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About Me






Hi, I'm Colleen Kelly, your blogger! Welcome!

Hi, I’m Colleen Kelly, your blogger! Welcome!





About me?.

That’s tough you know!.  I mean where do you start?… Well you know my name.  Now you know the face too!.  Did you wonder if I had one?.    I do.  🙂

Talking about yourself is weird.  But here goes….. My Name is Colleen Frances Kelly.



I live in Chester NJ. A small town in Morris County NJ.  U.S.A.  I love my faith, my family, my friends, blogging, computers, Starbuck’s skinny mocha latte’s,  I’m optimistic, hopeful to the end, try to look for the best in others, I believe if you look you will find it, I never give up on anything ever.


If it’s important to me I will never give up.  I will fight till’ I drop..


Yea, I’m stubborn, but only the good kind (wink) ..I love  music- Rock, Alternative, Country except the “Twangy” “whiny” kind..You know, “I ran over my dog with a truck”  kind of Country.  And I will always …love Elvis.

I love movies, not bloody ones, please no..Though I DO LOVE “Jaws” The orignal.  “Ya gonna need a bigger boat” Gotta love that movie.  So many great lines!.  My all time Favorite is “It’s A Wonderful Life” hands down. “George Bailey, I’ll love you till’ the day I die.” yea, My favorite.

Saved the best for last.. I LOVE working out!, exercising and the gym!.   I have 2 brothers Tommy and Mike.  My Dad’s name is also Thomas.

My Mom, who was/and will always be my best friend….. passed away (hate that term) on December 18th, 2006′. 


I miss her beyond words.


I started this blog not too long ago.  the reason I did was because I lost some weight and I wanted to possibly  help motivate , possibly spark that inspiration in others who would like to do the same. I lost 130 lbs.  Through diet and exercise.  Eating right and exercise.    Period.

I laugh because I used to be the girl who wouldn’t sweat and now I’m the girl who is uncomfortable and un- happy if she isn’t!.   I’m still amazed by who I am now

. I feel extremely lucky and blessed to have been able to achieve that goal.

A little back info –How I got here…. For 10 years I took care of my Mom.  She had Multiple Sclerosis.  I have to just say so many diseases deserve attention but this one, needs more.  You think you know how devastating certain very well-known diseases  can be?

You don’t know MS.

It can be one of the most evil battles… It can be just as devastating as any of them ..It never gives up and can take… everything .   I know.  The last 10 years of her life she was in a hospital bed and the choice was either she go to a home or stay at home but would need 24/7 care.   For me there was no question,  or moment of doubt.  She was my buddy,  my Mom.

We were in the hospital the first time after being told she had MS.   Mom had gotten sick, had gotten better and was being released… Getting ready to go home, I can still  remember  that moment, a  nurse  asked ……”Who will be taking care of her?”  My answer was immediate and definite.

“That will be me.”


For the next 10 years it was.  We were a hospital.  Mom was happy at home.  To us, that’s ALL that ever mattered.Period.Taking care of my Mom, being her daughter and best friend was my honor.  My privilege.  One that I will forever be grateful for.

After Mom passed (again, I hate that)  It was after a year and 9 months of crying and holding on for dear life and  just making it through the day I had something come into my life that made me want to reach for a life and made me want …a life.  At that moment I feel my life really, began for the first time. I knew to have that life or a chance at it, I would have to lose weight.  So I started walking.  1/2 mile a day.  (gimme a break I never exercised..ever.)

So like I said, I started walking then in a couple of months it was 7 miles a day!.   In not too long I lost 40 pounds.  That was it I decided I needed more .  I needed guidance and more of a structured plan to getting into shape ..I needed a gym.  I knew that was the path for me.  I joined the local gym and started working out.  Strength training, cardio, cardio, cardio…Oh yea, mention cardio?…  I lost more continually, never plateaued, which I was told was weird….In a year I had lost all together, walking and the gym,  130 pounds. Today I still belong to a gym..Eat no junk food. The last chip, cracker, cookie, pie, cake,  ice cream etc.   I have had, was October 2008′  I have never felt healthier. 

If it wasn’t getting me where I needed to be, I got rid of it.




fish face at gym



Becoming a blogger Another blogger inspired me to write my own blog!.  I thought it would be a great way that I could possibly give back what I have been given.  I have met so many wonderful people, made so many friends, so many I have learned so much from I have been blessed and wanted to give back.  This blog is a personal development, health and fitness blog.

If I can help even one person reach their goal, losing weight, starting, getting into shape staying in shape,  or just getting motivated to reach any goal they might have.  Motivation is motivation.  I want to share mine.

I know it’s a tough thing to hold on too.   It’s a tough thing to acquire.  It can be elusive and so fragile.  I know.  That’s why if I can, I would love to help you in  reaching those goals.  Maybe we can help each other.  We may not think so but I believe we all have things we can teach each other, help each other with..  That’s what life is all about.. Helping each other be the best we can be.  Don’t wait for tomorrow.  Life is now and waiting for you.  Maybe your path to that goal you want and need to reach starts  here.

Starts now!.


Come with me…

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