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Having trouble with the ALL the holiday season food this year?

Check out this post! :)

Have A “Taste” Of Summer !.

April 23, 2014







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I don’t usually do this  because when I write a blog post,  I want it to mean more than a recipe .

But I do know at the same time we ALL… need a little help in that area too.

It sure seems to me this winter has gone on forever so I thought possibly THIS,  would shake it up a little and bring a little summer sunshine and a “taste” of summer to you all!.




CK’s Fresh And Light Fruit Salad.





blog fruit #3



blog salad

Makes enough for 1 serving 


#1.    1 Cup of  1 % “No salt added” cottage cheese


(Always choose the low-fat Cottage cheese.  I alway choose the 1% , so much better for you , less fat and calories.  there are a few brands but I think Friendship is the best. ….AND  always choose No salt added cottage cheese where you can, cottage is a healthy choice always, but depending on how much you eat,  it can have too much salt in it.)


#2.  1  Cup of various fruits….( cantaloupe, grapes, watermelon). etc..


(Great and easy to find at any supermarket salad bar.)

Blog fruit


#3.    1 Banana  

(sliced in small pieces, I used a large one for this recipe, but you can choose any size you would like.)



#4.  1/2 of  an apple

(I always choose organic apples.  It makes a huge difference in taste in this…..or any way you eat apples.)


blog fruit #2


#5.  1/3 Cup of Carrot juice

(This sweetens it a bit,  and it’s not as dry, you can use any juice you would like, you could also add a sweetener my choice is Truvia because it’s natural and not a chemical)





Mix all the ingredients together.    All done.


(I like to serve it at room temperature.  I find most food, ice-cold, don’t taste as good.)



I hope you try this recipe I promise it’s really good!  Summer is coming guys!  Until then maybe this recipe can brighten up your day and your eating plan! 🙂




Thanks for coming to the blog!  I appreciate it so much when you take time out of your day to read my latest or past posts.  I truly am appreciative for all the support.  Hey don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know what  you think of this recipe, if you tried it!…. I would really like to hear it!.

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I always have a few favorite websites I always like to take the time to mention here and especially this one. I love mentioning site that deserve a look by you!. 

This is Dan Gheesling. 

He is an amazing  Coach,  Author,  Entrepreneur and realitytv winner as well!. 


dan-blog-coaching    Dan was a high-school football coach who now coaches people, helping them reach their dreams and goals.  It can be really tough sometimes to find the   motivation to get to our goals and he knows that!!. Dan is a great person to motivate you and help you keep that motivation going!.Sometimes we need fresh new ideas and ways to reach our goals and we may not have that motivating person in our life that can do that.

 Check out the testimonials on Dan’s site from those who Dan has already helped reach their goals!   Hear them tell their stories and give their opinion of  Dan as a personal Coach.   Hear how Dan helped them and maybe he can help you!.

 Dan also has a new book just out this past December about Leadership (which he bases his lectures on) you can see this book…  and all of Dan’s books,    and read and get all the information about his presentations that Dan gives to all different platforms, ( schools, businesses ) on his website as well!.

 You can get all the information needed on Dan right here:

or Tweet him at:


 You can find me at the following places !




 Have a wonderful week!   🙂 































































5 Reasons That Can Keep You From Losing Weight… And How To Change That!.

March 4, 2014








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Whether you are trying to lose weight, or just stick to a healthy way of life,  (eating and exercise)  there are so many situations each day to derail you and can cause you to get off track,  it can make you dizzy just trying to get out of their way!.


Sometimes it can feel like you are dodging things right and left.




In  October 2008′  I started living healthy .

Since then I have lived a healthy lifestyle, ( ie. eating healthy and exercising).

For everyone  the path  to living a healthy life can vary and be different.

But there are universal pot holes I think we ALL will have to dodge at one time or another.


1.  Family And Friends


Ok.  Here it is.  Friends are great.  Family , great.  Do you hear the “but” coming ?,    Yea,  it’s a HUGE HUGE HUGE one.   Friends and family are great but they can be one of the biggest factors in living a healthy lifestyle that can  hold you back and cause you to make choices that you will regret.

Flat out….. friends and family can be one of your biggest support system…

and your biggest hindrance.


The solution:


So … to handle it..

With food for example:

The first move is to explain to them there are certain foods you choose not to eat anymore or  that you choose to have only at certain times  where you feel  comfortable having those particular foods and right now, you don’t feel comfortable and you would rather not put yourself in , for instance,  in a red flag situation.  Where you end up in a position where you don’t feel comfortable or strong enough to say



baked goods



Now, they may not hear you,

 which is a big problem.

This happens ALL THE TIME.



Even if your friends are into a healthy lifestyle, they may not be as strict as you are.   You may even have decided to not eat these foods at all, to just cut them out completely, but they have chosen to keep them.  That’s  fine.

But this is about you and what you need to stay on a healthy path.  So, the solution:

If they don’t listen after you have asked for their help and you have explained it to them ,  have that talk to them again,  after that  if they still don’t hear you……….WALK.

That’s right.  WALK.

Look, you like them you love them but I’m telling you straight out.  


The buck stops with you.


If you choose to not speak up , you will most likely at one time or another  hear:

“Oh come on just try it, have ONE bite”   and the question is.. will you ?


So ask yourself this:

What is more important, being nice and giving in and letting them do that to you, or you or having respect for yourself, your goal and do what you need to do.

Now I’m not saying DE- friend  them or not talk to your family!  LOL


I AM  however saying you may need to back out of certain situations that will leave you feeling vulnerable.

Look, I know it can tough,  but remember this.  You tried to explain it and THEY didn’t care to HEAR what you need.    So YOU need to back away.  You can still like them and love them, spend time with them YES!!!!

They are your friends and family.  But you might have to just make sure you won’t be in a situation where you are really uncomfortable.  You may have to see them in certain venues where you know you will be OK.



2. Bringing  RED FLAG Foods Into The House —


Okay, buckle up, this is a BIG ONE folks …When I first started,  I was already cutting back on a few things but then decided , you know what ?


“Okay”, (smirking)

“Lets....Really…Do ….This.”  

Then I stopped all of it  in my life .

That was it.



The Solution:


The solution is very simple.

Play hard or go home.  If you feel you can do it.

 Fine.   But you can be playing with fire.

I may have chosen the tougher route,  I just wanted to really get where I was going and NOW.  Not tomorrow anymore,  not next  month,  or next year… not anymore.  NOW.

If you really want to rid  yourself of that life , I’m telling you here and now, the best way of really being and living the words is….


Doing it.


Make it easier on yourself for once.  I bet you’ve struggled right ?

Why do that anymore…………  Why ?

