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Have A “Taste” Of Summer !.

April 23, 2014







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I don’t usually do this  because when I write a blog post,  I want it to mean more than a recipe .

But I do know at the same time we ALL… need a little help in that area too.

It sure seems to me this winter has gone on forever so I thought possibly THIS,  would shake it up a little and bring a little summer sunshine and a “taste” of summer to you all!.




CK’s Fresh And Light Fruit Salad.





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blog salad

Makes enough for 1 serving 


#1.    1 Cup of  1 % “No salt added” cottage cheese


(Always choose the low-fat Cottage cheese.  I alway choose the 1% , so much better for you , less fat and calories.  there are a few brands but I think Friendship is the best. ….AND  always choose No salt added cottage cheese where you can, cottage is a healthy choice always, but depending on how much you eat,  it can have too much salt in it.)


#2.  1  Cup of various fruits….( cantaloupe, grapes, watermelon). etc..


(Great and easy to find at any supermarket salad bar.)

Blog fruit


#3.    1 Banana  

(sliced in small pieces, I used a large one for this recipe, but you can choose any size you would like.)



#4.  1/2 of  an apple

(I always choose organic apples.  It makes a huge difference in taste in this…..or any way you eat apples.)


blog fruit #2


#5.  1/3 Cup of Carrot juice

(This sweetens it a bit,  and it’s not as dry, you can use any juice you would like, you could also add a sweetener my choice is Truvia because it’s natural and not a chemical)





Mix all the ingredients together.    All done.


(I like to serve it at room temperature.  I find most food, ice-cold, don’t taste as good.)



I hope you try this recipe I promise it’s really good!  Summer is coming guys!  Until then maybe this recipe can brighten up your day and your eating plan! 🙂




Thanks for coming to the blog!  I appreciate it so much when you take time out of your day to read my latest or past posts.  I truly am appreciative for all the support.  Hey don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know what  you think of this recipe, if you tried it!…. I would really like to hear it!.

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 You can find me at the following places !




 Have a wonderful week!   🙂 































































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