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How To Say “No thank you”…. To ALL The Holiday Food!.

December 19, 2017





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Saying “No thank you” is O – KAY.


I want this to be tattooed, engraved and burned into every person’s mind, heart and soul who is struggling through the holiday season with friends, parties and family get -together’s to go too.  Heck!,  want you to remember this no matter what time of the year it is!.

It’s not easy out there, is it?   Nope.   

I know.   I’ve been through it.    

I go through it. 

It’s tough enough with all those cookies, chocolates, cakes, candies all the usual Holiday fare..

Then…. you have Grandma who you LOVE, and she made your favorite pecan pie that she KNOWS, you love.

How do you say “no”….. to GRANDMA..




The How


I know you feel you uncomfortable.  I know you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling’s. Especially, Grandma’s.

But, hear this ….Please.   FEEL this…PLEASE

You get up everyday and work hard.  You try hard everyday.  If you have lost weight, you have WORKED So HARD for that.  If you’re in the process of trying to lose weight,  you’re working so hard for that.   You have a right to say   “No, thank you”  to anyone… and EVERYONE.

Yes,  even Grandma.

How?  You don’t want to hurt others feelings or feel like a party pooper, right?  I get it.  I have felt ALL that too.

(Little secret, once in a while,  I feel that way, still.)


I have worked HARD.  I STILL work hard.  I have a right to feel good about that and not feel bad because I choose to eat healthy ….and eat healthy even through it’s the holiday season.    So when Grandma or your friends or family ask “Why aren’t you eating pie?.”  Remember how hard you have worked …(work) everyday…TOSS those shoulders back and say:


“You know,  I  have decided I’m going to eat healthy through this holiday season.  It makes me feel good and it means a lot to me that I stay on this road and I keep that promise to myself.  I just feel better about me and I’ve worked so hard that I don’t want to cheat on my diet, for anything!.  I really feel good about it and I appreciate it so much…. when people understand.  It just means so much to me.”


Just say this.  If you want to change some of it..  Do it!  Whatever works for you!.  But……




You have earned the right and if they respect and love you they will hear it.  If they don’t, if these happen to be friends or family who are stubborn and possibly don’t understand AT ALL……Repeat it.  Repeat it as often as it takes.

Look, this stuff will never be easy.  I have come to understand this.  But I have also learned this.  MOST people (family and friends), will see you make consistently healthy choices, and at some point get it.

My Dad.  I love him.  He is a sweetheart.  To this day, NINE YEARS after I losing weight and have continuing to eat healthy… everyday,  STILL will ask if I would like a cookie etc. or want to try something. lol  What do I say?  Well, I smile first because I know if he thinks for a second he knows I won’t do it.  He knows. lol  Then I say, “No thanks Dad.” and keep moving.

Usually he will catch himself and go  “Oh, yea”…laugh and say …”you won’t eat that. lol ”  After a while, people WILL start to get it.


So don’t worry.  They will survive your “No Thank you.”  Truly.


You have to decide to do this for you.   That’s all there is to it.  It may not be easy at first, or all the time, but like I said…You have to take that stand, and stick to it.  Think about all the hard work you do.  How hard you try .  How far you have come and how far you can go.

You can do it.  Trust me.


Now, go forth and have a wonderful Holiday season and……





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