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A Few Things To Remember And Take Into The New Year.

January 1, 2018


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First off.  I’m just me.  No expert.  But this year has been one to learn a lot from.  So I wanted to share it.  To possibly help another person.  This is why I have a blog. To share what I learn, to possibly help another.

So, I hope you take and find something in this post that will help you in the coming New Year.




Never Give Up On Where You Feel You Need To Be.


In work, in your life, in your personal life, in your health and fitness, in your nutrition, etc. Do NOT give up on moving forward to that place in your heart, mind and soul you KNOW you were meant to be, meant to reach.  That place you need to be, to be the best you, you can be.  The most authentic you, possible.  The BEST you possible.  You will feel it as a driving force, something you NEED to do, need to follow, a need to get where you want to be, where you need to be.  Where you were meant to be.  Never stop moving forward to that place.





Be Kind To Yourself.


NEVER be easy on yourself that you don’t push yourself to get the job, whatever it is , done.  BUT, if you stumble or trip, be easy on that heart.  It’s working hard, it’s fighting each day.  If you are doing your best, keep doing it.   If you feel you aren’t, Then do it.  It will always be the best thing for you, To put that effort in and to do your best.  The best thing for your heart.

If you are not getting the results your hoped for, Then change it up.  Try something else, something new, but never stop trying and always be understanding to the person who is fighting each day and sincerely trying.




 Be Kind To Others.


This is something that no matter what is happening, you are dealing with or going through, continue to do.  ALL good will come back to you.  ALL good.  I believe it never goes unseen or unheard.

For me that is God.  Maybe for you, it’s something else.   Kindness is never wasted or useless,  it never will be a mistake.  Be true to yourself and be you.  Give to others and be kind. Give of yourself.  You will only grow and expand as a kind and loving heart.  It’s something the world needs more of… we ALL need more of it.

It will always be something right.




Be Honest


This is something that I have always made a point of for myself.  It’s very simple.

Honesty will always be the best route and the best and right choice.  It will always be respected.






Have Faith


Keep going.  Keep trying.  Because even in your worst moment, there is another one coming up.  It will be a better one.  Only if it’s even just SLIGHTLY a better one at the moment..  It will change.  No matter what it is, or how long it might take, it will change because change is one of the constants of this life.  It is something you can count on.  Change is inevitable.

I’m not great…. at change.  But I THINK I am getting better, slowly,  at it.  Never give up.  No matter what it looks like right now, the next moment or maybe it will take 10, 000 next moments.  Yes … might take 10, 000 next moments……but it will come.  That corner… that turn, that better moment.  IS coming…  So, Never….Give….Up. 

You OWE this to yourself.





That brings us up to……….. change.  Blech. lol



Change.  Try Not To Hate It.  Try To Appreciate It.


Oh boy.  Yep. I said that.   Why..  Because its coming no matter what you do.  It’s coming.  It can be good or bad.   I’m finding the best thing is to be it’s friend.  For your sake.  Find a way to welcome it.  Now, if it’s a bad change.  I know that will be and feel impossible.   I know.  But somewhere in that change, I have a feeling, there will be something at some point that will happen that will be good in some way.  Oh it may take a long time, maybe a REALLY long time….to see or feel …or actually find.   But something good, in some part of the change, maybe  even because of it, somewhere, will be good.

When I lost my Mom, a change no one should ever know.  It took a LONG TIME , but in the middle of it there was a tiny ray of hope that got bigger and grew…and life changed…. and I became a different person….Change.   Learn to like, live with  …or at least be better with change.  I’m still trying.  But I’m trying.   Change.

It’s not always bad.  🙂





My hope and wish and prayer for everyone is to have a wonderful New Year, a year full of love, health and happiness!.  🙂




Thanks so much for coming to the blog!  I really appreciate it so much when you take time out of your day to read my latest or past posts.   🙂  I’m so appreciative for all the support!.  Please don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know what you think of the latest, or any post!.  Thanks!   🙂


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