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Spice Up Your Workout! –Take A 30 Day Challenge!

November 9, 2017






#2blog 579 (1) to be finished brwn eyes         I’ve always loved going to the gym and you’ll never have a problem getting me to go.

But sometimes if we can’t get there, it’s not because we don’t WANT to go.  Sometimes there are things that pop up that can keep us from getting there, or keep us from being able to workout.


This has been my problem.


My right knee became a little sore.

It was suggested I “not go crazy at the gym”  ……. and……. “take it easy.”

(One of the worst thing you can say to me… when it comes to the gym).




But I have learned to listen  (well, doing my best) when it comes to people who know more then me about fitness and what is healthy and safe ….and smart.

One day a friend invited me to do a FB challenge with her.  It was for burpee’s.   Now a burpee is a tough thing to do.  No one really “likes” them.    (Do they? , lol)   Though you can like what they DO….. for you  lol.

I was feeling kind of stuck and shut down at the gym not being able to do the amount I wanted to at the gym… and it was not much at all.  I walked a little…I did the machines for the upper body, I did not go crazy because so many exercises that I always did ended up being connected to using my knee.    So when she asked me to do this challenge I thought “OK, why not!.”   The fact this was something new made it interesting and I needed something new to get me out of the funk I felt I was in.


Now, a burpee.  I hadn’t done them in a long while.  I hadn’t done them much in the past either..  I had to google it lol.    When I did well, it certainly involved using my legs.  But as the group leader explained there were modified versions.   I chose one and then actually modified it a bit more.  Making it LESS stress on the knee.  You might ask why do this if you had to modify it so much why do it, right?  I might say that too.  But I wanted to stick around and give this a shot.

The group consisted of people who were asked by a friend and asked to ask their friends to join as well.  Just a way to get others who like to exercise, like yourself,  involved.    I was skeptical.  I thought, “Oh, someone is probably selling something”.  Which is fine.  I just couldn’t really afford to purchase anything right now.  But they were great and never pushy or insistent.   They simply left a pinned post on top of the group Facebook page, and if you wanted to, you could ask about it ….or not.  They were really great about it.

Everyone was supposed to check in everyday and post that they did their 30 burpees and that was it.  At the end of the 30 days if you had posted each day there was a prize you could possibly win.  Noting huge, but it was nice. Incentive for everyone!.   I honestly didn’t care about purchasing anything or even winning anything.  I was there for the challenge.

(They may not ALL offer something.  This one did though).

Everyone would post and be so positive and supportive of everyone else, it was such a great little community of people punching each other in the arm!.  Everyday you would have everyone’s FB post on your timeline, (If you didn’t want that, you could always set it not to have that)    I liked it though.    It was a shot in the arm, seeing and reading everyone’s posts or little anecdotes, videos, or stories about how they did that day. Sometimes people saying how they didn’t feel so motivated that day but pushed through because someone else had said something that made them try harder!..


So I did the 30 Day Challenge and stayed around for the next one too!.  A LOT of people stuck around.  I’m on my third challenge now.   I love them.  I may not be great at each one, but I love the support, the feeling of accomplishment and seeing myself get stronger and better at each one.

So, if you are feeling stuck, or possibly bored with your gym routine, try a Challenge!.

Check out Facebook  You will find any number of them you can join or even start your own!   I HIGHLY recommend trying it!  





Thanks so much for coming to the blog!  I really do appreciate it so much when you take time out of your day to read my latest or past posts.   🙂  I truly am appreciative for all the support!. Hey, don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know what you think of the post!.


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