There are So MANY great foods out there to REPLACE those that are high in fat, carbs, etc.. and calories.   I have found  so many that in my opinion, as a person who loved to cook and bake, are just as delious as those you are choosing to put aside.



3.  Not Seeing Results Of Working Hard…… Fast Enough.


This can be a killer.  You work really hard, eat right workout, day in and day out and sometimes you don’t SEE the results fast enough from your body or the scale or maybe even BOTH!.

Oh Man, do I feel ya.    I have been there so many times I can’t count.

You try so hard.   You do all the right things.  You think you’re doing everything right, and ….

Nothing.  Nothing is happening.  Not losing weight.

I know. I know. I know.





This is where you  can either give up or keep trying.  

We are all of us human and built to take just so much  disappointment.  It can be so easy to give up.  You get tired, hurt and why keep eating lettuce and giving up your favorite foods if it isn’t going to work right ? 


  I have been there many, many times.

But I am telling you one thing, one truth.


IF you stop trying ……… will fail.


If you keep trying you will find the right formula and………………... you will succeed.



The Solution:


I play a game called Minecraft.  Dieting, living a healthy lifestyle,  is a lot like that game.  In the game of Minecraft, you need to try different combinations of things  in order to create different tools that will help you move forward in the game.   Just like that,  this is what you need to do here  to find the right path for you and who you are.  You need to find the right combinations of foods,  and exercises to see the results you want.  You can do it, but you need to keep trying despite the setbacks.  You don’t have time to lay it down, start again in 6 months time because it failed .  The fact is you didn’t fail.  what failed is, was your plan. 






4.   Not Exercising. 


In looking for my right combination of things, THIS was the one that was always missing.

 You need to exercise. 

 This is the one thing I never “got” .



The Solution:


When I started 5 years ago,  trying one more time to lose weight and reach that goal I had always had, to lose weight….This time…I tried something different, a NEW combination.


I started walking, just walking..around the block where I live.  I built it up little each day and by about the 3rd month I was walking 7 miles a day.

Finally, I “got it”…      I’m telling you right now.  You need to exercise.


No complicated solution here.  You just need to do it.


I realize some of you may not be able to do that as easy as others, for health reasons, for instance.  Okay.

We can work around that.  If you can walk, then walk, I lost 40 lbs simply walking.  If you have limited mobility,  or health issues, and so many people do, there are exercises you can do  and this is just one great article for giving you a few  ideas.

Google is a fantastic way of finding other ideas as well!!.


As always, please speak to your Doctor before you start any exercise regimen.  He can also help you in finding the best ideas for you!. 



5.  Not Having Positive People To Support You.


This is probably THE MOST VITAL part of losing weight.     You can have all the motivation in the world but,  support from POSITIVE friends and family is KEY.

Everyone in your life who is supportive and helpful, cheering you on, being there to hear you out when you have a bad day of dieting, when you get tired or tired of going to the gym etc.  Whatever .  They are gems and to be thanked and always made sure they know they are appreciated!.



That being said.

Having the opposite can be disaterous to your plan.  


The Solution:


Like I said at the beginning.  Having people who do support you is everything.

If you don’t…. Try looking in another direction…

Try your local gym!.

Trust me, there are TONS of people there you will totally understand and support you.  I know.  It’s one of the best parts of belonging to gym.   You will also meet new people, make new friends and find all kinds of support from those going through it, dealing with the SAME problems you are.. You can also find a great support from the people who work at the gym. 

There are gyms all over,  I’m sure one near you.  MORE than one really.

Trust me, I found support, friends  ….. a new life,  in a gym.


Checkout my last post! Choosing a gym right for you! :

I actually was reminded of this writing this post.  

Please read this post.   I promise it can help you decide which gym is best and right for you!


You may not want to go to a gym and that’s fine!.  But start looking around you for people who are trying to do what you are doing.  School, work, other family members.  Sometimes you need to dig a little deeper or widen your search for support, but don’t lose heart.  It’s there.  Just don’t give up.

You will find it.

There are so many people out there trying to accomplish the same goal you are.  You are not alone. 


 ( I thank God for my family and friends.  They are the best!!!.) ❤


The Bottom Line


That bottom line is simple.

Do you want to accomplish your goal ?  Then you will need to have a few things in your arsenal for the fight .  Get rid of those that are not going to help you get to your goal.

How important is this goal you have and how much do you want it.


 When you make that decision, really make that decision,  the rest is ALOT easier.

You just need to make that decision.

Really make it.



 You can do it !    🙂




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Thanks so much for coming by and reading my latest blog post.  I always appreciate you taking your time to come by , it means alot.!  

Have a fantastic week!




This is Dan Gheesling. 

He is a great Coach, writer and  

he’s an entrepreneur and realitytv winner as well!. 





Dan was a high-school football coach and Teacher who now coaches people, helping them reach their dreams and goals.  It can be really tough sometimes to find the motivation to get to our goals and he knows that!!.

Dan is a great person to motivate you and help you keep that motivation going!. 


Sometimes we need fresh new ideas and ways to reach our goals and we may not have that motivating person in our life that can do that.


Check out the testimonials on Dan’s site from those who Dan has already helped reach their goals!  Hear them tell their stories and  their hear their opinion of who Dan is as a personal Coach!

Hear how Dan helped them reach their goals and maybe he can help you too.  


You can reach him right here:

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How To Choose A Gym You’ll Like

September 8, 2013

PicMonkey Collage gympic

Hi I'm Colleen Kelly your resident blogger. I want to welcome you to my blog.

Hi I’m Colleen Kelly your resident blogger. I want to welcome you to my blog.














When looking for a place to workout most of us have a list of things in mind that we’re looking for and that are important to us.

If I were to take a guess, I would say COST is at the top of most everyone’s list.


It shouldn’t be


 That’s right   Let me explain.


Cost,  for most everyone will always be one of the,  if not………. THE biggest deciding factor, when looking for a  gym . 


My theory is:

If you go in with only cost on your mind you may end up choosing a gym without really looking at  it seriously not really thinking about what you need because of cost and end up with nothing you want and even worse

Never going or not liking … at all,

but……….. it was good for your wallet.  

You don't want to end up like one of these guys, hating the place the picked out.

First Things First 


Before you go to any gym..

Sit down with a pen and paper.. make a list of what is important to you to have in a gym.


Don't forget your list!

Don’t forget your list!


If you have never been to a gym before and really have no idea, I’ve got that covered!.


I’ve Been There

When I started working out and exercising  4 1/2 years ago,  I started with walking because  I had no idea where to start , but that was what I could do right away…

After I lost 40 lbs. doing that I knew I needed more than that for reaching the goal I intended to reach, but I had no idea exactly what I needed, wanted or was looking for.

But now I do.

