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The Friday 5

PicMonkey Collagefriday five #2

                                                       The Friday5 will be  five things I will post every Friday that are a few of my favorite things of the week!


PicMonkey Collagepawn stars  Final



Once again I’m here with my Favorite 5 things for this week.  





1.  My first fav is so easy.  I like to go to Starbucks every now and then.   I really do enjoy going in to my local Starbucks.  Why?  Well there are the obvious reasons I guess. I love the coffee.   But I don’t buy the mixed coffee drinks.. Too high in calories for me.  I’m sure they are fantastic.. but not for me.  They have a couple that are lower calories and those I will get….120 calories is not bad at all.  

 I have one I have been getting a lot lately.. I guess you can call it “my regular” …A Venti size Ice coffee with a little sugar-free caramel in it .  

Starbucks have 3 sizes.  Tall, Grande, and Venti.

The best part ? I love they ask my name and then put my name on my cup.    Silly ?   Yea but so what.. makes me smile and I think , no,  I’m sure it taste even better with my name on the cup! 😉

 I highly suggest you try it.

Check out the name!
Check out the name!



2.  Have you ever seen the show “Pawn Stars”?  If not, you HAVE to try it!.  I’m not sure why I like it so much..

Is it Rick, Chum Lee, Corey or possibly “The Old Man”  LOL  Confused ?   Ok, Pawn Stars is a Tv show on the History channel. 

(Check your local listings… They are sure to have it!)

 Every Thursday night, and actually you can catch them quite a bit throught the week and on certain days they have marathons of the show which I hate to say.. I look forward too!.  It’s all about a pawn shop in Las Vegas Nevada.

It’s so much fun to watch owner Rick Harrison,  his Dad  (“The Old Man”)  as the call him, Corey, Rick’s son and Corey’s childhood friend and now employee, Chum Lee.

 They bicker and fight about random family issues that are usually hilarious and make me laugh out loud,  or a bad buy, and whose fault it is.  They pick on each other relentlessly but they love each other just as much!   and.. you can feel that . 


  They make you feel like feel like part of the inside group at the pawn shop.  Take a look and see what I mean!. Nothing but fun and it’s one of the few shows I do watch.




3.   I love quotes.  All kinds of them.  I find so many on Twitter that It’s hard to choose frombBut this one I really love..

Michael R. Lawrence ‏@TheUHMethod13 Aug 

“Impossible is just another fairy tale thought offers you. You decide what is possible within your mind. Believe in yourself instead.” #Zen

I have so many I find everyday really.  But I really do love the ones that tell me I can accomplish anything and I have the power within myself to do just that.

If you’re smart and I know you are.. You will give Michael Lawerence a Follow on Twitter.  He is always positive and very much a positive force on Twitter.   You can follow him here …



4.   One thing I always love …and is SO one of my favorite things to do and especically and this week for sure is…. Sending packages! 

 Sending gifts to people.  I love buying things for other people and going to the Post Office sending the package and getting that tracking number, tracking my package and seeing the route it’s taking to its destination.  This week I tracked a package on its way to a friend.  I can’t wait  until they open it up and …Hopefully, they will like the gift I sent for their Birthday.

LOVE the Track and Confirm !!!
LOVE the Track and Confirm !!!


Fingers crossed!!!



5.  This website was really is really a huge help to me.  I love making pictures and being creative. is a great website that allows you to download your own pics and create collages and so much more.   I have so much fun with it I can’t tell you.  

Try it!  (You can click either pic or addy to go to the website!) 

images (2)





This is #1 my first day back on my job this is what I see!.



Fresh berries!



This is Fantastic! Granola! (As you can see I have eaten most of it! Haha!)



My favourite flavor and brand to have at home!  Chocolate Raspberry. Great

for breakfast! Extremely light flavor and great …….all the time!



Last but not least!

One of favorite things I did this week! …

Watching a friend succeed!.


Well that it’s for this week…..

I do have to add one more…….  As a personal

favorite …….for me!.

Far and away……… my favorite ..

My personal Favorite

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