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Hi, I wanted to give you an idea, an outline of what each new catagory I have added to the blog is so here you are…


“The Welcome Message”

Well that’s easy to figure out.. You’re smart! lol  The welcome page is something I added to the blog because I feel I’m lucky to have people who take the time to stop by and read my blog and i wanted to say “Welcome” and just give you an idea what the blog was about.   Also, as always,  suggestions by readers  are “Welcome” as well!.


“About Me”

This page is self explainatory.  You got the idea right?    It’s all  about “me”.     (Blah blah blah)    😉


“Blogs To Watch”

This is my favorite new addition to the blog!   I love this page!.  This is a page to showcase my favorite blogs and bloggers!.   I will be adding new ones from time to time…I hope you will take the time to check each of them out because they all,  everyone of them offer SO much and in different ways,  all offer excellent advice along with an intelligent, warm and friendly site to visit.  They each have their own communities full of  smart, friendly and welcoming readers.   I admire each for the job they do as bloggers.  I admire them as writers as well.  Because they are. 

They are individuals each one, who bring so much more to blogging and the Internet world just for being themselves and sharing their thoughts, expieriences and sometimes their lives with us.  I thank them. I have been learning so much all of them. I became a blogger because of one of them and have great respect for them.



This is a favoite thing of mine..   Quotes.   I love all kinds of them and will share my favorite ones with you as I come across them I will bring them here to you so visit often. 



This is page is fun because I get to share with you all the great websites and great tools I have found through building my blog and my life living a healthy lifestyle that includes mind, body, heart and soul.   So I will be  adding to it as new sites, links and resources that I find really cool and helpful come my way.  As the do,  I will bring them to you !


“Get Inspired!”

This Page I decided to add because I think we can all use a “kick in the butt” so to speak, every once in a while.. You know, those days when we feel “blah” and don’t feel the motivation, inspiration or drive to go to the gym, eat healthy, the “kick” for any goal you want to reach, or for that job that needs be tackled!

 Here at “A Work In Progress” you have to keep moving. and moving forward. Never go backwards in this life.. You’ve been there already, seen that, done that, move up and on and always forward !. 

So this page is for a little punch of engery, motivation , Inspiration.  Whatever I feel will get the job done.  So look for everything and anything ! A post, story, video, whatever will get the job done to get you motivated, moving and inspired!.

The Site Map

Well, this page,  this very page I created for obvious reasons.. just to give you a heads up and outline for the website  Since I have been adding nerw things I wanted to give you the rundown on each.  Keep you “In the loop”.   One thing I have added to each new page is on the top of each page I have the logo for “A Work In Progress” If you run the cursor over the strawberry and “click” it should take you to the home page.  If not let me know. I’ll have my experts take a look (that means-  I’ll try to figure it out ) (wink)

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