Like I said,  I started out not knowing anything about  working out or anything.    All I knew was I needed more and wanted more than walking was going to do for me..

Over the past 4 1/2 years,  5,  in October,  I have learned a lot about me, what’s needed and  know exactly what I need and want…… and I’m here to hopefully help out,  if you have no idea yourself.

Everyone will have different needs and wants.

This list covers the important points for everyone.

(Btw, I have marked with little red asterisks (*) the points that were most important to me.  )

  How The Place “Feels” To You     *


You have to feel comfortable in the gym you choose.  Walk around and get  a feeling of  the gym.  The people, the atmosphere.

 “The Feel” of the place.

Is it the kind of place you can walk into and feel good about?  —  Where you can feel relaxed and…. just plain comfortable?.  I know going to a gym for some, is not fun.. but work.. So feeling as comfortable as possible is a BIG DEAL. It’s best you have a place  when you walk into it, you feel comfortable and as at home as possible.  I know being in gym clothes walking around with people who you may feel are in better shape than you can be intimidating..

Believe me  I do….But feeling at home and comfortable as possible is important.  You want ……… WANT to go ….right?


The Equipment    * 


Do you like it? —- Meaning will you really use what they are offering.?  I don’t care if they are offering you a  free gym member ship for life.  If you don’t like/love the equipment they have to offer you  Forget it.  Because, if you don’t like it, if it’s not comfortable for you.. trust me……. you won’t use it.  Then you have a gym membership and nothing to show for it but be depressed about having one and not going.  This is my second time looking for a gym and I know that this was EPIC for me. If this is your first time going to a gym you will find that being comfortable with the equipment is big.

(For me it’s The one thing that mattered most. Not my surroundings, not the classes, lockers etc.. but this.)


Try….. The Equipment *


Every gym I have checked out this time as well as the last time I was looking for another gym allowed me to “try” out the equipment.  Get on an elliptical, walk a treadmill, lift a couple of weights.  I know everyone is different.  For me, like I said,  this is THE MOST important thing.  I have to like that equipment.  

How do I FEEL on that treadmill?  How does the elliptical feel for me?.  

There are so many different brands and makes , you have to get on and try them, pick up the weights and “feel” them…and feel yourself on it to really know if you like it.  

Treadmills for instance…  You have to walk on them and run,  if you can just a bit to feel your stride and arm room,  it’s very important for comfort sake.  You want to WANT use the gym.


Ask If They Have A Nutritionist On Staff  *


For me this is also very important.  You may not get this, but you can, and should even ask if they have a trainer (s) educated in Nutrition.

 If not, you can of course deal with that....But  it’s certainly a plus in my opinion.

 If you are making the choice to go to a gym, most likely you are concerned about your health and fitness.  It would follow you likely know at least a  few things about eating healthy and how the combination of the two, exercise and eating healthy, work together.   I’ve learned a lot , but I am always, always,  happy to talk to others who I know , are much more intelligent than I on this subject.  I feel it’s really important  to have this advice.  I have learned it’s NOT just about running on a treadmill.

The body is complicated machine.. …Learn as much as you can about nutrition.…. but get the most out of the help they can offer you as well!.   Ask about a nutritionist!. 


Ask About The Staff And Trainers   *


Ask about the staff.  Trainers. etc.. You may not intend to hire one or can afford too, but most places and most trainers I have known at the gyms I have been at, will be happy to talk, answer a question or two,  give you advice on something.  At the very least you want to be able to do that,  ask a question one in a while,  and gyms are always having special rates  for training sessions, for classes.. Trainers and training sessions aren’t always out of your reach. Gyms are always running special rates for all different things to pull in more people and keep the interest of those who already are members..

*Tip*   (The gyms I have gone to, have had pictures on the wall of the trainers listing what their credentials are.  READ THEM.  It gives you an idea about who this gym cares about hiring.  Did they hire someone who has an idea of what they are doing or not.  If you see pics , check them out but still ask about  the trainers..  Because the pics may not be up to date.)

Even that person at the desk who welcomes you,  it’s good to meet them, and see how they treat you, watch them and see how they treat other people who come in.  Why not?  It doesn’t make or my decision but it’s nice walking into a place where you see a smile… and not a scowl.


The Distance From Home And Work


This is another concern for a lot of people for so many reasons.  Gas, money, time etc….  For a lot of people it’s got to be close to their place of work because they either go before or after work and either way before or after, you’re tired, in a rush and you just want it to be as easy as possible…Making this another good point  to take into account that you should remember when checking out the gym.

Classes….. And

(Ask About An Informational Packet)


Most gym will offer you a list of classes you can take , some will be free, but some you may have to pay for.  I’ve never been into classes.   I will take one from time to time and they can be a change of pace and that in your workout is important.  So make sure you ask what classes they offer.  Ask for a schedule, they most likely will have one and will be glad to give you one….. Actually, you will probably get one with an info packet that you will probably be walking out with. In fact, if they don’t right off offer you an information packet, ask if they have one before you leave!.

Hold on to that, you maybe collecting a few and when you find yourself at the end of your search you can sit down, look at them all and compare and come up with the best choice for you!.


The Bottom Line


Whatever you decide to do, please go into your search thinking of what you need and what you want from your gym.  

Cost will for most of us always be a deciding factor if not like I said THE deciding factor.  But don’t walk in the gym with it at the top of the list… but the bottom.

Don’t go in thinking of cost first.   You will never forget that factor … but going in with that at the top of the list you may only think about that  and end up choosing a really cheap place you’ll never go to anyway.  Cost will be a strong factor,  but you should have both..

There will be different things that matter to each person.  Maybe you will care about the lockers, or the showers etc.  This list is my list.  Things will always vary from  person to person.  But I’m willing to bet these things will be on your list too.   🙂



But my hope with this post is you will go in at least go in thinking of what YOU need and YOU want not just cheap.

You are worth finding a place that’s right for ALL of you …...not just your wallet.




So, what do you think of this list ? Have you ever been through this?  Thought of joining a gym ?  What would be at the top of your list?  I really would like to hear it.  I learn so much from everyone else’s answers!

We all can.!   🙂


This is Dan Gheesling.  He is a great Coach, writer, he’s an entrepreneur and realitytv winner as well!. 

This is Dan Gheesling.

This is Dan Gheesling (above)

Dan was a high-school football coach who now coaches people, helping them reach their dreams and goals.  It can be really tough sometimes to find the motivation to get to our goals and he knows that!!.

Dan is a great person to motivate you and help you keep that motivation going!. 

Dan blog Coaching

Sometimes we need fresh new ideas and ways to reach our goals and we may not have that motivating person in our life that can do that.

Check out the testimonials on Dan’s site from those who Dan has already helped reach their goals!  Hear them tell their stories and  their hear their opinion of who Dan is as a personal Coach!

