat healthier food (and it works for the most part). But, sometimes I find myself in different situations…like in college campus. Not everything is healthy.

    But, I wonder: what is healthy? There are no healthy choices in college dining halls or retail shops…if I need healthy choices, I would have to grow vegetables and bring salad from home.

    So, I don’t worry much about that this days…I just eat – and make sure I enjoy the foods I eat 😀 Eating mindfully!

    Anyways, thank you for the tips, Colleen 🙂

    • March 11, 2014 6:12 PM

      Hey Jeevan,

      Good to see ya! Yea, I know not some don’t need to lose weight. I think most people are looking to either “get in shape” or lose some weight though. YOU Jevaan, are one of those RARE people and so blessed you don’t know that problem! Wow , good for you!. But I want to help all I can to try, to get into shape, or even better shape!. I understand it can be tough to eat healthy when you have no really healthy choices around you. In your case I think you will have to go off campus once in a while to do that. But as long as you aren’t eating something, and we ALL know what those foods are… HIGH fat,sugar or cholesterol etc….. you will be fine. You are already doing great! You are smart and it sounds like, aware of your choices and are doing a great job paying attention to the ones you make!

      Thanks for stopping by Jevaan, I really do so much appreciate you taking your time to do it!! 🙂 It means a lot to me 🙂 Have a super day! 😉

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