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So Much Motivation ! Some Favorite Twitter Accounts That Really Inspire!

November 21, 2014



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Sometimes you can get so much encouragement from small things.  There are many days when the “small things”,  can be the biggest things.  Like an encouraging words from a friend, a pat on the back.

Now, I know there are  So MANY  Twitter accounts,  that give encouragement and inspiration.  Whether it’s for hope, a little faith , just a laugh, or like these Health and Fitness accounts.


They can push you to take that run or  to find out what are the best exercises to do, or even the best foods to eat!  These are just a few of the places I follow to help me and I’m hoping they can help you along the way too!.


I really do follow each one,  and they really give me  a good feeling when I see them on my Tweetdeck !. 


(They are listed in no certain order)




#1.   Mike Campbell 


Lost 150 lbs in 363 days! FREE book Fat Guy Diary:Out of the FIRE!

Contact me to help YOU! Weight loss, Energy/Performance, Healthy Aging or Wealth Creation!




mike blog setupCollage






I am proud to follow Mike Campbell.   Mikes has an amazing story.  He lost 150 lbs.  He has a twitter account that  tweets out great information everyday.  From that “kick in the butt” inspiration, to all the information you need on his amazing journey from being over weight…to now to helping adults and kids get,  and stay healthy.

I am proud to follow Mike.   He helps children all the time.  Teaching them, showing  them, they don’t need to be overweight adults.  Showing them they can lose that weight, eat right,  exercise  and most of all, love doing it.    That they can be the person they dream of being.   I used to be that overweight kid, and I know.  What Mike is doing,  is changing the lives of kids who a good number will likely grow up to be overweight adults and unhappy missing out , watching others do things they wish they could do.   Please checkout his website  

 It’s a great place to find out all about Mike,  and follow his amazing Journey!. 


Click this link to go to Mike Campbell’s Website


mikes websitee


 #2.  @FoodRev

The Official Twitter Page. Educating, Empowering & Inspiring People Everywhere To Keep Cooking Skills Alive.

foodrevy Collage



This is the official Twitter for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Jamie Oliver is a world renown Chef.  He has so many things going on,  but he has started something called

 “The Food Revolution”   Like Mike, Jamie is fighting for children everywhere to eat healthy, make sure kids in schools are getting nutritious foods, and grow up living a happy and healthy lifestyle.  He teaches parents and schools how to cook, bake, provide children with the right foods and not ones that will hurt them.   Jamie’s food Revolution is amazing and there is So MUCH to see.  


Keeping us updated daily on the Jamie’s daily fight to keep us all eating, cooking and living healthy, this Twitter account is great.   Healthy recipes, ideas and lots of inspiration here.  Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration, and a great recipe and maybe it might start you looking even further.  If you choose to check out the website itself, take a look at his Petition to support healthy food in schools.  It cost nothing at all.  It’s just to show your support in this great idea,  that is definitely worth the look!.


Please visit the website and take a look at what he is doing. It’s SO worth it!!.

Click this link to go to The Food Revolution Website





#3.   @Nike



nikeco9llage Collage


Nike  is a really nice account.  They tweet out their newest sneakers.  (Which I personally love),   I always love  to keep up on the newest Nike stuff coming out, but not only to they keep you up on the new Nike’s  They of course also  keep you up on the newest clothes Nike comes out with.  They tweet great motivational photos and videos  as well.  Lots of great feeling coming from Nike.  They always have a great attitude that just , like we all  know tell you to  “Just Do It.”




            Click this link to go the Nike Website !



#4.  @WellFoodCo

, , ,, All Natural Snacks for the modern hunter gatherer. Be well fed.









The WellFood Twitter account doesn’t tweet everyday but when they do It’s usually something worth taking a look at.  Their snack are paleo snacks that if you don’t know what “Paleo” means find out more here:  Click here to find out more about The Paleo diet plan

Annyway,  they usually sound great and worth trying! . With all the unhealthy stuff out there, it’s nice to see good , healthy food on my Tweetdeck!.





Getting in shape, staying in shape, eating healthy, living a healthy life & having the motivation to do it can be tough at times. Our goal, is making it easier.


AnAppleADay  is a relatively new account,  but it’s been honest and always tweets positive truth about losing weight, being and getting into shape.  They tweet positive and  motivational tweets, as well recipes, videos, and they don’t mess around. They are honest about losing weight.  It’s my fav new health account and I love the honesty.  For someone who has been through it, the honest opinion,  has been refreshing. They tweet truth. Bottom line truth.


Ex-Royal Navy, CEO & Founder, Summited Mount Elbrus,100mile ultra runner & IRONMAN. Ex-Asthmatic & Spinal Injury Recovery
theblogpics Collage

Christopher Brisley  is located in London.  I see his tweets usually as I’m going to bed.  The time change from the USA and Europe is around 6 -7 hrs.  They are usually waking up as I am going to bed.  But I love seeing his tweets.  He tweets out inspiration, motivation and great quotes and more.  Just his twitter bio is interesting.  If you have the time, take a look at his life story.  It’s so very , very inspirational.   You’ll find he is always great for finding a little hope, and that push !.  He’s always great for me to see.  Gives me that push,  and it always reminds me who I am.   An Athlete.


#7.  TakeaChallenge


Global community to inspire people to live a happier life, through Health, Fitness & Wellbeing in a socially responsible way.