Hear how Dan helped them reach their goals and maybe he can help you too.  

You can reach him right here:

or Tweet him at


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Click on the link below to find me on Facebook


Click on the link below to find this blog on Facebook


Click here to fin my other blog “Reach For More”


Have A Great Week Everyone! 🙂

Nutrition Bars: 3 Great Choices, Never Cheat On Your Diet Again!

July 1, 2013

candy bar blog pic



Hi I'm Colleen Kelly your resident blogger. I want to welcome you to my blog.

Hi I’m Colleen Kelly your resident blogger. I want to welcome you to my blog.






















Okay  there is good new people!!!

If you love a candy bar once in a while,  and want to eat right and lose weight but don’t want to give up that candy bar..

I’ve got good news for you!

I’ve been shopping and I have 3 choices that are healthy and good for you


(These are NOT candy bars, I repeat, NOT …candy bars!!)

These are protein and nutrition bars and much better! I here to prove you will never have to fee unsatisfied and choose candy over nutrition ever again!

Trust me,

you will be asking

Snickers …..who ?!


These are just 3 bars that give you every reason to stay on a healthy path!

These are just 3 bars that give you every reason to stay on a /healthy path!

I wanted to remind you guys to take a look at this isle of your local store.  It offers so much to choose from and a healthy alternative that will have you feeling better about yourself and not feeling like you’re giving anything up along the way……. except feeling guilty.

I have to say though, I’ve been sorta feeling that way……… these bars are THAT good!!.

There are ALL kinds out there now and you can find just about anything you want.  Nuts, no nuts, If you choose one with a lot of nuts you can get one with about 100 grams of fat  so please read carefully …..BUT…compared to a candy bar,  a lot of any of their fat calories come from mostly the nuts and nuts are a good fat.  Where candy bars will be another story.

If you don’t like nuts,  choose crispy, soft, chocolate.. etc..

The one kind I did have a hard time finding was NO chocolate whatsoever.  I’m talking about the power bar isle.

You can find boxed bars , cereal bars etc.. that are NOT chocolate…but in the power bar/ nutrition bar isle, not so much so ….and if you have a problem with chocolate or don’t care for it, or choose not to eat it , (some people actually do lol ) you may have a hard time.

I have looked pretty extensively for that hihg protein  bar with no chocolate and the only place was in a Sports Authority a few miles away from where I live.

Vanilla Crisp by PowerBar .  This company has changed their 20 gram Protein Vanilla bar packaging and like I said.. the hig protein one….it’s ALSO now VERY difficult to find. 

So I do have a link that if you would like  something with no chocolate, you can get it , though you may have to order via the internet.


But on the site you will have no problem at all.


Here is the link:

I wasn’t looking for a protein bar exactly just something to eat differently than I usually do.

(I flagged the best parts of the nutritional information.  These are all what we look at first……. and they passed my test.)



Colleen’s Approved Line up


#1    NuGo Go Organic Dark Chocolate Almond bar.

Try this bar , dark Chocolate, healthy , So GOOD!!

Try this bar , dark Chocolate, healthy , So GOOD!!


Certified Organic

Antioxidant Rich

Healthy for the Whole Family
  Nutritional Facts       Serving Size: 1 Bar (50g)       Servings Per Package: 1
Average/Serving %
Calories 190
Calories from fat 45
Total Fat 5g 8%
Saturated Fat 3.5g 15%
Trans Fat 0g 0%
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 60mg 3%
Total Carbohydrate 26g 9%
Dietary Fiber 3g 9%
Sugar 13g
Protein 10g
Vitamin A 0%, Vitamin C 0%,  Calcium 2%, Iron 4%



Here is their website : 




#2 Think Thin Crunch bar   My flavor choice is.    (chocolate dipped mixed nuts)

This bar is nuts, chocolate and crisp AND good for you!.  what more can you ask for?

This bar is nuts, chocolate and crisp AND good for you!. what more can you ask for?






This bar is SO good as well.  Though it DOES have ONE hitch.  The fat Calories.  But They ARE nuts and a lot of nuts can be healthy fats for you as I said earlier, and almonds especially are the lowest in fat and saturated fats.  Very low-fat for nuts.


So I DID give this the Seal of approval!.



Here is their Website:











#3.  Kashi  GoLean Crisp!    My Flavor Choice:    Chocolate Almond

This one was fantastic as well!

This one was fantastic as well!









The ONLY thing about this bar was its carbohydrate amount. 

It’s higher than I like for a simple bar.  But if it’s a day where carbs are not that much of a worry for you and possibly you aren’t counting carbs, I don’t really that closely I stick to counting calories most of the time lately.  This bar was a good choice!.

Servings:     1 Bar                         

Calories 170 Sodium 210 mg
Total Fat 5 g Potassium 0 mg
Saturated 3 g Total Carbs 27 g
Polyunsaturated 2 g Dietary Fiber 5 g
Monounsaturated 1 g Sugars 13 g
Trans 0 g Protein 8 g
Cholesterol 0 mg    
Vitamin A 0% Calcium 20%
Vitamin C 15% Iron 10% 

Here is their website:

and a direct link to their bars and this one :




The wrap up


Okay guys that’s the scoop on a few new items I have found.

I wouldn’t steer you wrong.  These are all healthy, and delicious choices that will leave you feeling you don’t need to really go buy that Snickers, Hershey or whatever candy bar of choice. 

I don’t call them candy.  they AREN’T……  but you walk away  feeling satisfied.

If you can do that wouldn’t you rather eat healthy, feel good about your choice and stay on point with what makes you feel good about yourself ?

I hope maybe this can’t help out in that.  😉

So thanks for coming to the blog. I appreciate it so much that you all take your time to spend a few minutes here!.  It means So much to me.

Thank you.





This is Dan Gheesling.  He is a great Coach, writer, he’s an entrepreneur and realitytv winner as well!. 


This is Dan Gheesling.

This is Dan Gheesling.


Dan was a high-school football coach who now coaches people, helping them reach their dreams and goals.  It can be really tough sometimes to find the motivation to get to our goals and he knows that!!. Dan is a great person to motivate you and help you keep that motivation going!. 

Dan blog Coaching

Sometimes we need fresh new ideas and ways to reach our goals and we may not have that motivating person in our life that can do that.

Check out the testimonials on Dan’s site from those who Dan has already helped reach their goals! Hear them tell their stories and give their opinion of Dan as a personal Coach!

Hear how Dan helped them and maybe he can help you!

or Tweet him at


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Have a great week everyone! 🙂

Not Always Easy ..But The Choice Is Always Simple.

May 29, 2013

Blog Title May




Hi I'm Colleen Kelly your blogger.  Welcome to my Blog!.

