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7 Things You Need To Succeed In Your Weightloss/Fitness Goal! This Is Your Year!

December 23, 2014




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Every year we make New year’s resolutions.

I  know 99% of us have made this one….


Lose weight and or get into shape.  


I thought about it, and for me, as well as many others ….  these are factors that can make or break you in your plan to lose weight and or, get in shape.

If  you can follow through and do these few steps,  you have a great chance for success!




 No Junk food –


I know everyone says “Moderation”.  I do agree moderation is a good thing.    For me,  it was just easier to cut all junk food out though.  They way I saw it and see it even more today,  I had it all my life.  I had enough.   I wanted something more,  something bigger and better than the next snickers bar.  It was time to get serious.

I had tried all my life,  and this was going to be done…. now.

In cutting all junk food out , not buying it, bringing it home or eating it out, I felt better about myself more than ever before because I was giving it my best , giving it my all.  Not just half the way.

Today there are more choices to replace those foods with healthier versions than ever before.  You won’t have to miss it.  I don’t.  You won’t either.  Once you get a taste of feeling healthier,  losing a few pounds, looking better, having more energy , feeling better about yourself, the last thing you’ll want is to give that back…. for a Big Mac.



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 Keep Your Focus


This is very important.  You need to keep your focus.  We’re so busy today running around from work to home to wherever that we can lose ourselves in the mix and things like a diet and working out, getting to a gym can become …just to hard.  That’s when we might give in,  and to make it easier,  we instead of cutting up those vegetables for dinner,  we grab something fast, easy and too many times .. unhealthy.  We’re just so tired from all the running around we decide not to workout, or not to drive to the gym.

This is where staying focused is so very important.

You CAN do this.    YOU were meant to succeed, not fail in this.

You will succeed.  You might need to put  in some extra effort sometimes when it gets a little hard.  I can promise the extra effort will pay off though!.

I’ve been there.     I can tell you this.  If you put in the time and effort.  you will succeed.





Surrounding  Yourself With Positive Like Minded People


Surround yourself with people who care about you and what you’re doing.  People who share your desire for eating healthy and working out.   Not everyone you know has to be on the same path as you are,  but they have to respect that you have made the decision to change things in your own life….. and not make it harder for you.

When I joined a gym I found so many people who were doing the same thing as I was.  Looking to get in shape, lose weight and be the best they could be.  I found new friends in many of the people I met there that I am still friends with today.  I will say I got very lucky in that.   Everyone I met was so kind and helpful to me.   A gym is a great place to find support, and that daily focus which I mentioned that is so very important,  nutritional guidance, to learn about what works for you,  what you need in calories, etc.

A gym is a great place to find all of these things.

You will meet so many people who share the same vision as you do about where you want to go and where you want to be.

Not to say you should give up your friends.  Of course not,  most friends will of course understand and support your healthy new choices.  There might be a couple friends that won’t, because they just aren’t in the same place you are right now,  and  if being with certain friends puts you in a tough situations with food and taking care of yourself and you end up  making choices that are detrimental to your plan of living a healthy lifestyle, you may at least, need to see less of them until they understand or at least until you feel self assured in your path that you can say “no” to them, and stand strong in your healthy choices.




Eat Healthy Everyday



 If you have tried to lose weight and get in shape before, then you know eating right is KEY.

This does not mean every other day or just during the week.  It means everyday.  I know it isn’t easy.
Do you know how many diets I was on until I finally really lost weight and kept it off ?   Too many.    I bet you can say the same thing.  Well, this time I want you to succeed and succeed in

keeping it off.    One of the key ingredients in doing this is eating right everyday.  It not only will be good for your body but the effect it has on your mind and your confidence is so very important.  Trust me, eating healthy makes you even feel “clearer”.   It also gives you a confidence about your path and feeling confident is one of the things that will keep you eating healthy!.






 Working Out


I know you may not want to hear it but the truth is eating right and ..working out, go hand in hand.    One truly helps the other and the combination is unstoppable.  I never worked out.  So many times I started a diet and it consisted of just that.  Eating better.  That was great, but I never worked for me.  I always gained it back and sometimes I gained even more back.   Sound familiar ?.  Yep.  I know how you feel.  So when I tell you that working out was what made the difference for me and working out EVERYDAY.  Please trust me.  it comes from experience.


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Be Patient


The last one.  Patience.  Saved this for last because I think MOST of us start this stuff without it.   This is ,  SO Important.  You have to be patient.

It take time to learn a new way of eating,  it takes time to learn a new way of thinking.  You have to give yourself ALOT of time.  Give yourself a break this time around.  I know you might get tired,  I know you want it all right now.  So did I.    I still do!.   I always want to be where I’m heading, yesterday!.

It takes time.   But in that time, you’re changing.  If you stick with it and really give it the time,   you will do it this time.  The one thing about it taking time…..It will most likely last.

Please, please, please,  the best thing you can do for yourself is give that to yourself…. TIME.



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Stop Thinking Of It As… “A Resolution”


When you think New Years  resolutions, do you have that feeling of “success”?.   Something that when you have done it, it usually lasts and you are glad you made it  or something that might or will probably, in time, “fail” because, well, when you do it, they usually do because they  fizzle out in time?.  Right..

So stop calling it that,  because that is not what you’re doing and  it can bring that old feeling back to you, like you already have one strike on you because you’re already in the back of your mind, thinking.. it might not last.  I hate to quote Nike, forgive me,

but “Just do it.”

Don’t label it a “resolution”.  It’s not what you intend it to be right ?. You want this to be a new start, a lasting change, right ? .

Don’t give yourself a strike, before you even take a step into the “batter’s box.”  Just think of it as you really want it to be.       A new life


If you like, please checkout my other  blog:      “Reach For More”  “Resolutions,  For And From The Heart”                                                            




Wrap Up


You can succeed this year in your plan to lose weight and get in shape.  You really can.  I know you probably have tried before and maybe have been disappointed.   The difference between the last time and past times,  is you and how you approach it and think of it. 

You have to think of it as, and make it a priority and important.  Put in the time and hard work you need too.  The difference is deciding what you want most.  If you really want it and do what you need to do, you will succeed this time.  It’s all in what you put into it, having the right tools, ie. eating right and working out, and really deciding you won’t give up and make it a real life change.


 It will become a life change.  You will change,  if you stick with it.   





I want to Thank everyone for taking the time to come to the blog this year!!!  You are so kind and I would like to wish you all the very Merriest of Christmas’ and the healthiest Happiest New Year, yet!   God Bless!.  🙂 





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  1. December 23, 2014 7:20 PM

    Great blog!!! This is such great advice…all of them are so true. I am so impressed with #1…I’ve drastically cut back the amount of junk I eat, but there are still times when I just give in to it 🙂

    • December 23, 2014 7:27 PM

      Thank you Andi 🙂 I really appreciate that!. Coming from you it means a lot!. I admire your dedication so much. Yea. I just figured.. I had enough. lol I think you know how to handle it and you’re OK though. 😉

      Hey, thanks for reading the blog! 🙂

  2. April 21, 2015 9:43 AM

    Purely Motivational though… i think anyone who will read this post can certainly be motivated to succeed In your weight loss and his/her fitness goal .Great advice though.. all the facts you presented here are true indeed.

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