This Account is wonderful.  Christopher Brisley  (above) is the person who started this idea.  “Take a Challenge.”  The account tweets out tons of motivation , inspiration and  articles on those amazing people out there that reach and accomplish amazing goals!  They are great to read and get hope, and motivation from.  One thing, while looking at this website to select a few tweets  so to give you an idea who they are.  I found 3 great articles to read in less than 3 minutes!.  Need I say more ?  I really like this account!.

chall Collage

Click on this link to go to the “Take A Challenge” Website !




Tweeting deals, recipes and health news from the site that takes the cost out of healthy living 

 Vitacost.  I love  their foods.  I looked them up because I have actually wrote about them and made one of their products,  one of my top 5 fav foods !  You can see it here!   Read all about a few of the foods I use to eat right everyday.!.  I LOVE VitaTops!  But they also Tweet out recipes that help you eat healthier and not just about food.  But skin care and hair care.  Anything that is healthy and helpful.  A great account to keep an eye on!.

vitacostpics Collage


Workout and diet tips plus fitspiration to help break your sugar addiction. Watch the video (), read the book ().


I like this account because they give out information about different foods and just simply are a great reminder for me to see on my Tweedeck just how bad sugar is for us.   We always hear it but we can forget too.   I appreciate that reminder everyday.! They tweet out motivation on eating right and choosing the healthier choice as well.




is here to make you unstoppable. We’re passionate about healthy eating & exercise, & we encourage you to celebrate your…

I like this account because it tweets out so much information on just about everything you can want to know about Healthy anything!

dwey Collage

 No matter how you feel about  Lance Armstrong,  this is a great Website.  It’s an  amazing site full of information, tips, recipes, information on exercises , how to, what ones to do, nutritional information on all kinds of foods.  Just really great stuff !.

I personally have respect for Lance Armstrong .  For his amazing attitude fighting Cancer and how he approached it. For what that has given to so many fighting the same battle.   For his outlook on being fit, And I admire his career as well.  I choose to look at the positives in his career,  and learn from them. 


#11.  Eat This, Not That!


The no-diet weight loss solution! Learn thousands of easy food swaps that can save you 10, 20, 30 pounds—or more!

I really like this account because it tweets out news and information on all kinds of foods.  Recipes and articles on good and bad foods.  It shocks me once in a while about things I didn’t know.  THAT,  I love.  To learn more .   If an account can motivate me AND educate me, hey,  I’m in!!.

We need to hear about good and bad.   Healthy and not so healthy.   We NEED to hear about those that aren’t so healthy to either educate us or even just be a great reminder of what we already know we are doing wrong.  This account is great.

eatthis notthat Collage

Clink this link to go to the Eat This, Not That, Website


These last 4 accounts are mainly for pure motivation and Inspiration.  They are great and focus on mainly just quotes and giving you that instant kick to your spirit. 

#12. Be Healthy



Your source for health & fitness info, tips & motivation.


There a more than a few healthy twitter account that just tweet out motivation, inspiration and such.  I follow this one because it usually tweets of great quotes and they give me that punch in the arm, that kick in the butt, and that extra push at times.  Really worth giving a follow !.


Motivation to help you get fit and stay fit.

blogfit Collage

Fitness Motivator is a lot like Women’s Fitness.  They tweet out inspirational quotes  about working and getting and staying in shape.  But I love those for what they do..  This is another great place to get that “punch in the arm”.

#14.  Sports Quotes


The Best Quotes from the Greatest Athletes

Sports Quotes  is another account that tweets out great motivational stuff.  I love seeing a great quote from an Athlete I admire.  Hearing those voices, can be a great motivator !

mwn Collage

#15.  Athlete Motivation


Motivational quotes for people who love sports.

mnbv Collage

Athlete Motivation is a lot like Sports Quotes.   Another Account that I just enjoy seeing on my Tweetdeck that inspires me.  Another great motivator !.

All these sites are really great at what they do.   When you check them out, be SURE to check out who THEY follow as well!.  You can be sure to find a few more!.

I’m going to do that as well!   I hope you got some idea’s from this post.  Do you know of any really great Twitter accounts that you follow I or the readers like yourself might like ?

I would really honestly love to hear about them!.  Please leave a comment below and tell everyone about them!.

comment blog



I always have a few favorite websites I always like to take the time to mention here. Especially this one.


This is Dan Gheesling. 

He is an amazing  Coach,  Writer, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and realitytv winner, as well!. 




  Dan was a high-school football coach who now coaches people, helping them reach their dreams and goals.  It can be really tough sometimes to find that motivation,  to reach our goals, and he knows that.

  Dan is such a great motivating force.  He truly knows how to motivate, and most importantly, how to help you keep that motivation going!. 

 Sometimes we need fresh new ideas and ways to reach our goals, another voice, another opinion.

 You can check out the testimonials on Dan’s site from those who Dan has already helped reach their goals!   Hear them tell their stories and give their opinion, of Dan as a personal Coach.   Hear their personal stories on how Dan helped them reach their goals and how he can help you as well.


Dan also has a new book just out last December about Leadership.

“Clean Your Own Mirror” (which he bases his lectures on).  You can see this book…  and all of Dan’s books on his website!.   Read and get all the information about the presentations that Dan gives to Colleges and Universities all about how to put the lessons in his new book, on how to be a better leader,   to work in your life.   You can also SEE him at work, in videos right on his website!.   Watching Dan give his presentations, you can see and feel the energy Dan brings to his work, and hear why,  wherever Dan gives a presentation, everyone speaks so highly of him.


 (Links to reach Dan Gheesling are below)

 You can get all the information needed on Dan right here:

or you can tweet him at:



 You can find me  at the following places !


and my other blog as well!!


Have A Wonderful Day!! 🙂 






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