Hi I’m Colleen Kelly your blogger. Welcome to my Blog!.











It may not be easy but the decision…..

IS always simple.





Fitness and eating healthy.

Yes, that’s right.



Dieting  is not always easy.

Fitness is not always easy.




What is simple are the facts.

When you decide to get healthy, healthier, or get in shape, stay IN shape, whatever your goal is….  you can’t do it… just once in a while.


Heck, take the puppy for a walk!  Anything , but get moving :)

Heck, take the puppy for a walk! Anything , but get moving 🙂








Dieting/Eating Right/ Eating Healthy

Eating right a couple of days a week… then not eating healthy for the rest.  Eat right three days a week then the rest of the week eat unhealthy (chips, cookies, pie, cake) you know the stuff.




Working Out/exercising/Staying or getting in Shape

Going to the gym or exercising , being active, 2 days a week and then being  sedentary  the rest of the week.




You can’t do it half-hearted.




If you do… you will get exactly what you have put into it…


half-hearted results.



It will have to be  a life change.

It will have to be a  change  in you.



Because  if it’s going to be something that lasts and takes you into your future as a healthier,  more balanced, MORE confident and happier person…. you have to do it all the way


With ALL your heart.

That is the simple fact.


You'll have to make that choice. Some people don't want to give up certain things.  I found it rewarding as well as a lot easier and more healthy.

You’ll have to make that choice. Some people don’t want to give up certain things. I found it rewarding as well as a lot easier and more healthy.






Breathe It


If you want it you will have to work for it.  There is no magic pill There are no diet drinks that will slim you an a week…….or two………or three.

You’ve heard it all before and I wish there was a magic pill or an easier way.

There isn’t one.

In your heart you know that.  You’re smart.   I always did too.   It just can take an awful lot to find that strength to really do it the right way.

Emptying out all the crap in your home, buying  healthy foods, giving up sugars, sweets, fats, candy..etc…

But here it is..your choice.. what IS important to you.  that 5 minutes that you taste that snickers bar ……………or a life time of healthier days more confidence , self-respect and being the best you can


and KNOW IT……..


(There are ALL kinds of AMAZING Substitutes out there You can see my past blog posts for ones I use everyday that make it  truly easy for me. )




You deserve that life……… you deserve that feeling of confidence and self-respect.  But like all good things and things worth having they will not come free……… or completely easy.  You will have to at times sacrifice, work hard and maybe do things you don’t feel like doing.  Pass on the chips, cake or go to the gym, walk that track.  For some it will be fun…… for others, work.


  But no matter   it will be worth it.



It will take time, willpower and sacrifice at times, but every great effort is worth that and that effort is your future!.

It will take time, willpower and sacrifice at times, but every great effort is worth that and that effort is your future!.




For instance, I am always am so in awe by those people who walk into the gym AFTER working all day. My brother Mike is one.  He walks into that gym, after an 8 or 9 hour work day and gets on an elliptical and then goes for 60 min. then lifts weights.

I thought I was strong….  At times he’s the one who gives ME the motivation to push though!.


It’s never easy but the decision is always simple.


You do it or you don’t…………… and half way won’t get it done.


I know.




A Smart Friend


Someone said to me “Colleen,  do…. or do not”………….  My friend is pretty smart. 



After my friend said this to me, I saw this in a store.  I KNEW it was meant for me.

After my friend said this to me, I saw this in a store. I KNEW it was meant for me.



Trying is ALWAYS  important……… but you can never give up trying no matter what.

I think the difference between trying and reaching that goal is realizing it will take more than trying,


maybe just




It will take the refusal to give up.  It will take realizing that it may not be easy but that


it IS always simple.


You just have to keep pushing forward and keep trying.  Who said it would be One… Two… Three or a straight path ?

frustrating as it may be…. sometimes it will take more than you thought.

Never easy but deciding to do it is.


Do it. or don’t.


For you, decide to do it. decide to reach your goal. Decide nothing will get in your way.

Including you.



The Bottom Line


It’s so easy to get in your own way.  Giving up too easy.  Hey, I’ve done that.  trying to lose weight time after time..   I understand .. But I’m here to tell you I’ve made it to the other side.

It took NOT giving up.  And I’m still on my path to the ultimate goal, the completion of what I want to do.  and one ting you have to understand is that IS a life commitment.


Good health, fitness, it’s 24/7 for life.



THIS is where more than a few get tripped up.



When you get that fact in your heart and head you’re well on your way to success..


The right path is not always easy,

But the decision is simple.

How bad do you want it?.





Thanks for coming by my blog! I appreciate ALL your feedback more than you know,  it helps me do a better job and I respect and appreciate ALL opinions.  Lave a comment below and I will respond as soon as possible and I thank you for stopping by and taking your time to share your thoughts with me and everyone else.   


Thanks so much!





If you like blogs by people who are motivating I have a great blog to suggest that is also smart, and fun.  Dan Gheesling’s blog is a wonderful , fun and an inspiring blog and website that motivates me everyday. 

Dan is a Coach, writer, entrepeneur, public speaker and reality tv winner who now is coaching people to reach their goals and dreams.  Not everyone is lucky to have people in their life that motivate them , stand behind them, beside them and are that voice that tells them they can reach their goals and dreams.    If you are having a hard time reaching your goals and feel you could use a helping hand, that positive voice.. Check out Dan’s website page all about his coaching!  whether it’s for you your business, team..    


                                                                                                                                                                           Dan can help you reach that goal!

This is Dan Gheesling

This is Dan Gheesling


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Healthy Recipes For A Healthy Body!

May 16, 2013

blog recipes



Hi I'm Colleen Kelly your blogger.  Welcome to my Blog!.

Hi I’m Colleen Kelly your blogger. Welcome to my Blog!.

Something I haven’t done in a long while is post a few healthy recipes,  but to be honest,  I stick pretty much to the same thing most of the time.

I thought  “Time to switch the blog up a bit!.”

So here are a couple of my totally favs that I use a lot!.  They are totally easy and Fast!!!!

The second recipe is the new recipe I have…Chicken Lasagna!.  Brand new one I came up with! .



So I thought “OK let’s post it.!”

 First up!


My Veggee Mix


This one is the easiest thing in the world to make.  You just have to get past a little chopping  😉

Listed here are ALL the ingredients to one of my best friends as far as helping me eat healthy, low cal and that helps me snack the same, low cal….. healthy…… and happy!




PicMonkey vegees





Veggee Mix pic

I love this veggee Mix because it’s so healthy and I have researched each vegetable and everyone is low calories( mist vegetables are) But each one is and low car as well. I love this because I toss it into egg whites and add some low-fat cheese and I also love this for an instant salad and one of my fave things is just having some hommus with it and snack ing very healthy!

