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3 Things That Have Boosted My Workouts!

February 16, 2016


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That has to be one of THE biggest questions, one of the biggest problems we have when it comes our in health and fitness.  I think we all deal with it, at least from time to time.  I mean, there are so many things going on in daily life that can either take our energy… or even keep us from getting TO…. that workout.  I wanted to put a few of the things that have been really making a difference lately, for me, together, hoping maybe it can help others too!.


Changing Your Routine.   

I’m one to stay with the same routine. I’m not great with change.  Keeping it fresh and giving your body new challenges is the best thing for your workout. That’s what it’s all about.  Building on your abilities for the best and most successful results. Like I said, I can get in a groove, and stick with it.


I have always worked with weights and machines as well as my favorite.  Cardio.  🙂

I wanted to make a change, step up working more with machines and doing more core exercises.  I always have, but wanted to change up how and when and much I do them.  So far I love it.  I have been doing more with machines and really enjoy it so much.   I FEEL different, my body feels stronger and I’m starting to really see a difference as well!.

Another REAL payoff right now,  is the added excitement of getting there to the gym and working out differently.   That fresh new workout!.


Keeping Your Music Fresh

This one is HUGE.  When I started working out years ago.  The first gym I went to, had TV’s across the ceiling and you could have headphones.  I didn’t know that. lol

Really,  I had no idea. (hey, I had never been to a gym in my life lol) .

I used to workout without anythingNothing.

When I got my first ipod…(mind blown)..  The difference it made was amazing.  All those songs that drive you, make you want to fight harder, keep you moving and motivate you.  Oh my gosh!.  It gives me such fight and energy while working out.

One thing though.  We are always changing and as we do, the way we feel about things will change.   It’s really important, I’ve found, at least for me (and I think it will be for you too) to change up your playlist.. as you change.

I have songs that I still love on my Ipod  from when I started, but I have of course added new along the way..  As we change, our workout changes and we have to adjust things to get the most out of our workout and ourselves. Music helps me in my workout, SO MUCH.

If you have trouble finding new songs, which I do from time to time, ask what your friends are listening to, Google the top 20 workout tunes, if you need a little help.

(This is a favorite of mine from my workout list on my IPOD!!)



 Getting Motivation From Others/Paying Attention To Your Surroundings

This is one I  discovered working out at the gym.  Most gyms today have TV’s on their treadmills, ellipticals etc.    I don’t use the TV’s really but one day on the elliptical, the tv had something silly on it, and I reached up to turned it, I kept flipping the channel and came to one of the sports channels.  It was mens track.   I left it there and as I was watching these men run around the track, listening to my music, I felt even more determined and full of “fight.”

To watch people run at speeds I would love to run at, was breathtaking and so motivating for me I wanted to just run with them!.  Oh my gosh, what a motivating moment for me!!.  I just wanted to fly around that track with them!.  Watching people run has always inspired me.  I sometimes watch other sports as well!.  It’s a great motivator to watch others excel.




Then I took a look around the gym.  Seeing others working out, reaching, fighting, working so hard, I thought, it really is so helpful to have others working , in a sense right beside you trying to reach the same goal.  Being in the best shape you can and feeling good about yourself.

Pay attention to your surroundings.  Whether it’s at the gym or just running through the park, whatever you are doing, or wherever you are working out, seeing others doing the same thing, watching them reach for that goal, striving, fighting, can be so inspiring and motivating for your own workout too!.

Always keep your eye out for things that can help you in your fitness goals.




No matter how your workout is going.  Keep it going.  If you have something that helps you, share it with others.   It will come back to you.

Never give up.  Always keep pushing forward towards your goal. Keep going.   If you get stuck, re evaluate your routine and the way you are eating, your calories.  What you are eating, how you are working out…keep your eye on all you do. If something isn’t working, make a change.   Never rest on your last workout.   Keep moving forward!.



Next Post!!!  —

My Own Recipe:  Next Week —Delicious Healthy Energy Balls!!!  




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