 Though I do believe it’s “calories in and calories out” when it comes down to it.  unless you’re eating WAY OFF BALANCE …..Like way too much fat or processed sugars.. It will be what you’re eating and what you’re working off.  It’s not as hard as we CAN to make it out to be.



I had to post this picture!  I am wondering what she is laughing at LOL  Loves vegetables  LOL ??

I had to post this picture! I am wondering what she is laughing at LOL Loves vegetables LOL ??

The picture above is not me in the kitchen I thought most of us are not laughing while in the kitchen!!!.

 I used to be a big baker!!   But after loosing weight I have really no interest in being Martha Stewart.  I remember the feeling of baking and loving it,

but it kinda spooks me now  ..LOL  It’s just not who I am anymore. 

So I don’t much at all except on holidays for my Brothers and Dad.  I guess for me if I’m not going to eat it….It’s just not that much fun ! hahaha… Makes sense right ?   I used to live it.  I get in the kitchen now and I’m like not measuring things perfectly or anything and it feel odd now..

(Sorry for the trip down memory lane. haha)

But seeing this laughing girl made me think ……………..“Who is like THAT in their kitchen making dinner?”

Most people , probably mostly women are in a hurry and tired.  So I hope these couple little idea’s can help out for one of those tired ,  after work nights,  for yourself or for a family meal!!

Both of these recipes can be adjusted to fit a huge family meal to a holiday meal too! 

The more I thought about it I realized I had a couple of pretty good one’s here!  Made my day to pass them on and hopefully help you guys too!




Chicken Lasagna


Next up is what I have decided to call my chicken lasagna recipe.  It’s SO EASY, healthy and if you just adjust the amounts you can easily make it for a dinner for family.  I usually make it for me.  When I cook I do for my  for my Dad and my brothers.  But this recipe is kind of new and I am planning to make it for them next week!!

Below I have all the ingredients listed…



Recipe for blog

After you throw everything together…..




chicken lazagna done

I took these pics last night for the blog so I had it for dinner as well!.

 I hope you’ll try these.  I am excited to hear how you liked it and if you have any great idea’s yourself!  Please let me know! Leave a comment below! I would LOVE to hear how it went!  If possible I would love your pics of these recipes!  If I can,  that would be fun!




Thank you so much for coming by the blog I appreciate it SO MUCH.  Your time is important and everyone is always so busy. 

So you coming by is  an honor to me. Thank you!! 🙂


This is Dan Gheesling

This is Dan Gheesling










This Dan Gheesling He is  a coach, a writer, public speaker , an entrepeneur, and  reality tv winner!!.  Actually,   a  two-time winner!!!

   He is a personal coach for others now.   He is a great guy who loves helping others reach their dreams and goals.   On his website you can hear testimonials from other people Dan has already helped and who have reached their goals through Dan’s guidance and help. This page can explain to you all about Dan and his coaching!   Check out the whole website while there!!.  It’s my favorite website . 

You can ask him anything you like about the site or coaching and  he will answer your questions … always.   🙂



You can catch me at these my other sites as well!


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My Facebook page for Reach For More”




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Goals, Making Them And Reaching Them.

May 3, 2013

Blog goal pic May 1st



Hi I'm Colleen Kelly your blogger.  Welcome to my Blog!.

Hi I’m Colleen Kelly your blogger. Welcome to my Blog!.















We need to have goals.”

“We need to have purpose.  Goals can give us that.  We need to have goals we are passionate about, goals that continue to drive us forward …..always forward.”





Goals can be the reason we get up in the morning.  They can be the reason we breathe.  They can save us, move us and shape who we become.  Goals can lead us to our destiny.

I think sharing idea’s with each other , is a great way of helping one another reach those goals and dreams.   If any of these idea’s help you then my day…. has been made! 🙂


Here goes!:



1.  Prioritize — 


Making your goals a priority is necessary.   You have to put yourself first at times.  If you want your goals to succeed you can’t always put off until tomorrow…

Yourself, or your future.

Family and friends are important, and there will be times you may decide they have to come first.  I understand. Of course.  I put my Mom first for 10 years and took care of her 24/7 and nothing else, nothing else.. mattered.

She, was my life.

I would do that again  and never regret it.  It was the best decision I have ever made.  I’m proud of it. 

She passed away (hate that term)  I’m now learning to put myself first now (I’m trying)…and find ….my life.

From my Mom, I learned SO MANY things.  One of them is, time is precious.  Do NOT forget your life matters and push your goals and dreams aside.  Making yourself and your goals a priority is something you will have to do at times.  I know because I did the opposite for a long time, and now I’m making me… a priority and it’s not a matter of “catching up” where I left off but realizing I’m the same person I was when I “paused” my life.. and going from there. I saw my Mom fight so hard to be healthy and be here for her family I understand how important it is to never give up. 


Now I am driven and protective of my dreams and goals and giving them a lot of attention.  I know how important it is to fight for you too.



2.  Making Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Goals — 


The idea of making goals is not just to make EASY ones.  But sometimes those long-range goals, while making your way to them, can throw you a few curves and the road to that long-range goal may not be a straight and easy one.  So making small goals along the way that will boost your confidence while you’re on your way to the main goal,  can help you and keep yougoal oriented.”   “In the zone.”

That is a big help.  Staying in that frame of mind means everything. 

For example: 3 things you want to accomplish today.   When you accomplish them, check them off the list and at the end of the day you can look at that list and feel good about it.   Yes, it’s a small thing, but confidence building even though you may not think so!.

I’ve read about keeping many multiple lists, or having  “life plan workbooks”.

I’m not sure that is the biggest help in the world. It depends on who you are. You can get bogged down with a lot of lists… keeping one or two will keep you on track and help out much better I think.  It does me.  That is all up to you. Choose the best way, by all means that helps you,  that’s the important thing!.




3. Never Go A Day Without Doing Something To Get You Closer To Your Goal. –


Some days you might be busy doing things for others, family, friends, work.   Whatever it may be, it might keep you from taking the next step to your goal.  OK.  Then do one thing!.  One thing.  Anything positive that can help in some way  get you closer to your goal.  It may not be the step you wanted to take that day… but it’s STILL.. a move closer!   Just do something that moves you in the right direction…Forward, to your goal.



4.  Tell Someone About Your Goal — 


Telling another person about your goal can help you keep it real and keep you accountable to that goal.

Very simple guys…

Would you want them asking “Hey buddy, what happened to that plan you had to climb mount Everest?!.” … Then you feel like a dope, and failure. Right?.  Get it ? 😉  Sneaky huh..  😉  Keeping yourself accountable by family, friends, even Co workers, can make all the difference in the world.




5.   Write Your Goal Down —


This is Great way of keeping the goal “in your face“,  but the key is… to write it down and keep it in plain sight everyday!!.  Like on the refrigerator or your bedroom or even your bathroom mirror!. Even both!.   Write down exactly what your goal is.

Example: “I will climb mount Everest”

When you do that, write a date when you’ve written it. To remind yourself when you made that goal in order to keep you aware of time.   You can put a time of when you would like to reach that goal as well.  It can, keep you even more accountable.

Remember:   Keeping that slip of paper in front of you makes and KEEPS your goal REAL.




6.  Try The “Coach Approach” — 

Asking a coach for help is another way of getting a little help in reaching your goals. It’s kind of a new thing, and one I think is really smart!!.

It’s another opinion and positive voice in your life that can help you see things in a different way , gain another perspective!

You meet with your Coach discuss your goals and your plans to reach them and they can , from a new fresh new perspective and point of view, help you reach your goals with maybe a better way of getting there that perhaps, you yourself hadn’t seen or thought of!!.  I know of a couple of people who have gone this route and they were so glad they did!.    They all reached their goals….. and I think personally….. it’s a great idea!!.


Dan blog Coaching


( At the bottom of the page I have a link to a great Coach for exactly this. )



7. Have Patience —


I know this is a tough one.  I have trouble with it times myself when it comes to waiting to get to a place I’m heading.  But as long as you are taking a step closer to get to that goal everyday, you ARE on your way.  When you get there is up to you.  The world of course can and WILL toss in a few road blocks, but just keep moving towards that goal.  You’ll get there.    You will.




Kick In The Butt Wrap Up


Nothing will stop you.  Be a force that nothing can mess with.  Feel that goal in your blood and never allow anyone or anything to derail you.

Never set yourself up for regret. Never allow anyone else to either.  It’s really simple. That goal is your breath and blood. Live it, breathe it. it’s your destiny.

Now go get it.






Thanks for coming to the blog!!  I appreciate you taking your time!  I know everyone is busy,  so it’s much appreciated !  Hey, leave a comment below to let me know what you thought! Good or bad I respect all opinions!



Here is that link to a great Coach that can help you get things into perspective, motivate you and KEEP you motivated, and help you reach those goals!


This is Coach Dan Gheesling.

This is Dan Gheesling

This is Dan Gheesling

Dan Gheesling is a not only a coach, he is a writer, an entrepreneur, motivator,  and a reality tv winner!.  He is one of the most inspiring people I know.  He now coaches people individually to reach their goals.  Whether your goals are big or small, personal , team related or your interested in one for your business,  Dan Gheesling can handle it.  

If you have any questions about it, there are testimonials on his site from those who have had Dan help them reach their goals, and they let you know how well Dan’s coaching worked for them as you listen to each testimonial.  You can check out Dan’s entire site.  You can even contact him about anything you may like to know.  He will answer any questions you may have. 🙂





 Other places you can find me!  🙂


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Click here to see my Facebook page for my blog  “A Work In Progress.” —



Have a great week!.   🙂

5 Ways To Find And Keep Your Motivation Strong!.

April 9, 2013

Blog motivation



Hi I'm Colleen Kelly. Your resident blogger. Welcome!.

Hi I’m Colleen Kelly. Your resident blogger. Welcome!.






















Even the most motivated people can falter.    (Raising hand)

Yes, I Colleen Kelly…… have my days.

I don’t talk about it often at all because hey..


I’m Gymgirl. 


Yea a nick name my friends gave me along the way of losing that 130 lbs.  Because  I worked out basically 3 to 4 hours a day .  spent the day at the gym and loved it beyond words.


I still do.


Me messing around at my second home. (The gym)

Me messing around at my second home. (The gym)


I actually have my days of feeling “eh” but it’s when I’m not getting where I want to go as fast as I would like or life throws you a curve or just something annoying to add a little fun to the  day.


(That, was sarcasm btw.)


Yesterday for example.  I was feeling down about something,  and because of that,  it was a hard day to workout…

I wanted to cry not go to the gym.

But something great happened on the way to my gym!.

I noticed across the street from the gym they are building apartments.   and I realized while turning into the gym parking lot that


OMG,  they would have a gym right across the street like 200 yards away !!!!

OMG I would LOOOOOOOVE that!.    I sat there wishing I had that!!!.


In that instant I realized it wasn’t that I didn’t feel like going to the gym or losing motivation, I was just upset and occupied about other things going on.

I was concerned I was losing motivation.

I felt crappy.

Depressed and not much like going to the gym.  It really upset me.



I was reminded of this important point:

There is so much going on in our everyday lives that staying motivated and ready to jump on a treadmill or crank out 50 push ups is not always easy  and it’s okay.



But it’s not okay to let life keep you from reaching your goal.

How do we do that?


the tough part.



These are the most important things In my life I use.  I KNOW how important this is and I wanted you to honestly have a list that will work for you.



A list you can count on to work …..IF you really put it into action.


There is no such word as impossible.  Just "I'm possible."  KNOW it!

There is no such word as impossible. Just “I’m possible.” KNOW it!

1.     Surround yourself with positive and supportive people.


This one is vital.  This one you HAVE to do.  The voices that you surround yourself with each day are so important.  Have you ever spent time with a friend who talked down about everything and then walked away wondering why YOU felt depressed, sad or exhausted?  I have.  Don’t do that to yourself.  If it’s family, then try to remember they are that way and think about the positive things others have said to you while with them.  Friends are important but not if they bring you down.

  If they aren’t supportive, walk away.  Sorry.  Truth is truth.  A friend will always at least try to see your side.

You have to decide to surround yourself with positive Uplifting not pessimistic people who can’t or won’t… even see the positive side.




2.    Remember how far you’ve come.


Remembering where you started from and how far you’ve come can keep you going when times get tough.  It’s so worth remembering you’ve worked hard, been persistent, patient, strong.  Why because of a misstep or moment let all of the good go when there is so much that you have accomplished.  When you wake up in the morning, think about that right off he bat.  Whatever comes to you thought the day, you already have a head start on it.



3.  Set small , daily, weekly, or monthly goals to reach.


Break your goal down.  Making any size goal is fantastic.  But if you feel a little shaky on reaching it, or if it seems a little too much, make a smaller one like for everyday, every week, every month.  Choose the time frame that makes you comfortable and you feel confident with.   If you’re having trouble and a hard time feeling you won’t can’t reach your goal, make a small goal you know you can reach.  It may be small but the feeling of completing a goal regardless of the size or difficulty will help you feel you can accomplish a task you set out to fulfill.   Then as you go if you feel good about it,  begin to make longer term goals to reach.  It IS good to stretch yourself, challenge yourself and keep growing, but you can start and begin slow if needed.



4.    Help others….. with their motivation.


Anytime you spend time helping someone else you will always in some way benefit from it.  It may not be right away, but you always will gain from helping someone else.  When you choose to help someone find motivation or aid them in their struggle you can learn so much about yourself.  You also can strengthen your own motivation.  Being supportive to others you can be a cheerleader for yourself and not even realize you’ve become stronger yourself.



5.   Remember “why” …’re motivated in the first place.


This one is probably the biggest boost for me personally.  I keep my heart and mind always clear about why I am motivated.  It means so much to me it, regardless of what’s going on around me.  It is ALWAYS in my heart.  No matter what goes wrong, it’s there.  Keep your eyes on why you started.  Keep your eyes and mind on how much it means to you.

That’s all for this post guys.  Thanks for coming by it means a lot and I always appreciate you time here!. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think .  I love to hear your thoughts on my posts and would appreciate your opinion and feedback thank you! 🙂



Please check out this website of a friend. 

This is Dan Gheesling

This is Dan Gheesling

Dan Gheesling website is a great place for motivation and inspiration.  He is an amazing coach, motivator, writer, entrepreneur, and reality tv personality who is a 2 time winner of the CBS tv show Big Brother .  Dan’s site is fun, informative, helpful, smart and has such a great community of people who follow him .  Check out his site and his personal coaching ! If you need motivation and inspiration , just a helping hand in reaching your dream or goal, Dan can help you get motivated and stay motivated !



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Go out and have a great week guys!

Happy Easter! ….. Enjoy AND Be Sensible.

March 30, 2013
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Easter sign

Hi I'm Colleen Kelly. Your resident blogger!. Welcome to the blog :)

Hi I’m Colleen Kelly. Your resident blogger!. Welcome to the blog 🙂













This is a short post guys. (are you clapping?)        😉

It’s Easter.  Which means another holiday of eating and feeling stuffed like a turkey….

(Yea, wait….wrong holiday)

Anywho, This is a day we traditionally eat chocolates, jelly beans, salads, ham…

The list goes on and on….

Here in the Kelly Family I grew up with ham, macaroni salad, deviled eggs, (Oh so good!!!!), homemade perogies, baked beans, potato salad, and of course

(Mom, god love her would make a bunny cake or something in the dessert area that betty Crocker would be jealous of!!)

Hey, my Mom…..could cook!!!

My Mom. Best cook EVER. (Love you Mom)

My Mom. Best cook EVER. (Love you Mom)


So I get that it’s a holiday and you all want to relax and enjoy it and to a lot of you that means eating all those holiday favorites.  Okay.

though I will never give up on getting the whole world to eat healthy EVERYDAY regardless of it being a holiday or not…


I today will only ask this of you.


To remember these 3 holiday rules…


1.    Listen to your body.

2.   If you feel full stop. 

3.   Remember to have fun with those you love. 

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!


Just one more word…

Remember your body is not taking the day off from calories and being healthy….  So be nice to it..


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This is Dan Gheesling
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“10 Things I’ve Learned” ….. So Far Anyway. :)

March 9, 2013

Blog 10





Hi I'm Colleen Kelly. Your resident blogger!. Welcome to the blog :)

Hi I’m Colleen Kelly. Your resident blogger!. Welcome to the blog 🙂













This post is just a simple one.   10 points.


Or…  10 lessons I’ve learned that I feel 10 of the most important ones to remember and help you, (help me) through all the time!.





1.  No matter what your goal or dream never let anyone else keep you from it.

Why? Simple, one word. Regret.

The one who will live with the fallout and (that word) regret, of not reaching your goal will be you.

So don’t allow others to tell you what you need to do.




2.  Live the life you have always dreamed of.

Whatever it takes wherever you have to go to make it happen ….Simply do it.

Or we’re back to #1 …..and the word REGRET.




 3.  Patience in everything.

Have patience in everything you do.  

 Not easy.      No.    A simple task.     No. 

But it will be a necessary one if you want to succeed in anything or get along with others.

Sometimes life dictates we will have to be vigilant and patient for things.




This one of the BEST quotes about patience I have ever read. A perfect way to "see" being patient. Epic.

This one of the BEST quotes about patience I have ever read. A perfect way to “see” being patient. Epic.

4.  Be driven like your life depends on it.

There is so much in this world that will pop up and try to derail you.  Drive is everything.

Some might say that’s wrong,

but I know you have to be driven to accomplish big things in this life.




5.  Be kind to all you meet.

“Treat others as you would have them treat you.”

Very simple.





6.  Keep moving forward no matter what.

No matter what comes to your life do everything you can to keep moving forward.  There will be times that you may feel to crushed or down to even try.  Then pray.  To whoever or whatever you choose.  But I pray. I ask for the strength to pick up and move forward.  Sometimes we need a helping hand and that’s human and OK. 

Just don’t give up trying to pushing forward




Keep moving forward .

Keep moving forward .

7.  Take LOTS of Mental Pictures along life’s way.

Now this one is one of the most important things I have learned.  Memories.  They can be your comfort, your teachers, your history …..and show you your future.

Mental pictures are snapshots in your mind’s eye.

Take MANY.




8.  Surround yourself with like-minded people.

I have a friend who made this statement in one of his blogs a while back.  He said If others around you are pessimistic and drag you down ..Walk away from them.  If they are family it’s kind of impossible but if you can walk away.

My friend was right.  Try to help them, see if maybe you can help them be more optimistic and positive.  But id they are determined to bring you down talk down about your plans, goals and dreams.. Walk away. 

It’s your health and the health of your goal in question.

You make the decision.




9. If you know it’s right don’t give up

This is self-explanatory lol.





10.  Forgive everything.

Okay this one is a toughie. For me it is at times .  If you intentionally hurt me I don’t automatically turn the other cheek I want to slap yours off. lol That’s the fighter in me.  I like her.  Heck I LOVE HER!!!   That’s the problem. Being a fighter can make it difficult to forgive.  But the only one most of the time who ends up hurting is you.  Those who will intentionally hurt you…remember…did so in the first place.  Don’t give them more of your hurt.  Forgive them their stupidity….. and move on.  (See, sarcastic fighter is in that statement! haha )

 optional …..but choose that the option.




Thank you all for coming to the blog today! I want you to know I always appreciate any time you come by and say “hi” I means a lot !

What di you think about “The Ten” ?? 

Leave a comment below and let me know!   🙂



This is Dan Gheesling

This is Dan Gheesling

This is a friend.  Dan Gheesling.  He is a Coach, Reality tv winner (2 time winner!)  He is an author, speaker , entrepeneur, and a lot more.  He is smart and very motivated in his own life and now is helping others find motivation in their  own lives!.  He has a website to find out more about that and more! You will be glad you checked it out!.   Promise!. 



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